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The Perfect Wife - Chapter 1

Mad World by Gary Jules

This is an OOC AU AH story. This is for ADULT EYES ONLY. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. Then you can’t be offended by the context.

After Renee and Phil die in a car accident on Bella’s 17th birthday. She is sent to live with her father, Charlie and brother, James in Forks WA after being separated for 10 years with no contact. Charlie dabbles in training and placement of the “perfect” wife for exclusive clientele. Bella quickly learns that she’s going that she’s going to get more than a high school education. She's going to be educated with a purpose.
I don’t own Twilight

The Perfect Wife – Chapter 1

Hi, I’m Bella Swan. This is my story. There are no heroes in life, only levels of villains. If you’re fortunate, you learn how to survive.

My parents divorced when I was seven and my brother James was ten. I went with my mom and James stayed with my dad, Charlie. Maybe if Renee had fought for both of us I could have had a normal life. But she met Phil, her other half, and the two of them raised me. She never mentioned my dad or brother to me, and would never say why I didn’t get to see them. I knew other kids whose parents were divorced and they always talked about their weekends or summer vacations going back and forth. I never did that, and James never came here either.

My life was wonderful and full of love. Renee remarried Phil, like I said, who played baseball. He was the best dad ever. He treated me like his own child even though I wasn’t biologically. He and Renee never had any other children. They joked that I was enough, that I was quite the handful. I couldn’t help it though, my mom instilled a drive, and a fire within me, a light of life she called it. She told me that identity and dignity were one of the most precious gifts given to all human’s.

Every person held their own torch, and it was their decision what to do with it. According to her, I was luminous; I was saucy, opinionated, and intelligent. It’s really such a shame my own candle would be blown out.

Phil took mom and I out to eat for my 17th birthday at my favorite restaurant, Carraba’s. Coming home we were hit by a drunk driver. I’m glad they didn’t suffer. I got banged up and a badly sprained wrist, but otherwise was fine. It was so surreal, just one minute they were there, being my parents, and then the next... they were just...gone. Forever. I never felt so alone.

Now I’m waiting at the airport in Seattle for my ‘real’ dad to pick me up. Since he and my brother whom I haven’t seen in ten years are my only relatives, I’m moving in with them. I’m nervous. I don’t remember my father very well. Just images mostly. Flickers of memories that seemed so far away, as if they existed in another world. I remember being pushed on a swing, back rubs, and tight hugs. All I remember of James is he liked to pick on me and bully me. I remember he used to scare me. I sincerely hope he’s grown out of that.

I saw a police car pull up in front of the airport. An older man and young man, maybe late teens, got out and started walking in. I knew it was them. I decided to use these few minutes before they saw me to get a glimpse of them to see if I could get any sense of what my life was going to be like. I wish I had a clue, or a sign, a warning to tell or show me the hell my life was going to become. I would have run as fast and as far as I could. To get away from them.


Charlie was a big man. He looked as tall as Phil who had been 6’ 4”. But where Phil had been a lean muscular ball player, Charlie was like a bear. He was very broad across his shoulders and his arms were huge. I guess being Chief of Police you have to look intimidating since you spend all day dealing with criminals. He was attractive with sandy brown hair and mustache. I could see what my mom must have seen in him when she married him.

I looked over at my brother. He was like looking at a younger version of Charlie. He was 20 now and as tall as Charlie. He was almost as wide across the chest and his arms were just as muscular. He had dirty blonde hair that he wore longer pulled back in a ponytail. His face was different though. Where Charlie’s face was nothing but angles and strong lines, James’ had a little of Renee in him. It softened his face a little. Not much, but just enough that he was very attractive.

They walked in through the doors of the airport and stopped, looking around for me. James saw me first and nudged Charlie pointing my direction.

I didn’t think he would recognize me. After all, I’ve changed over the last 10 years. I was 5’ 4” and slender. I had a heart shaped face, long mahogany hair and big dark brown eyes. My body had filled out nicely as well. I wasn’t Gisele by any stretch, but not an ugly ducking, though. I was just… me. Normal.

I figured I was probably easy to spot wearing a brace on my wrist and having my life’s possessions in suitcases at my feet. I saw Charlie glance at James and look where he was pointing. He looked over and seemed to be studying me. I couldn’t tell if he was happy with what he saw or not. He saw me looking back at him and cleared the expression from his face and plastered on a smile as they walked up.

“Well, well, if it isn’t little Isabella. Give daddy a hug.” He pulled me up from the bench and lifted me off my feet. I got one of those tight hugs I remembered. His right hand was under my bottom and his left hand was in the small of my back holding me up. I was a little uncomfortable like this, especially in public.

“Hi Charlie, it’s just Bella now,” I said. “It’s nice to see you too.” I was trying to be polite and not let him know he was making me uncomfortable. I wanted to start on the right foot with him since I would be living with him now.

“None of that now,” he chided rubbing his nose against mine before planting a kiss on my cheek. “It’s daddy. That’s what you used to call me and I like it. Okay?”

“Ok Char-Dad.” I corrected and tried to smile back. He was still holding me.

“No, not dad, Isabella, ‘Daddy’. Can you remember that?” He was talking kindly, but there was an underlying tone that made my heart race a little.

“Sure…Daddy.” My smile was wavering, I was getting so nervous and I wasn’t sure why. He was my father for Gods sake.

He squeezed my bottom as he set me down. Whoa, I’m not seven years old anymore, I’m seventeen, and fully developed. Could I put that into nice words? How? “That’s better now isn’t it? You remember your brother James,” he said turning me to face James. “Can you tell him


I looked at James who seemed to have enjoyed observing my interaction with Charlie. He had a glint in his eyes that scared me. Another part of my fire, I was perceptive. I could read eyes and the emotions they conveyed so well, most people didn’t need to talk to me. Their eyes said it all. And James’ spoke nothing but creeping suspicion.

“Hi James.” I smiled timidly. I thought to myself, ‘please don’t let me make another mistake so soon.’

James laughed and pulled me up into a hug similar to the one Charlie had given me. But where Charlie’s hand had been above and below my bottom, James grabbed me putting his hands on both my cheeks to lift me up to him and squeezed.

I squealed in surprise and fright. I didn’t know what to do. He was facing Charlie and I had my back to Charlie so I knew he saw where James’ hands were on me. Surely he would stop him. He didn’t. He just laughed. What the hell? Red Light! He was my brother.

“James missed you, Bella.” He patted my back while James was holding me.

“Yes, I’ve missed my little sis, so much.” He started squeezing harder. I was hurting and I felt a tear slip out of the corner of my eye.

He kissed the tear and laughed. “Charlie, I think she missed me too. Look, she’s crying.”

“Alright kids, lets take this home shall we. We certainly don’t want Bella crying at the airport. Do we James?” He looked pointedly at James, glancing around us.

James seemed to take the hint and slowly let me down dragging my body down his as he did.

Ew, that’s nasty. I would obviously have to talk to him later. He leaned in to whisper in my ear, “No we don’t want to make her cry. Yet.”

I shivered as I tried to catch my balance. They both grabbed my bags and handed me my carry on. I wished, as I walked out of the airport, that I was back in Phoenix with mom and Phil being happy and safe or that I’d at least died with them in the accident. I missed them so much, my heart tightened in my chest.

Charlie told me to get in front as he opened the trunk and he and James put all my bags in. I got in and looked around. I’d never been in a police car before. There were so many buttons and gadgets. What scared me was the shotgun that was propped against the seat. I starred at it wide eyed.

I heard Charlie and James get in and he must have seen my expression at the shotgun. He started laughing and turned toward James in the back.

“Get a load of that, will you. She’s scared of the shotgun just sitting there.”

“Still scared Little-Bellaboo, huh?” James was laughing at me also.

“Sorry about that, it’s just that we didn’t have guns in the house back home. I’m not used to being around them. They’re much bigger, and more… real when they’re not on the television screen.” I was trying to keep Charlie from getting mad at me again. I just couldn’t figure my way with him.

Charlie put his hand on my upper thigh and squeezed. “It’s nothing to be scared of. I only shoot people who don’t listen to me.” I knew he was talking about criminals, but there seemed to be a message for me as well.

I tried to smile and put on a brave face as I looked at him. “Well, it’s a good thing I’m a great listener.”

“’It’s a good thing you’re a great listener, what?’” He raised his eyebrow at me.

I looked at him. My eyes got wide. My breath hitched. I was scared.

“Daddy,” I whispered to him.

