Monday, April 20, 2009

The Perfect Wife - Chapter 10

This chapter was originally an outtake. It is another training session for Bella with Charlie and James. It contains graphic material. Skip this chapter if you don’t want to read.

Charlie finally untied me in the afternoon. He wanted me to fix an early dinner since he’d been lenient with me, letting me skip making breakfast and lunch. I went downstairs quickly. I made baked chicken with baked potatoes and a salad. I didn’t want to give them any reason to punish me. I would do just about anything to avoid the savage punishment I took that first time. The bruises were going to take a while to fade and I was still tender. I worked in the kitchen with detached efficiency, and had the table ready when Charlie walked in, followed by James.
“Very nice, Bella. You do learn quickly.” He said with a smirk to James. They sat down at the table, and began to eat, chatting about non-essentials. I stood by the sink, watching. They were pleased about something, but I could not guess what it might be. Anything that excited them, scared the hell out of me so I’m probably better off not knowing.
I cleared their dishes away when they were finished, and was about to start washing them when Charlie stopped me. “Bella? Come here for a minute, I want to talk to you.” I turned quietly, and stood in front of him. “Closer, Bella.” He said sternly, and I moved to within arm’s length. He grabbed my hand and pulled me into his lap. “That’s better.” He murmured, and pulled my legs apart. “Let’s see how your lesson from this morning is going.”
Charlie had put me through the same ritual with the vibrating egg three more times after that initial one. I was so sensitive there that even bathing caused me to cringe. He slid his fingers inside of me, and I hissed softly when he touched that over sensitive spot. “That’s a good girl, you get so wet now just from one touch.” He rubbed my breasts for a few minutes, while James watched hungrily. I looked anywhere but at them, the blush hot in my face.
“For learning your lesson so well, I think I’ll give you a choice of which lesson we do tonight.” He said, jovially. Great, he is going to make me choose how they torture and degrade me tonight. At least I’ll be able to pick the lesser of two evils and get it over with.
“Well,” he started and I could see the smile forming on his lips, while his hands never stopped moving on my breasts. “Lesson A consists of you learning how to do what we did this morning, all by yourself.” I thought about that for a minute, and he must have seen my puzzled expression. “I want you to touch yourself and make yourself cum.” He said exasperated, like I shouldn’t have to have it spelled out for me. The horrified look that passed over my face must have given me away. There was no way that I could… could touch myself like that, especially in front of these monsters.
“Lesson B it is, then.” He said quickly grinning. “James, go get the stuff. Bella, assume your position on the table.” I slid out of his lap and dropped to the floor quickly on my knees. I couldn’t endure another punishment. I was already so sore.
“Daddy, please don’t punish me. I’ll do whatever you want, I’ll … I’ll make myself cum for you, please just don’t…” I pleaded with him, looking up from my position on the floor. “Please daddy… Please… I’ll do what you want…”
“As much as I love to see you on your knees in front of me like this,” he started, and licked his lips. “This isn’t about punishment.” I still looked up at him, frantic. The tears were coming harder now, and I knew that crying was only going to make things worse, but I couldn’t help it.
“On the table girl or I will punish you!” He barked, and I stood up quickly. Sobbing softly, I bent over the table and waited for James to return.
James tossed a bag to his father when he came in the room, and stood off to the side. He looked like Christmas had come early. Whatever made him that happy did not bode well for me. Charlie tossed the gag to James and he inserted it into my mouth, and tied it. He leaned down and whispered “You’re going to like this, baby sister. I just wish it were me.” I knew it was no use, but I struggled against the scarves now binding my legs to the table. The cool air down there felt good against my over stimulated skin. Charlie bound my hands quickly behind my back, and I lay there, awaiting my fate.