He smiled as he squeezed and patted my thigh again before starting the car and pulling out.
James and Charlie just laughed like it was the biggest joke. I was never more scared in my life at what was to come. I wasn’t even to my new home yet. Not such a good start.


We pulled up to a small 2-story white house on a quiet, quaint street. As I got out I noticed that it was on a large lot and there weren’t many houses around. There was also a forest that backed up to the privacy fence on the property and surrounded everything. It felt very isolated. I walked up the sidewalk with Charlie and James as they unlocked the door.

James held the door for me to walk in ahead of him then slapped my backside as I walked past. “Welcome home, baby sister.” He laughed as I jumped. This was so wrong, I wanted to tell him to stop, but at the moment I was just too damn scared. They both left me feeling so…shaken. And rattled.

I started looking around. There was a living room to the left with a TV and two recliners and a small sofa. There were plaques on the walls and a bookshelf with trophies. They looked like they were for marksmanship and different sports. To the right was a small dining room. It looked like it was used more as an office than to eat in. I could see the kitchen through the door at the other end. There were stairs in front of me and a hall that went beyond, next to the dining room.

Charlie and James had started up the stairs with my bags so I followed. There were several doors at the top. They turned to the left to the last door and walked in.

“Here you go. Home sweet home,” Charlie stated. He put my bags on the floor and looked around before looking at me. “You can fix it up if you like. I didn’t know what your taste would be so figured I’d leave it up to you.”

It was the first really nice thing he’s said to me all day. I felt hopeful that maybe I misunderstood everything earlier.

I smiled at him. A real smile to let him know I appreciated everything. “Thanks, Daddy. I like the room.” I was quick to remember, wanting him to be happy with me.

He grinned back at me. Pleased I’d remembered to call him ‘daddy’. “Well, we’ll let you get settled and see you back downstairs. By the way,” he said, pointing at my brace. “When does that come off?”

I looked down at my arm, “Two days. I need to find a doctor here.”

“We can get Dr. Cullen to deal with it at the hospital. He owes me a favor.”

James smirked, “Or two.”

Charlie frowned at him. “Quiet James.”

I looked between them, not really understanding what was going on.

“Right then,” Charlie clapped his hands together. “We’ll let you get unpacked. Come down when you’re done. We’re ordering pizza. Do you still like pepperoni?”

“Yeah, I love pepperoni, daddy.” I was touched that he remembered. That’s all I ever ate on pizza. I know, I’m boring. But I was thoroughly impressed he remembered a little detail. Too bad I didn’t know any of his little kinks.

His smile got even bigger. He really liked the whole ‘daddy’ thing. I guess if that’s all I had to do to make him happy and keep peace until I left for college, oh well. It was weird, but I could do that. Maybe things wouldn’t be so bad after all.

He pushed James out of the room ahead of him as they left to let me unpack. I heard James as they went down the stairs. “She sure is a pleaser, isn’t she? That’s a good sign.”

I didn’t hear Charlie’s response. I took a deep breath and resolved to go at my new life with an open mind.

I took my first real look at the room. There was a full-size black iron 4-poster bed against one wall with a nightstand and lamp on either side. I saw the door to the closet with the dresser next to it. There was a desk and chair in the corner next to the window. All the furniture was black. The walls were white. I thought about my purple room back home. I could paint the walls soft lavender and use white bedding and curtains to brighten it up.

I smiled as I remembered how much fun my mom and I had picking out the stuff to decorate my room back home. I remembered painting my room with Phil and how at the end of the day we were just as purple as the walls. I felt the tears start to come and mentally shook myself. I had to stop. There was no going back. This was home now. I needed to accept it. I turned and started putting away my clothes.

I was walking downstairs as I heard a car pull in the drive. I heard noise coming from the kitchen so I went in. James was getting plates from the cabinets.

“Can I help?” I asked.

He looked over at me taking in my clothes. I’d changed into shorts and a baseball shirt with Phil’s number on it. He’d given it to me for Christmas when he joined the team in Phoenix. It was a little large and hid my shorts.

James got a lewd look on his face. “Oh yeah, you can help. I just don’t think you’re ready yet.” What was with him? He always had these snide remarks that made no sense, and made me feel so…in the dark about something.

Charlie walked in at that. “James, that’s enough. We’ve had this talk already.” Charlie turned to me pointing at a door at the other end of the kitchen. “Why don’t you get the napkins out of the pantry, Isabella?”

I walked into the pantry to find the napkins. I heard a smack.

“Damn, Charlie.”

“I told you to watch yourself. I have plans for her. You mess this up and I will forget you’re my son. We clear?”

“Yeah, we’re clear. I was just having fun.”

I stayed in the pantry as long as I could. I didn’t understand their conversation, but it made me so nervous.

I took a breath and walked out with the napkins. “Here you go, daddy,” I smiled.

James was rubbing the back of his head, glaring at me. Ugh! What was his deal? It hadn’t been a day, and I was already sick of him. Why was he even here? He’s twenty. He should be in college.

Charlie smiled at me. “Pizza’s in the living room. Let’s eat.” He put his arm around my shoulders and led the way.

I opened the lid to the pizza boxes and sat on the sofa as Charlie and James sat in both the recliners. They each handed me their plates since I was closest to the food. I put a couple of slices on both their plates and handed them back. They leaned their chairs back and started eating.

“Bella, be a dear and get a couple of beers from the refrigerator will you?” I hadn’t even gotten a bite of mine yet. Oh well, it’s the least I could do.

I brought two beers back and walked to Charlie to give them to him. “Give one to James, Bella.”

I took one of the beers over and handed it to James. I saw a coke for me sitting next to the box he must have bought with the pizza. I sat back down and picked up my plate to eat. They were watching a baseball game on TV. I thought again of Phil and my mom. I would not cry.

I ate in silence as the game continued. When I was done I asked Charlie where the bathroom was so I could take a shower. I was tired from the flight and everything I’d been through. I just wanted to sleep.

“Here, I’ll show you where everything is.” He got out of his chair and held out his hand to help me up from the sofa. I got up and stepped around the coffee table. He didn’t let go of my hand as he pulled me up the stairs.

At the top he stopped. He pointed out each door. “The one at the end is James’ room, the bathroom is next to his and this is mine next to yours. The towels and stuff are kept in the linen closet out here.”

He opened the door to the bathroom for me. It was the usual bathroom. Nothing special except it had a large shower stall with clear glass and a built-in bench. It looked like a recent upgrade. “I got you a couple different shampoos, not knowing what you liked. We’ll go shopping later and get whatever you need, okay?”

“Thank you daddy.” I was glad I kept remembering to say ‘daddy’ every time I spoke to him. It kept him happy with me. I was afraid I didn’t want to know what would happen if he was unhappy with me. I could guess it wouldn’t be pretty.

He left and headed downstairs while I went to get my pjs. I grabbed a couple of towels from the linen closet on my way back to the bathroom. I turned on the water to the shower and brushed my teeth as I waited for the water to heat up. I turned back to lock the door to get undressed. There was no lock on the door. I guess when it was just Charlie and James there wasn’t a need. I’d have to find a way to ask about putting a lock on the door without Charlie getting mad at me.
I knew Charlie and James both knew I was in here so it shouldn’t be a problem, but still. Even back home I locked the door. It just made me feel more secure being undressed.

I showered quickly and got out, happy to see my fears were unwarranted. No one had bothered me. I got dressed and headed to my room brushing out my hair. I crawled in my bed and laid down to get some much needed sleep.

Charlie called to me from downstairs. “Are you forgetting something, Isabella? Come give daddy a kiss goodnight.”

I heard James laughing.

I got out of bed and headed downstairs to the living room. They were both still sprawled out in their recliners. Charlie looked me over as I came in the room. I was wearing baggy flannel pants and a t-shirt.

“That’s a good girl. We like our goodnight rituals don’t we?”

I walked up beside his recliner and leaned down to kiss his cheek. “Goodnight daddy.” I said as I went to straighten back up.

He put his arm around my waist and pulled me closer to his chair. “Tut, tut. That’s not how you give a goodnight kiss.” He pulled me into his lap and held my chin in his hand. “This is how you give a goodnight kiss.” He kissed me on my lips, pressing firmly before pulling away. “Now isn’t that better?”

I knew better than to deny it so I just answered, “Yes daddy. I’m sorry.” Oh my god, did he really just do that? This is so wrong, on so many levels.

“Don’t forget Isabella.” He looked at James. “Now give your big brother a kiss goodnight also.”

My eyes got wide. He couldn’t mean for me to kiss James the same way could he? I stared at Charlie. He nodded his head at me.

“Yes Isabella.”

He helped lift me up from his lap holding my hips before patting my bottom as I walked away from him on shaky legs.

James was grinning ear to ear. He patted his lap. “Come here baby sis and give big brother a night-night kiss.”

I took a shaky breath as I turned to sit down on his lap. He grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me down to his lips. “Now give us a smooch little sister.”

I kissed him the same way Charlie had kissed me. Making sure I put pressure on James’ lips before pulling away.

“Well James, how was it?” Charlie asked him.

James looked at me with a wicked gleam in his eyes. “I know she’ll do better. I can’t wait for training to start.”

He let me up and I quickly left the room to the sound of their laughter. I shut the door to my room and crawled under my covers crying. I cried for my mom and Phil. I cried for my safe secure life I no longer felt I had. And I cried for the fear of what that last comment had meant.

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The Perfect Wife - Chapter 2

Chapter 2

It was morning when I woke. I looked at the alarm clock on my bed. It was still early, only 6:00. I heard someone moving around in the hallway outside my room. My door opened and Charlie came in.

“I’m glad to see you’re up, Isabella. I was coming to wake you.” He was in his uniform pants and an undershirt. He sat on the bed next to me and began to stroke my head.

“Good morning daddy,” I whispered. I was scared after last night.

“Time to get up. I want to have breakfast with my favorite daughter before I leave for work.” He pulled back my covers and looked me over.

I sat up. “Ok, let me get dressed and I’ll be right down.” I tried to smile and pretend I wasn’t scared.

“That’s alright. I’ll wait. I’m not going to see you all day so I don’t want to miss a minute with you.” He gave me a stern look raising his eyebrow. “You don’t mind, do you Isabella?”

“No daddy.” I whispered. I got out of bed shaking.

I went to my dresser and pulled out some jeans and a t-shirt. I slipped on the jeans after quickly pulling down my pajama pants. I was glad my nightshirt was long so I didn’t feel as exposed. I reached for the hem of my shirt chewing my bottom lip. I knew I didn’t have a bra on underneath and would be exposed to Charlie. I turned my back to the bed and quickly pulled off my shirt. I was reaching for my bra when my heart fell to my feet.

“Turn around Isabella. I said I didn’t want to miss a minute with you.”

I felt the tears start welling in my eyes as I turned back around to Charlie. I couldn’t look up at him. I didn’t want to see him watch me. I hooked my bra in back as I heard him get off the bed and come toward me.

He picked up my shirt and held it away from me. He lifted my chin with his other hand as the tears poured down.

“There’s no reason to cry Bella. I’m your daddy and you’re my baby girl. I helped create you. There’s no reason for you to hide from me. From now on you will look at me while you get dressed, understand?” He handed me my shirt.

I took it from him without saying a word and pulled it over my head while looking at him like he directed.

He stroked my cheeks wiping away my tears with his thumbs. He leaned in to me, “What do you say Isabella?”

“Yes daddy.”

“Good girl.” He kissed my lips again like last night not pulling away until I pressed forward also. Then he straightened up and said brightly like nothing had happened. “Now, how ‘bout some breakfast? I bet you’re hungry.”

“Yes daddy, breakfast sounds great.” I tried to smile but my lips trembled.

He gestured for me to walk ahead of him out of the room. We went downstairs to the kitchen.
James was already there finishing at the stove. He turned as he heard us come in taking in my red eyes and Charlie’s grin. James grinned at me. “Just like old times, huh, Charlie?”

He laughed as he turned back to the stove grabbing the plate of bacon and eggs before coming to sit down at the table. Charlie sat at the other end. I pulled out the chair between them to sit down.

“Bella could you please get 2 cups of coffee and bring them over?” Charlie asked.

I stood back up and went to get the coffee as he asked. I brought the cups back placing one in front of Charlie and one in front of James. I started to sit down again.

“Bella, you didn’t ask if we wanted anything in our coffee,” Charlie said.
I quickly stood back up. “I’m sorry,” I whispered. “Would you like anything in your coffee daddy?” I looked at Charlie.

“No, I like mine black. Now ask James.” He indicated my brother nodding his direction.
I turned to see James’ wicked grin on his face.

“Would you like anything in your coffee James?” I asked.

James slouched back against his chair and propped an arm over the back. He grinned at me.

“Yes, I like sugar in mine.”

I looked around for the sugar shaker.

Charlie indicated the cabinet. “It’s the bowl on the bottom shelf. Get a spoon and bring them back to the table.”

I grabbed a spoon and the sugar bowl from the cabinet as he directed then set it on the table in front of James. I looked at Charlie to see if there was anything else before I sat down.

“Now Isabella, sit on James’ lap and spoon the sugar into his cup until he tells you to stop. Then stir his cup before handing it to him. He’ll tell you when it’s right. Then you may sit in your seat and eat breakfast.”

My eyes got wide and I looked over at James. He was grinning again and moved his chair back to make room for me to sit on his lap at the table.

I sat down on his lap and he slid his arms around my waist pulling me tight against his chest. He propped his chin on my shoulder as I reached for the sugar bowl.

I started putting sugar in his coffee. My hand was shaking so bad that I spilled the first spoonful back into the sugar bowl. I got a grip on myself and finally started spooning sugar into his cup. After the third spoon he told me to stop. I stirred his coffee as I’d been directed and handed him the cup. I wanted off his lap so bad I was praying that he’s say it was ok.

“Not quite. Could you put a little more sugar in, Bella?” He was grinning wickedly, loving this game.

I added another spoonful and stirred handing it to him again to try. He took a sip and smacked his lips. “Perfect. Now let me give you a ‘thank you’ kiss baby sister.”

I leaned in and kissed him on his lips. He patted my bottom and squeezed before letting me get up to sit in my own seat.

“Very good Bella,” Charlie said as he reached to push my hair back from my face. “I’m glad to see you’re a quick study. We’ll be able to move things along quickly then.”

I ate my breakfast as quickly as possible. I didn’t want to think what that meant.
We all finished eating as Charlie shifted his chair back looking at me. “I’d like more coffee Isabella.”

I quickly got up and went to grab his cup. He grabbed my wrist. “No, I want you to bring the coffee pot to the table now.”

I got up and went to the coffee maker. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath before turning and walking back to Charlie. I sat on his lap as I reached for his cup. He put his arms around my waist to hold me the same as James had done.

I poured his coffee being sure not to spill and handed him his cup. I thought he’d let me up now. I was wrong.

“Put down the coffee pot Isabella. We need to discuss some rules for today.” He was looking at James while his hands were stroking my stomach and hips.

“First, there will be no inappropriate touching James. Is that clear?” I looked up quickly. I hadn’t thought of what could happen being alone with James in the house. Thank goodness Charlie had at least a little decency in him.

“Second. Isabella, James is going to help you go through your clothes to see if they’re appropriate or if anything should be replaced. We don’t want you looking sloppy now, do we?”

“No daddy,” I said. I knew there was nothing wrong with my clothes, but what good would it do to argue.

“When I get home tonight we’ll watch a movie together. Tomorrow we’ll go shopping for any clothes you need and your room.

James started snickering. I didn’t know what was funny.

“I have some friends who’d like to help paint her room, Charlie.” James offered grinning.

“No James. Isabella isn’t ready to make friends.”

I didn’t want to know any of James’ friends. Not if they were like him, or Charlie for that matter.
Charlie patted my bottom finally allowing me to get up. “Now, I need to finish getting dressed kids. James, Bella can help you clean up the kitchen. Watch out for her arm. I don’t want any mishaps that could delay her healing, understand?”

“Sure, Charlie. Don’t sweat it,” James assured him. “You know you can trust me.”

Charlie chuckled as he left to go upstairs. I was standing looking at the table, not knowing what to do or where to move. Obviously there were expectations of my behavior.

James just sat looking at me speculatively. I glanced over at him.

“I’d actually like another cup of coffee Isabella.” He indicated his full cup. “This one is cold.”

I picked up his cup and walked over to the sink to pour it out. I rinsed it out and came back. I picked up the coffee pot from where I’d set it at Charlie’s place and walked over to sit on James’ lap.

He laughed as he put his arms around me again. He leaned in and whispered into my ear, “You do learn quickly. I can’t wait for you to learn everything we’re going to teach you.” He kissed my neck. “You’re going to make someone very happy by the time we’re done with you.”
I shivered in his arms. He thought that was funny and held me tighter. I put 4 spoonfuls of sugar in his cup like before and stirred before handing him the cup.

He looked at the cup in my hand and smiled. “I don’t drink coffee, but thanks.”