“Now, Edward didn’t specifically request this, but Carlisle said it would be a nice addition to your education so we decided to go ahead and throw it in.” He said, matter-of-factly, like my humiliation and fear were some kind of accessories for his new toy. I felt him touching me between my legs and as the vibrations started again, I realized he had put the egg there. I squirmed against the table, trying to dislodge it. Charlie mistook my movements and said “Yeah, baby… You like that don’t you?” He ran his hands over my ass, massaging it while the egg vibrated against me. I felt that tightening start slowly.
Charlie then did something I didn’t really understand. With his hands still on my ass, he opened it and I felt a cool wave of air inside. Then I felt something cool being spread back there and I bucked frantically. He couldn’t mean to… I screamed into my gag and tried hysterically to move, but I couldn’t. I closed my eyes tightly, just waiting for it to come as it inevitably would. I felt his fingers being pushed inside of me, and it hurt. It felt like he was stretching me open. I cried out against the gag, and tried again to move. Then his fingers were removed and I felt something cold and hard being pushed into me, stretching me, filling me. I heard Charlie remarking to James “Damn, she’s tight.” The pain was almost as bad as the humiliation. I felt the egg vibrate harder against me, and Charlie pushing the thing harder into me. Just as he stopped pushing it, the tightening in my stomach exploded and I screamed into the gag again. I felt wetness pouring out of me, and Charlie told James “Well, I think she likes that.” I had never been so utterly debased. He wrapped a belt around my hips, and tightened it, pushing whatever was inside me deeper. The belt held it in place, and I heard them both get up.
“A few more pictures, James, and then I think we can go watch the game. This will take a while.” Charlie said. He rubbed my ass again before patting it, “Bella just get comfortable,” he chuckled.
I heard him leave the room. James came up behind me, and played with the belt for a few minutes before taking more pictures of me. I couldn’t even think about how I must look in them.
I heard him set the camera down and leave the room. I was utterly alone.
I woke up several hours later, still tied to the table with a voice next to my ear. “What do you think, baby sister? Have you been stretched enough? Let’s say we find out now while daddy is gone to the station.” My eyes widened, and I struggled violently in my bonds. With the gag, I couldn’t beg or plead with him, not that it would have done any good. I saw the mad glint in his eyes as he watched me struggle fruitlessly.
I felt him remove the belt, and then grasp whatever was inside of me. He pulled it out slowly before pushing it back in. He repeated this again and again before leaning down and murmuring in my ear “This is going to be how it feels. Do you like that?” I shook my head frantically, and he laughed. He finally pulled it all the way out and set it to the side. I felt him applying more of the cool wetness inside me, and then heard him unzipping his jeans. I panicked, and bucked wildly on the table, trying anything to get out of my bonds. He laughed again. “There is no place to go, baby…and no one to stop me,” He said coldly. “Now just take it up the ass like a good girl.” And with that, he pulled me open and pushed himself into me.
It felt like I was being ripped open and I screamed against the gag. Even though I had been stretched for this purpose for hours, and even though I could tell he was going slowly, it still felt like I was on fire. As he started to move in and out of me, I heard him repeatedly grunting “… so fucking tight…” and “… you feel so good…” I dimly thought of the absurdity of the situation. I was being sodomized over the kitchen table by my own brother.
He avoided grabbing my hips and leaving bruises by grabbing the sides of the table. My tears continued to fall silently as he thrust into me mercilessly. It registered faintly that he was speeding up. His breath now came in wild grunts and pants. It wouldn’t be much longer now. I felt him reach underneath me and grab my breasts. He squeezed them hard and pinched my nipples as he strained and groaned behind me.
Finally, he grabbed my breasts hard using them to pull me back onto him as he thrust hard inside me. I felt him shudder and heard him cry out “Fuck!” as he came. I let my head fall onto the table, as he collapsed on my back. After a few minutes of heavy breathing, he pulled out slowly. “Damn little sister,” he said in a low hoarse voice “that was fucking incredible.” Suddenly, he grabbed my hair and forced me to look at him. His face was inches from mine, and he looked furious. I had never been more frightened of him than I was at that moment. “No one knows about this. No one. If you tell any of the Cullens, or even Charlie I will kill you. We will do this as often as we can, but if you even hint about it to Charlie you might just slip down the stairs before I’m able to untie your hands. Do we understand each other, little sister?” I was too afraid to do anything but gape at him. He just admitted that he would kill me, that it would be easy. His fury peaked and he yelled, “I will hurt you, bitch! You get me?” To illustrate his point, he grabbed my ass hard and I screamed into the gag. I nodded quickly, one tear escaping my eye. Why would he think that I would tell anyone what did had done to me? I didn’t want to even think about it. I just wanted to live long enough to get the hell out of this house.