I could feel the tears starting again. He chuckled at me and squeezed me tight against him preventing me from leaving his lap.

“I guess we should start getting the dishes cleaned up,” he said lifting me with him as he stood up. He ran his hands over my bottom again as he let me step away. “Yes, we have so much to teach you baby sister.”

There wasn’t a response I could have made so I chose to ignore him and start clearing the table. That seemed safest.

I heard Charlie coming back down the stairs. He walked up to me dressed in his uniform strapping his gun around his waist.

“Come tell daddy goodbye now.”

I walked over and stood in front of him. I knew I was expected to kiss him again, but I was too short to reach his mouth. I looked up at him and waited for him to lean down.

“Lift your arms to me Bella and put them around my neck.”

I did as I was told and waited. I still couldn’t reach him even on my toes.

“Pull me down to you Bella. You want to tell daddy goodbye, don’t you?”

I wanted to cry is what I wanted. I tightened my hands around his neck and pulled my father down so I could kiss him goodbye. I wanted to vomit. This was worst than all the other kisses because I had to initiate it. I had to act like I wanted to kiss him.

He finally allowed me to pull his face down I could kiss him goodbye. He took longer with this kiss than he had done before. I saw him lick his lips as he finally pulled away.

“One step at a time my beautiful girl. One step at a time.”

I quickly stepped back from him. “Goodbye daddy, have a nice day.”

He smiled at me. “Tell me you’ll miss me and can’t wait til I come home to you tonight.”

I looked up at him willing the tears to stay away. “I’ll miss you daddy. I can’t wait until you come home to me tonight.”

“Bye James, take good care of our little treasure.” He laughed and patted my bottom squeezing one cheek.

James had been leaning against the counter drying out the coffee pot watching the whole display.

“Sure Charlie. I got this covered.”

I stood with my eyes closed wishing the ground would swallow me up. I heard Charlie leave thru the front door and his car pull out of the driveway.


James walked up behind me and stuck his hands in the back pockets of my jeans. “Let’s go see what kind of clothes you brought with you, shall we?”

I walked up the stairs in front of James. He never let go of my jeans keeping me as close to him as he could without making me trip on the stairs.

He followed me into my room and plopped down on his side propping his head in his hand at the foot of my bed. “Well, let’s see what you’ve got.”

I wasn’t sure where I was supposed to start. I looked at him. “What do you want to see first?” I asked.

He grinned at me. “Well now that’s a loaded question.” He tapped his chin like he was in thought. “What do I want to see first? I know, let’s start off easy and work our way from there.”
I let out the breath I’d been holding.

“Show me your panties and bras.”

I froze and took a chance. “Are you sure Charlie wanted you to go over my underwear? I thought he wanted you to look at my shirts and pants.”

James got up from the bed and stalked toward me. He grabbed my chin and forced me to look up at him. “You do not question. You only obey. Is that clear?” He squeezed my chin harder and forced me to nod my head in agreement. “Say ‘Yes James I understand’.”

I started crying. “Yes James I understand.”

“Now say you’re sorry for questioning the rules and ask me to forgive you.”

“I’m sorry James for questioning the rules. Please forgive me.” Tears were streaming down my face at this point.

“Now show me you want to be forgiven and give me a kiss Isabella.”

He released my chin so that I could follow his instruction. I wiped my cheeks with both my hands and looked up at him. I put my arms around his neck the same way I did with Charlie in the kitchen. I squeezed my eyes shut before opening them back up as I pulled my brother down to kiss him. I pressed my lips to his like I’d done before when I felt his tongue slip out to lick my lips. I quickly tried to pull away.

“A peck is not how you ask for forgiveness Isabella. You have to really show me you want to be forgiven or I won’t. Now open your mouth.”

I started crying again.

He pinched my side. “Stop crying and do what you’re told.”

I inhaled to stop the tears and opened my mouth as I pulled him down again. I squeezed my eyes shut as I felt his tongue come into my mouth.

He held the back of my head so I couldn’t pull away while he took his time kissing me. I stood there not knowing what I was supposed to do.

He finally released me. “Well that was very lacking on your part. We will definitely need to practice your kissing. Remind me to tell Charlie tonight.”

I could only look at him with dread. Did he mean I’d have to kiss Charlie like this also? Then I remembered Charlie’s look in the kitchen when he licked his lips. Yes, that’s exactly what he meant.

James walked back to the bed to lie down like before. “Proceed.”

I started to raise my hand to wipe off my mouth when I caught his look. I lowered my hand back to my side. He smiled. I walked over to my dresser and opened the top drawer. I pulled out my panties and bras and laid them at the foot of the bed for him to look over.

He raised his eyebrow at me and laughed. “You expect me to know how these look without seeing them on you.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I didn’t bother protesting. I didn’t want to ask for forgiveness again. Like Charlie had said, I’m a quick learner. And I was afraid of just how much I was going to be expected to learn.

I quickly pulled off my shirt and jeans standing in only my bra and panties in front of James. He reached out and handed me a pair of panties and a matching bra. “Let’s start with these shall we?”

I reached back to take off my bra and let it fall to the ground in front of me. I leaned forward to let my hair help shield me from his gaze as I pulled off my panties also.

“Too bad Charlie said no touching. I would love to touch all of you.”

I was so humiliated I could do nothing but stand there and cry. I took the bra and panties from his hand and put them on standing there waiting for his approval.

“That will never do. Too boring. Next.”

Monday, April 27, 2009

The Perfect Wife - Chapter 3

Chapter 3

I was lying on my bed. I’d finally cried out every tear I think my body was ever going to produce. James had taken most of the day making me strip and dress in front of him until he had seen me in every piece of clothing I owned.

We had only taken a break when he got hungry for lunch. I made sandwiches for us to eat while he held me on his lap squeezing my bottom painfully until I completed both our sandwiches. He finally allowed me to sit at my seat to eat mine only after my next kissing lesson.

After cleaning up the kitchen together we went back upstairs to finish going through my clothes. Needless to say, nothing I owned measured up to whatever standard Charlie and James had for me.

James had finally left me in my room taking all my clothes with him other than a couple of things for the next day to wear. He reminded me that he and Charlie were taking me shopping to replace what wasn’t appropriate so I wouldn’t need them. He was kind enough to leave my shirt from Phil, after I was willing to show my appreciation with another kissing lesson. I even tried with this one knowing if he didn’t see progress he’d take the shirt with him.

I looked over at the clock and saw it was 5:00. James had instructed me that Charlie got home at 5:30 and would expect me to be at the door to welcome him home. He said he’d fix dinner since I couldn’t do much until my brace was off.

I got up and went to the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror. My eyes were still red and there were streaks of dried tears on my face. My hair was a mess from pulling shirts on and off all day. I quickly brushed my teeth and washed my face. I worked at brushing all the tangles out of my hair before checking my appearance over. James had made me change into a snug v-neck white t-shirt and no bra and a pair of the shortest shorts I owned saying it would have to do until tomorrow.

I went to the kitchen to be sure I passed James’ inspection before I went to wait by the door for Charlie to come home. James was making spaghetti when I walked in.

“Do I look ok, James?”

He stopped and looked me over. He came up and tugged my shirt down in front then turned me around to tie a knot in the back of it to make it fit tighter across my bare breasts and show some skin above my shorts. He stooped to roll up the hem of my shorts so they ended just below my ass. Yeah in one day I’d gone from innocent 17-year-old who said ‘bottom’ to ‘ass’. Who knew what I’d be saying in the next year until I could leave.

He pinched my ass as he stood back up. “Yeah you’ll do.” He glanced at the clock on the stove. It was almost 5:30. “You better get to the door before he does or he won’t be happy with you.”
I practically ran out of the room. I hadn’t been punished yet (at least not in their minds) and I didn’t want to find out what that would entail. I made it to the door just as I heard Charlie come onto the porch. I opened the door for him and stood with my head down as James had instructed me.

“Welcome home Daddy. I missed you today. Can I show you what I learned?” I swallowed the bile in my throat at the last statement.

Charlie closed the door behind him and took off his gun belt putting it on the coat rack next to him. He didn’t say anything. I was nervous, but I couldn’t look up until Charlie spoke to me. James was very clear on that point.

I felt Charlie step closer to me as he reached to put his arm around my waist and pull me to him. “Hello my beautiful daughter. I can see someone has been paying attention to her lessons today. I’m guessing James helped with your clothing?” He lifted my chin to look at him. “Show daddy what you learned.”

I reached up to pull his face down to mine. I pressed my lips against his and ran my tongue over his mouth to ask for entrance like James had taught me. I fought back the tears. I refused to cry.
Charlie tightened his grip on me and opened his mouth to me. I put my tongue in his mouth focusing on not gagging. I moved my tongue around his teeth and wrapped my tongue around his to suck it into my mouth as James instructed. I could feel the pinprick of tears behind my eyes threatening to come forth. I fought them back knowing crying would only make Charlie mad.

He finally took over the kiss tired of my inexperience. I was grateful. I didn’t know what I was supposed to do to make it last longer. I wish he’d just let me go.

He finally raised his head and kissed my nose and forehead before letting me go. “Very good Bella. You just need more practice.”

He walked away patting my ass as he went upstairs to change. I stood there alone and let the tears spill. I knew I wouldn’t get another chance to cry until later tonight. I finally took a deep breath to calm down and went back to the kitchen to set the table for James.
He was putting the spaghetti on the table when I came in. “Well how did it go? Did you remember what I taught you?”

I walked up to him. “Yes I remembered and daddy was pleased.”

“Well, what are you waiting for? Show me your appreciation, Bella.” He was grinning down at me hooking his fingers through the belt loops on my shorts.

I put my arms around his neck and kissed him with all the fake enthusiasm I could muster. I was kissing him when Charlie walked into the room. I knew better than to stop until James released me. He knew Charlie was watching and was getting added enjoyment from my discomfort.

James finally released me and allowed me to get the plates to set the table. He and Charlie sat down and started putting food on their plates. I’d already been through 3 meals with them and knew better than to sit down yet.

When they had their plates Charlie looked at me standing. He smiled his approval. “Would you bring the tea pitcher and fill our glasses please?”

I turned to the counter smirking. He asked so politely like there was nothing perverted in their behavior. It was just so natural to them like this was an everyday occurrence. Something flashed in my mind that it was too natural for them and I’d only been here two days.

I brought the pitcher over as Charlie moved his chair so I could sit in his lap to fill his glass. James had already put ice in them knowing I couldn’t crack the trays with my wrist.

“Would you like sugar in your tea daddy?” I asked waiting.

“Yes Isabella I would.”

Fortunately the sugar bowl was already on the table so I wouldn’t need to get up to get it. Each time I got up and had to sit back in their laps was just harder than if I stayed there. I put sugar in his glass until he told me to stop. I stirred it and handed him the glass to taste.

“Very good Isabella. You may get up.”

I walked over to James and waited for him to move his chair so I could sit on his lap as well. I went through the same motions until he allowed me to get up.

I sat down at my seat finally to eat. I poured my tea but didn’t add sugar. I don’t think I’d ever want anything sweetened again.

After dinner Charlie went to set up the DVD player for our movie night while I helped James clear up from dinner. He was smirking at me.

We walked into the living room and James sprawled out in his recliner. I stood waiting to see if I’d be made to fetch anything for them before I could sit. Charlie looked at me and smiled.

“You can sit. We won’t need anything to eat tonight.”

He started the movie as I sat on the sofa. James got up and turned on the fan in the room. The movie started. I didn’t know what to think. My brain was frozen. They were watching porn!
I took a chance. “Daddy do mind if I go to my room? I’m really tired.” I silently begged him to let me leave.

“No Bella, this is to help with your education. I want you to pay attention.”

“Yes daddy” I said quietly. I should have known he’d never let me leave the room.
He and James both kept an eye on me making sure I watched everything that was going on. When the movie ended I thought it was over. I was wrong. James got up and put in another one, worst than the first if that was possible.

I was starting to shiver. I was wearing hardly any clothes and the fan was blowing on me making me cold. Charlie noticed grinning at my nipples poking thru my tight shirt.

“Poor baby. Daddy didn’t realize you were getting cold. Come here and get in daddy’s lap. I’ll keep you warm.”

I got up silently and went to Charlie’s chair. I got in lying down against his body. I just wanted to die. He wrapped his arms around mine so I couldn’t move rubbing my arms with his hands. He would occasionally brush his thumbs over my nipples to keep them hard. I could feel him harden behind my back. I was so afraid of what was going to happen next.

“Shush my little baby girl. Daddy is just keeping you warm. You have nothing to be afraid of.” He was whispering in my ear.

When the second movie was over he finally said it was time for me to get ready for bed. He allowed me to get up and I quickly left the room.

I ran up the stairs and got my clothes before heading to the bathroom. I turned on the shower to hide the sounds of me vomiting.

I brushed my teeth and I stripped off my clothes. I got in the shower. I scrubbed my face and my body as hard as I could. I felt so creepy and disgusting. I was crying trying not to be loud. I didn’t want anyone to hear me. I stayed in the shower as long as I could. I knew I’d have to get out soon. I finally rinsed off and shut off the water.

I stepped out onto the rug and reached for the towel. I bent over to wrap one around my hair and stood back up. Charlie was standing in the doorway holding my other towel. I was naked and dripping wet.

I wasn’t sure what to do. I grabbed my hands in front trying to cover myself. Charlie raised his eyebrow at me. I was learning that look. It meant disapproval. I slowly lowered my hands back to my sides.

He didn’t say anything just stood there looking me over, appraising my body. He finally handed me the towel to dry off. He didn’t move to leave. I was mortified. I dried off as quickly as I could and tentatively reached for my clothes unsure if I was allowed.

He nodded his head giving me approval to get dressed. I made sure to look at him the entire time. When I was done he took my hand and led me to my room. James was sitting at my desk waiting. I was never more afraid in my life.

Charlie led me to James first. “Tell your brother goodnight.” James had me straddle his lap while I kissed him.

“Very good. I trust you learned something from the movies tonight about your technique?” Charlie asked.

I nodded my head looking down. “Yes daddy” I whispered.

James let me up. “Sweet dreams,” he laughed as he left the room.

“Well, practice makes perfect. It’s only been a couple of days.” Charlie said. “Bella you may get in bed. We’re going shopping tomorrow morning. Aren’t you excited?”

“Yes daddy. Thank you.”

“James got to see you model today. I feel a little deprived. Are you going to make it up to me tomorrow?” He was smiling waiting for me to make the offer like it would be my idea to please him.

I shuddered before saying, “Daddy would you please let me model my new clothes tomorrow?” It took everything in me not to gag.

He came and lay down beside me in bed. “Give daddy a kiss goodnight.”

I quickly leaned in to kiss him like instructed. He took my behavior as eager so was very pleased with me. I just wanted it to be over.

“Take off you shirt and pants. I’ll rub your back just like daddy used to.”

I did as instructed biting my lip to keep from crying. At least he hadn’t asked me to remove my panties.

He rubbed my bare back while kissing on my shoulders and down my spine to just above my panties. After 20 minutes he finally stopped. I was grateful; he gave me my clothes back and got up to leave the room.

I lay in the dark for a long time starring at the ceiling before I finally fell asleep.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Perfect Wife - Chapter 4

Chapter 4

The alarm went off beside me. I jumped out of bed hoping to get dressed before Charlie came in to watch. I had just pulled up my pants and had my bra on when he came in.

“Good morning. My, we’re eager to go shopping aren’t we?” He said. He sat in the chair by my desk and patted his leg for me to sit down.

I sat on his lap and kissed him pulling away only when he allowed me. “Good morning daddy.”
He let me finish getting ready while he watched. He followed me out of the room to get breakfast. It was the same repeat as the day before except this time I didn’t have to get James coffee only juice. He said he felt left out.

We cleaned up the kitchen and all walked out to Charlie’s truck parked next to the police car. Even though it was a double cab James made me sit in front between him and Charlie.

They discussed the kinds of clothing I needed as we headed to the mall. I knew my input was not wanted so I stayed quiet cringing at the things they were deciding. I knew my mom would have never allowed me to wear any of the things they planned for me.

The first store we went to was Victoria’s Secrets. Charlie waited outside while James directed me around the store. After all, what would people think of a teenage girl’s father helping pick out the most revealing clothes and underwear. They saw James and thought he was a horny boyfriend, not my brother.

I had already been warned not to argue with any purchase and to keep my mouth shut to avoid any unwanted questions. I was a very good listener. I never said a word. I just took the disgusting stuff he handed me and went to try them on. I knew I’d have to show them to him and Charlie at home. They were looking forward to tonight’s show.

When James was satisfied I had enough to start we left and met Charlie outside. He had a gleam in his eyes and licked his lips at the image of tonight’s festivities. James was laughing also since he hadn’t been able to see anything in the store either.