He untied my legs from the table, but left my arms bound and the gag in my mouth. I nearly fell as he stood me on my feet. He helped me to the upstairs bathroom, and I remembered his warning. I was trembling by the time he had me sit gingerly on the closed toilet while he started the shower. He removed the rest of his clothes, and helped me into the shower with him. I felt sick when he put the body wash in his bare hands and then started rubbing it over me. He paid particular attention to my breasts, making sure my nipples were hard before moving on. I felt his hands between my legs, stroking me and I closed my eyes. I whimpered into the gag as he gingerly rubbed body wash over and into my ass. It seemed no humiliation was going to be spared today. Suddenly, he was rinsing me and pushing me onto the bench in the shower stall. He washed himself quickly, and I kept my eyes closed. I felt him reach behind my head and remove the gag. I opened my eyes and he had a wicked smile. He pulled me off the bench and sat down. He pushed down on my shoulders and, arms still tied behind my back. I went to my knees between his spread legs. The water was beating on my back as he stroked my lips.
“Open.” He said and I did. He grabbed the back of my head as he forced his hard cock into my mouth. “It felt so good to fuck you like that. I got hard again just thinking about it. I had to have your hot little mouth.”
Just then, Charlie came into the bathroom. “Good, you got her cleaned up.” He sat down on the closed toilet seat and watched as James forced me to suck him. I tried in vain to detach myself from what was happening to me. But I couldn’t think of anything but his cock thrusting violently in my mouth. I sucked as well as I could and finally he pushed in hard and came. I swallowed like I had been taught, and he pulled us out of the shower.
“Wait, James.” Charlie said, and pulled me carefully over his lap. He rubbed my ass, and then slid his fingers inside me. I winced, and struggled against the invasion. “Better. A few more days and you won’t be as tender.” I hung my head as I lay over his lap, trying not to cry. A few more days? They were going to do this to me over and over? He slid me off of his lap and onto my knees.
“One more before you go to bed, baby?” He asked, pulling his pants and underwear down to his knees. It wasn’t meant as a question, because he slid his cock forcibly into my mouth.
After he finally allowed me out of the bathroom he took me back to my room and tied me to the bed again. He was probably right; if I had somewhere to run and a way to get there I’d be gone in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, I didn’t know anyone in Washington and I didn’t have the money to go back to Phoenix. I was trapped as surely as the ties that held me captive.
After tying me down he came back in with the dreaded egg again. He said one last good orgasm would help me sleep. I fought against that feeling with everything I had left in me. It was a mistake. I should have known after all the other times this was one thing I couldn’t fight and Charlie was pissed. In his mind this was doing something special for me ‘allowing’ me to enjoy my training. Now I would go hungry another day.
This was just another night that I cried myself to sleep.


  1. Her sense of hopelessness is all-consuming. I can't even begin to imagine.

  2. its as if she is swimming in her own fear never to resurfece

  3. like she is trying to run but the road keeps getting longer preventing her from goin on

  4. i'm so sad! this story draws me in entirely! i fucking hate james and charlie. they're both dipshits and should go to hell. i'm just waiting until she gets saved.

  5. Like everyone has said before, her agony and fear is consuming... its horrid to read, but you just can't stop. I need to know she will be able to find peace and happiness.

  6. Wow....that was horrible.

    What they did, not your writing. I cried through most of this, but like a bad car wreck I couldn't look away....