We continued in and out of several stores. I got jeans that were so tight I could hardly sit and rode so low on my hips I swear they started just above my ass. They handed me shirts to try that were “sluttish” as Renee had called them. Everything was designed to show off as much skin or cleavage as possible. I couldn’t believe we even went to a shoe store. Charlie insisted I needed to learn to wear heels with my new clothes. My sneakers weren’t going to convey the right image.

We took a break to eat lunch at the food court. I wasn’t required to wait on them there. ‘People wouldn’t understand the love in our family’ Charlie expressed. What a joke. What love? Love of humiliation and indecency. He was right; someone might realize there was something very wrong with the Forks Chief of Police and his son.

When we finished eating, James suggested I needed a haircut and makeup to complete my look. Charlie agreed. I had never liked wearing make up before. I couldn’t believe how my life was changing. I wondered if Renee had an idea what Charlie was like and that’s why she left him, to protect me.

James said he was going to another store to get some stuff and would meet up with us later. He and Charlie winked at each other before he left.

We got to the salon and the woman behind the counter looked up at us. “Charlie!” She squealed and ran around the counter to hug him. “I can’t believe you’re back so soon.” She looked to be in her mid-30’s and just as sleazy as Charlie. She had long curly red hair and wore a low cut top that you could see through and tight jeans.

“Hey Vicky.” He laughed as he lifted her up for a quick kiss. It wasn’t like the long ones he made me give him. “Yeah, who knew I’d get my baby girl back in my life so unexpectedly.”
She turned to look me over. “This is your daughter, this tiny little thing? Why Charlie she’s no bigger than a mouse.”

I was embarrassed even though I certainly didn’t value her opinion.

“Now Vicky, don’t be like that.” Charlie said, pinching her cheek a little hard. She winced. “That’s why we’re here to see you. I want you to work your magic.”

She gave Charlie a measured look. “Are you planning the usual? Your own daughter?”

“That’s quite enough Vicky. You’re just going to scare little Isabella.” He pulled me into a tight hug and rubbed his hand on my ass.

Vicky caught the gesture and smiled wickedly at him. “Oh bad, Charlie. Shame on you,” she said playfully.

Charlie led me to a chair to sit down. She motioned for another girl to come and shampoo my hair while she and Charlie discussed my cut. Again, I knew I’d have no say so I just waited.

Vicky finally came back to me and started on my hair. She turned to Charlie, “Do you want me to color it? The last one had black hair and I know you like to change things up.”

“No, leave it natural. It’s a great color with her eyes. The other one had short hair and hers is going to stay long. That will change it up enough.”

He left us to sit and read a magazine while she went to work on my hair. I had no idea what I was going to look like when she finished. She kept me turned away from the mirror at Charlie’s instruction.

After she cut, dried and styled my hair she pulled open another drawer filled with cosmetics. She started applying eyeliner and mascara to me, getting exasperated every time I jerked my head or blinked.

“Oh hold still, will you? It’s not going to bite. You’re going to have to learn how to do this for yourself very soon anyway. So you may as well get used to it.”

I saw Charlie raise that eyebrow at me so I focused on being as still as I could. She put lip-gloss on my lips and announced to Charlie she was finished. I was still turned away from the mirror so had no idea what he would see. He walked up and gave me a critical stare.

I saw James come in with a couple of bags in his hands. He whistled as he walked up. “Damn baby sister, you clean up good.”

Charlie finally smiled at me. “Very nice indeed. You’ll do very well. Nice job Vicky. I think she’s going to be the best yet.”

I let out the breath I’d been holding. I wasn’t sure what would happen if he hadn’t been pleased with the results.

Vicky looked very proud of herself. “Well can I show her the new look yet?” she asked Charlie for permission.

“Yes, I think she’ll be impressed as well.”

She turned the chair around so I faced the mirror. I didn’t recognize the girl starring back at me. I wasn’t all that different, but it was enough. The makeup made my eyes look darker and I had what I could only describe as ‘sex’ hair. It was layered and messy like someone had been running his hands through it. The pink lip-gloss finished the look giving me a pouty sexy look. I no longer looked 17. I looked at least 21.

I got up so we could leave. I thanked her quietly as expected while Charlie paid with his credit card. She handed him a bag with packages of the makeup products she’d used on me.

He handed me one of the bags James had brought in with him and told me to go to the restroom in back to change my clothes. He indicated for James to show me the way. As we walked away I noticed Charlie gave her a very large stack of cash tapping his finger to his lips as he handed her the money only saying “Remember, not a word to anyone Vicky.”

She tucked the money in her shirt nodding and smiling. “Of course not. It’s always a pleasure doing business with you Charlie.”

All the comments today were giving me a headache trying to make sense of them. I gave up; there was no way I’d ever figure anything out unless Charlie wanted me to know.

James pointed out the restroom, which was near a backdoor. He propped against the wall to wait for me. I went inside and closed the door. It actually had a lock and I smiled, using it. Who knew when I’d have an opportunity to lock James or Charlie out again.

James knocked on the door. “That’s a no-no Isabella. But I won’t tell Charlie this time. It’ll be our little secret and you can thank me later” he laughed.

I was never going to win against them. I sighed and started undressing. I pulled out whatever I was supposed to change into. I dreaded it. It was another pair of dark tight jeans and a pink lace and silk camisole that was too small. It pulled tightly across my breasts. He had put heeled boots in the bag for me to wear on my feet. I finished getting dressed and put my clothes and shoes in the bag.

I stepped out to face James. He looked me over and laughed. “Take off the bra stupid. God, do you have to be instructed on everything?”

He reached to take my bag from me so I could go back in and do as he said. “Just throw the bra in the trash when you’re done. It’s not one you get to keep anyway.”

I did as instructed. The mall was cold and you could clearly see my nipples sticking out through the thin material. He smiled nodding his approval when I came back out and guided me back to the front where Charlie was waiting for us at the door. He and Vicky both looked me over as we walked up to them.

Charlie seemed pleased with my look and Vicky just laughed. “Yes Charlie I do believe she will be the best yet.”

He gave her another kiss on the cheek and thanked her again as we left. We were headed back to the truck to go home. I walked between Charlie and James. I noticed that men were starring at me as I walked by. I glanced to Charlie and James afraid of their reaction. They were both grinning very pleased with the attention I was getting. Charlie put his arm around my shoulders and James hooked his thumb in the back pocket of my jeans. They were clearly marking me as theirs.

“I do believe this has been a productive day, James. Don’t you?” Charlie asked as we got to the truck.

James opened the door for me to get in front again. “Yes I do,” he replied rubbing my ass as I got in.

“I think Isabella deserves a reward for today. We’re going out to eat dinner. Show off our little hotty here.” He ran his hand up and down my thigh before pulling out of the parking lot. “We’ll even let you pick the restaurant.”

I looked down at my hands in my lap. “Whatever you want is fine daddy.”

Charlie bellowed with laughter. “Well isn’t that sweet James. She wants daddy to pick for her.”

He reached across my shoulders to pull me into a hug and kissed the top of my head. “I’m just so proud of my little girl, she learns so fast.”

I looked up at him in confusion. I didn’t understand.

“Bella, today you learned that it’s not about what you want. It’s only about what you can do to please,” he said stroking my thigh. “I was afraid we might have been too subtle and you would miss today’s lesson. But you just proved how smart you are with your answer.”

I should have known. It was a trick. I was only given the opportunity to learn another valuable lesson. The only thing that matters is what pleases Charlie or James.

We ended up at a nice Italian restaurant called ‘Bella Italia.’ We went in and were seated by a young waiter. He grinned looking me over. Charlie asked for a table in the center of the room. He wanted to show me off.

We sat down and the waiter handed me a menu. Charlie and James looked around the restaurant and were pleased with the number of men who were starting to look.

“Sit up straight Isabella. You have nothing to hide,” Charlie smiled. He brushed my hair behind my back so my breasts weren’t hidden from view.

The waiter came back and took our order. I ordered mushroom ravioli and a coke.
Charlie stopped the waiter. “She’ll have a glass of house wine instead of the coke.”

I looked at him with wide eyes. I’d never had wine.

“It’s time to grow up, Isabella. No more behaving as a child.”

I lowered my eyes. “Yes daddy.”

I ate my dinner quietly while Charlie and James discussed sports and other guy things. I asked to be excused when I was done. He nodded for James to follow me again. I was never allowed out of either of their sight. I’m sure they thought I’d make a run for it. If I had somewhere to go I would, but I had nowhere. I was trapped.

Charlie was already waiting for us in the truck when I came out. We left and headed home. I was dreading the evening and what events were to come. I remembered Charlie’s comment from the morning that I would be modeling my new clothes tonight for both of them.

I went upstairs with all my bags when we got to the house. Charlie and James followed me upstairs but split off to their own rooms. I was hoping they’d forgotten.

As I started putting away the shoes my door opened. They both walked in. They’d only gone to change into loose gym shorts and muscle shirts. They both sat on my bed propped against the headboard. Neither of them said anything to me. It was understood.

“What would you like to see first daddy?” I asked quietly.

“James and I have already seen you in the clothes you tried on in the stores Isabella. You know this. I shouldn’t have to tell you,” he admonished me.

“No daddy. I’m sorry.” I looked at him to see if I was going to have to ask for forgiveness the way I had James that morning.

“You can ask for forgiveness later Isabella. Show me your new undergarments and lingerie.”

I stood and took off my clothes and boots trying not to think about them watching me. I walked over to the three pink bags in only my panties. I stepped out of these as I began pulling out the things James had picked out to put on.

Two hours later I’d been through all three bags. All the lacy boy shorts, thongs, push up bras corsets and sleepwear. If you could call it sleepwear, they were basically scraps of lace that were see-through. There were a couple of tight cami’s with short shorts, one of James’ kinder moments.

Charlie and James had definitely enjoyed the show as the bulges in their shorts were showing. I was still standing in one of the corsets and thongs. Charlie patted the bed between him and James for me to come over.

I was so afraid I was going to be raped now by my father and brother I was shaking. I stood at the foot of the bed and realized I’d either have to climb over one of them to get between them or crawl up from the end toward them. Neither prospect was appealing.

I decided crawling up was the lesser of two evils and did just that. They seemed very pleased with the display of me crawling on my hands and knees in only a corset and thong. I stopped and sat back on my heels when I reached the space between them.

“Bella, I’m very pleased with the selection James picked out. Everything will look very attractive under your new clothes.” He was stroking my hair. “Would you like to show your appreciation to your brother now for his help?”

I felt a tear slip out of the corner of my eye, but nodded to him. I turned to see James lay back and grin at me. I moved my leg over to straddle his waist. I could feel his erection behind me twitching. I whispered ‘thank you’ to him as I leaned forward and opened my mouth to kiss him praying this night would end. James put his hands on my bare ass and squeezed taking over the kiss with zeal.

After a few minutes I couldn’t believe Charlie stopped him. “That’s enough James. You know the rules.” James groaned as he let me go. I was confused and I’m sure it showed on my face.

Charlie just told me that it was time to thank him as well for all the money he’s spent on me today. I quickly got off James and crawled over to straddle Charlie the same way. I said ‘thank you’ to Charlie before leaning in to kiss him as well. Again he gripped my bare ass and held me down so I could feel his erection against me. He also let me go after several minutes.

“That is definitely an improvement Isabella. You just need more confidence and practice and soon you’ll be a pro. I’m afraid someone’s going to quickly snatch you up. You are a prize.” He praised me.

James got up and said he was headed to a cold shower.

Charlie chuckled. “That boy needs to learn a little self control. Not to worry, you’ll be ready to help soon.”

With that cryptic comment he left my room turning back at the door. “Don’t forget to shower before going to bed.”

I laid there and let the tears flow freely now. I just didn’t understand. Everything was sexual with them, but I also had the feeling now that I wouldn’t be raped by either of them. It’s like it was a sick twisted game that only they knew the rules. I waited until I heard James leave the bathroom before getting up to shower. I knew what was coming and wasn’t looking forward to it.

I grabbed one of the cami sets and headed for the bathroom grabbing my towels as I went. I closed the door to the bathroom and turned on the shower. I brushed my teeth and stripped off the corset and thong. I got in and washed my hair and body lathering well to scrub off their touch. I shut off the water when I was done and stepped out. I put my hair up in the towel and like before Charlie was standing there.

I didn’t move as I waited for him to hand me the towel to dry off. He smiled at that. “Such a good girl. I can’t tell you how proud daddy is of his little girl. So many girls have to be reminded repeatedly. It’s very tiresome after a while.” He finally handed me my towel. “I knew you would be smart. You’re my daughter after all.”

I didn’t know what that meant. Again, it was another puzzle piece that went nowhere.
“I’ve taken tomorrow off so we can take you to Dr Cullen to get your brace removed. Aren’t you glad to be rid of it?” He asked.

“Yes, daddy. Thank you,” I replied. He stepped back so I could put on my clothes and followed me to my room again.

He lay down next to me propping his head on his hand. He was watching his other hand stroke my hair. He seemed far away.

“Renee was cruel taking you away from me. I loved my baby girl so much. She was jealous of our relationship. You were always such an eager beaver. Wanting to please daddy anyway you could.” He looked into my eyes. “So many years I didn’t have you here with me, Isabella. Now I have to be careful with the time I have.”

He took a breath shaking himself out of his memories and thoughts. “But enough of that.” He leaned in to kiss my nose. “If you’d been here you wouldn’t have been right for the things to come. I would have wasted your talent selfishly.”

He got up telling me ‘goodnight and sweet dreams’ as he left the room turning out the light. I felt like everything was a build up of things to come. I had no clue where they were going but I had a year until I could escape. He wished me sweet dreams the same as James. What a joke. I knew I’d only have nightmares.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Perfect Wife - Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Morning came with the same routine. Charlie picked out my clothes today saying he wanted me to look especially nice. I sat in his and James’ laps to serve their drinks with breakfast. I helped James clean the kitchen and waited to be told we were leaving.

We headed to see Dr. Cullen. Charlie told me a little of his family like I should care. James just sat there grinning the whole time. It seemed that Dr Cullen was married and had 3 sons. They were Emmett, Jasper and Edward. Emmett and Jasper were married. James snickered for some reason. Charlie reached across and smacked the back of his head before continuing. Emmett owned a gym in Port Angeles and Jasper owned a nightclub. Edward was graduating medical school in a few months. Edward was supposedly extremely intelligent, having graduated early from high school and college. He had plans to join his father at the hospital after finishing his residency.

We pulled up to the hospital and I got out with James and we walked in. Charlie walked up to the lady at the desk and told him he was here for Dr Cullen. She saw me and smiled nicely to me.

“I’ll let him know you’re here Charlie.” She picked up the phone and paged him.

I sat between James and Charlie. I was uncomfortable in my new clothes. I was wearing a very short dress that barely extended past my ass and heels.

A very attractive man in a white coat walked up grinning at Charlie. He had blonde wavy hair and looked very athletic. “Charlie! It’s been awhile. What brings you by so soon?” He looked over at me standing next to James. His eyes had the same look I’d come to hate in Charlie and James.

“Carlisle, this is my baby girl if you can believe it.” Charlie motioned for me to come to him. I stood next to him as he put his arm around me pulling me close. “Bella say ‘hello’ to Dr Cullen. He’s one of my oldest and dearest friends.”

“Hello Dr Cullen, it’s nice to meet you,” I said sticking out my hand to shake his.

He glanced at my hand then at Charlie who nodded slightly. He grinned at me taking my hand.

He pulled me to him in an embrace, hugging me tightly patting my ass.

“Please call me Carlisle, Bella. After all we’re almost family,” he said. “Charlie and I go way back. We’ve known each other since we were in junior high.” He kissed my cheek before releasing me and turned back to Charlie.

“Shame Renee didn’t work out as well, Charlie. I tried. So what can I do for you today Charlie. Edward isn’t quite ready.” The three of them started laughing. I was completely clueless what his son had to do with anything.

“Well, Carlisle we’re here to get Bella’s brace off. She was in a car accident a month ago that killed Renee and that ball player she married.” He pulled me into another hug. “But look what I got for their trouble. I never thought I’d have my little Isabella back.”

I hated how he was so casual about their deaths. Like they did him some big favor by dying.

“Well then let’s step into an exam room for some privacy shall we?” He motioned for us to follow him down the hall. He took us to the last exam room and told me to have a seat. He said he’d be right back as he shut the door.

I heard Charlie and Dr Cullen’s voices discussing something in the hall but couldn’t make out any words. Dr Cullen came back in with Charlie and shut the door again as he looked me over. He had a digital camera with him.

“Smile Bella,” he told me as he took a few pictures of me. “It’s for your medical records.”

He reached in a drawer and pulled out a gown handing it to me. I looked at him in confusion. Since when did removing a brace require getting undressed?

Charlie was kind enough to clarify. “I want Carlisle to give you your annual. Just to be sure everything is in working order and intact. Knowing Renee you’ll be fine. She always was a prude.”

They stepped out allowing me to get undressed. I slipped on the gown and sat back down on the table to wait. Charlie and Dr Cullen both came back into the room. Charlie sat down in the chair against the wall facing me.

I wondered what Dr Cullen thought of my father staying in the room to watch. Maybe he’d ask him to leave before he started.

He removed the brace and checked out the flexibility of my wrist and fingers. “We want to be sure you’re perfect Bella. No second best allowed.” He said smiling. “Ok, now lie back and put your feet in the stirrups,” he said.

I looked over at Charlie who was making no move to leave. I looked down at Dr Cullen sitting on the stool between my legs waiting. I whispered, “Does he have to be here for this?”

Dr Cullen laughed and turned to Charlie. “I think your girl’s a little shy Charlie. You know that won’t do, don’t you. You’ll have to work on that with her.”

I stared down at him in disbelief. He knew what Charlie was like and was ok with it. I dreaded looking back up into Charlie’s face now. He was very angry.

“Believe me Carlisle that will be handled immediately.” he glared at me.

His look told me I was going to be sorry for embarrassing him in front of his friend.

I lay down and put my feet up knowing there was no other choice. The silent tears leaked out of my eyes while he performed my pelvic exam with my father watching. When he was finished he came to my side to pull my gown down to my waist to check my breasts. He noticed my tears and shook his head at me.

He leaned in to whisper; “Tears only get you in more trouble Isabella. No one wants a crybaby.

You’re going to need to learn to control that.” He kissed my temple as he stood and turned back to Charlie. “Well that’s it. I’ll let you know what I decide when her results come back, but I don’t foresee a problem.”

He told me I could get dressed while he and Charlie stood and talked. This time they didn’t bother with the pretense of leaving the room. They both watched me and I did as I’d been taught and looked at them both the entire time I put on my clothes, never looking away.
Carlisle seemed pleased by my display and Charlie was just a little less angry. Carlisle turned back to Charlie slapping him on the back. “Take care of our little girl here Charlie. I wouldn’t want anything to happen to her. I like her.”

Charlie smiled to Carlisle. “Don’t worry. James and I are keeping her under wraps for you. I thought she’d make a perfect gift.” He turned to smile at me. It was the first time I saw pure evil in my father.

Carlisle laughed, “Good to know. Just watch that boy of yours. We wouldn’t want any slipups like last time now would we?” He opened the door to usher us out to the hall where James was waiting. Carlisle ran his hand down my back and up under the hem of my dress and pinched my ass as I walked past him. I jumped startled. “Shyness, remember,” he said shaking his finger at me as he walked away.


We walked out of the hospital and headed back to the house. Charlie never spoke a word. James was grinning at me humming in anticipation of what he knew was coming. I was afraid of what was in store for me as punishment.

When we got home Charlie and James walked in behind me. Charlie stopped me from going to my room. “James, please get the bag. Isabella needs to be punished. James yelled, “All right, finally!” as he ran up the stairs, eager for whatever was coming.

Charlie turned to me snarling. “It’s time you understood, Isabella. Your bitch of a mother and her precious Phil isn’t here to save you this time. Carlisle is a very close personal friend. He expects perfection at all times. You embarrassed me today. You need to learn a valuable lesson. You will never question authority again. Is that clear?”

“Yes daddy,” I whispered. I was so afraid.

“Today was the second time. I know you questioned James the other day in your room.”

James was coming back down the stairs with a black bag grinning from ear to ear.
Charlie took my elbow and led me to the kitchen table pulling out a chair to the middle of the floor. He held me as James set the bag on the table opening it for Charlie. He then sat down in the chair to watch.

Charlie turned to me. “Take off your clothes Isabella. This is your punishment.”

I pulled my dress over my head, shaking. I stood there in just my bra and panties.

“All of it.” He said.

I felt the tears start, but remembered what Carlisle had said about tears made it worst. So I tried to stop. I removed the last of my clothes and waited.

He went to the bag. He took out three scarves, handing two of them to James, and a ball that had strings attached. He pushed me face down on the table and pulled my arms behind my back tying them while James spread my legs to tie my ankles to the table legs. I was shaking so hard.

I couldn’t stop the tears from coming.

I tried to beg. “I’m sorry daddy. I promise I won’t do it again. Please don’t do this. I’ll be good.”
He pulled my head back by my hair and shoved the ball in my mouth. He then tied the strings behind my head and pushed my head back to the table making sure to turn me so I looked at James sitting there. James handed a paddle to Charlie.

“I don’t like this anymore than you do Isabella, but you need to learn that disobedience has consequences. Do you think you can remember?” He asked.

I nodded my head as hard as I could since I couldn’t speak with the ball tied in my mouth. I was already crying so hard.

He ran his hand down my spine and caressed my bare ass. “Let’s begin.”

James started laughing. His eyes were gleaming like he was watching a fascinating ball game.

Charlie started using the paddle to spank me. I bit down as hard as I could at each hit. I was in so much pain. After a while I couldn’t stop the screams. I knew what the ball was for now. It muffled my screams. He wouldn’t have to worry about anyone hearing me from outside as he continued to spank me.

When he finally decided I’d had enough he allowed James to untie my legs and help me stand up straight. I was on fire. James knew I wouldn’t be able to stand on my own so kept his arms wrapped around me for support.

He told James to carry me to my room as he put the paddle back in the bag zipping it closed. He didn’t remove the gag or untie my hands. James threw me over his shoulder with my head hanging down his back while Charlie picked up the bag and scarves to follow us upstairs.

James put his hand on my ass as we climbed the stairs caressing and squeezing every couple of stairs, making me scream. I was in so much pain. He kicked open my door and stood me next to my bed to wait for Charlie’s next instruction.

Charlie went behind me to untie my hands as he pushed me down on the bed. “Move to the middle, Isabella.” I tried to scoot over but I couldn’t get my muscles to cooperate, I was shaking so hard. He finally had to help me.

He reached to hand one of the scarves to James who had moved to stand on the other side of my bed. He took both my hands and retied them pulling them up over my head. He tied them to the headboard and I felt James pull my leg to tie it to the bedpost. Charlie then tied my other leg to the other bedpost.

He and James sat down on the bed with me, both of them looking me over. James was caressing my stomach never touching my breasts or going any lower.

Charlie finally spoke pushing my wet hair away from my face. I was still crying from the pain and humiliation. “Bella sweetheart, I do not enjoy punishments. They are necessary, however. You’ve had too many years of leniency living with Renee. She wasn’t capable of learning. You would have learned years ago how to be a proper woman and wife.”

I knew my fears were true. Renee had left Charlie to protect me from him and even from James, although he had been little more than a child at that time as well. Obviously James had learned early and learned well. This must be why Renee left him with Charlie; it was too late for him.

“I want you to lay here and think on what I’ve said.”

They both stood and walked out of the room. Charlie left the light on and the door open. He wanted to be sure I knew humiliation to the fullest.

I heard the TV click onto a ballgame. Occasionally I heard one of them shout at the TV for an unfair call. They were watching TV while I lay here tied to my bed like it was any other night.
I lay there crying for so many reasons. The pain. My mom. Phil. I thought of all my friends in Phoenix I’d never see again. I pictured my house and imagined walking through all the rooms, remembering every detail I could to help shut out what was happening to me now.

Later I heard James and Charlie come upstairs. Charlie went to shower while James came in to sit on the bed with me. He watched me smiling as he played with my hair, using it to stroke my breasts chuckling at my body’s unwilling response. He got up when he heard Charlie shut off the water and leaned down to kiss the ball in my mouth.

“Good night baby sister. You may not have sweet dreams tonight, but I know I will.” He gave my hair one last flick across my nipples and blew on them causing them to tighten from the sensation and cold. “Yes, very sweet dreams.” He walked out as Charlie came in.

Charlie lay down next to me propping his head on his hand to look at me. I stared back at him. He let his gaze travel over my body noticing my hard nipples from James’ attention. He smiled and reached out to gently brush his knuckles across each of them, keeping them hard while he watched. I squeezed my eyes shut.

“Isabella, I’m going to think you need more punishment,” he said pinching my nipple between his knuckles. I opened my eyes back to him. “That’s better.” He continued his torture never touching more than my nipples while he looked from what he was doing back to my face occasionally to be sure my eyes were still open.

He finally yawned and reached down to kiss the ball in my mouth. He got up. “Goodnight Bella. I’ll see you in the morning.” He walked out of the room closing the door and finally turning off the light.

I was surprised this time no tears came. I turned my head to the side and closed my eyes. I finally fell asleep.