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The Perfect Wife - Chapter 12

Chapter 12

I watched as Charlie’s eye’s got a little wider and he swallowed at Edward’s statement.
“I understand completely, Edward,” my father said carefully, “there will be no further incidents. I give you my word.”

I knew under any other circumstances I would be outraged at Edward claiming me as “his”, like I was a possession or object. However, right now, I could only feel gratitude. I knew from this moment I was at least protected from James’ threats of continued violence. I knew I couldn’t stop what was happening to me, but at least it couldn’t get much worst. I hoped.

“I’m glad we have that cleared up,” Edward replied.

He looked down at me lying in his arms. With everything going on I had actually forgotten I was naked. Edward’s eyes darkened as his gaze traveled across my breasts and down my stomach to the patch of hair at the apex of my thighs. He held me a little firmer in his arms and smiled finally returning his gaze to my face.

By now I was blushing furiously. I was surprised at my reaction; I’ve been naked in front of my father and brother, done things for them that are unnatural and felt only shame and humiliation. Edward seeing me like this and holding me didn’t bring up those feelings. I was only horribly embarrassed.

I waited for him to say something, anything. I had no idea what I should do now. I glanced at Charlie standing there watching us. He seemed to be waiting also. I looked back at Edward with the question in my eyes.

Finally he spoke, “Charlie I want to discuss Bella’s current punishment. How long did you intend for her to be without clothing and gagged?”

I noticed he didn’t mention going without food. I guess that wasn’t a concern since that part of my punishment was over today. Thank God, I was so hungry.

“Three days. She has today left,” Charlie stated.

“And how did her lessons go the last couple of days?” Edward seemed to be contemplating something.

Charlie stood up straighter and puffed his chest out with pride. “She did great! I told you my little girl here was going to be easy to train. She’s got a natural talent.”

He was grinning at me again. I knew he was remembering the other night in my bed.

“James and I were very satisfied with her performance. Your little Bella here even swallowed on the first day, didn’t puke once. I’ve never been able to get one of the girls to do that before on the first day without a lot of fuss. Little Bella just kept going, swallowing like it was honey down her throat. Didn’t you baby?”

He reached out to stroke my cheek. I steeled myself, making sure I didn’t shudder at his touch.
Edward looked at me and seemed displeased with Charlie’s recount. My eyes got wider, now he was going to punish me. He was angry that I pleasured Charlie and James, even though he knew that’s what was happening.

I whispered to him, “I’m sorry.” I didn’t know what I was apologizing for or what I hoped to gain by it. ‘Sorry’ didn’t mean anything in this house. I could feel tears welling up again. I hated crying.

He sighed at me. “It’s fine Bella. No one is mad at you. Stop crying for God’s sake. This is all part of your education.” He was tired of my crying, and was losing patience with me.

I swallowed and nodded my head to him, “Yes Edward,” I whispered.

He smiled at me hearing me say his name. It was the first time I’d ever spoken his name.
“Bella, I want you to tell me how you feel about your lessons so far,” Edward asked me.

I felt like I was having a performance review. Dear God, how do I even begin to answer that question? I knew the truth would never be acceptable. I was disgusted and humiliated. I wanted to drink bleach to destroy everything I’d swallowed. I wanted to develop amnesia so that I could erase the last few weeks permanently from my mind. I wanted someone to hand me a knife so I could cut off the reason for my ‘training’. I’d flush their penis’ down the toilet like dead fish.
Instead I took a breath and said, “I’m doing everything I’m instructed to do. I want to learn everything they can teach me. I’m working very hard so I can please you Edward.”

He smiled at me and hugged me tight. “That’s good Bella. I’m proud of you also. I think you deserve a treat for all your hard work, don’t you?”

Fortunately I looked deep into his eyes before I answered. Even though he said he was pleased and smiling I noticed a shift in his eyes. He was now giving me a measured look waiting for my answer. I knew that look.

I smiled right back at him, like it was natural. “Only if you think I do, Edward.”

His grin brightened, as he looked at me then Charlie. “Very good Bella. Your right Charlie, she’s a very smart girl and quick too.”

He gave me a quick peck on my lips. “It just so happens that I do.”

He turned back to Charlie. “Charlie, I understand the reasons behind her punishment and agree 3 days if more than fair. However, in light of James’ attentions this morning I think she deserves a break this time. Don’t you agree?”

“Certainly Edward, whatever you think is best for Bella.”

“Ok then, why don’t we let her get dressed and then I’m going to take her to Carlisle just to be sure she’s alright.”

Charlie got his keys out of his pocket and moved to unlock my closet and dresser.

Edward moved me off of him and went to my dresser to pull out a pair of blue lacy boy shorts.

He then went to my closet. He pulled out a short royal blue strapless dress and heels for me to wear. He walked back to the bed handing me the panties and dress after he unzipped it for me.

“Here you go Bella. This will look very nice on you. Why don’t you get dressed now so we can go to the hospital?”

I stood up and took the clothes from Edward. I quickly pulled up the boy shorts and stepped into the dress. He turned me around by the shoulders so he could zip it back up. He raked his fingers through my hair fluffing it as I straightened the dress. I bent down and slipped on the heels then stood waiting for his inspection.

Edward stepped back and gave me a once over, “You should fix your makeup Bella, it’s smudged from all your crying,” he stated.

“Yes Edward,” I answered and left my room to take care of things in the bathroom.

I stood in front of the mirror and pulled my hair back to see the damage James caused. I was covered in purple bruises and several bite marks along my shoulder to my neck. He, at least, hadn’t marked up my neck. I assumed because that would have been harder to hide from Edward. I covered everything back up with my hair and finished getting ready.

When I was done, I heard Edward downstairs with Charlie now. They were discussing what Edward wanted done about James. I realized I hadn’t seen him since Charlie pulled me off his lap.

“I think it would be best that James not be around Bella for a while, Charlie. I’m going to make arrangements for her to stay with me at least through the holidays. Then I’ll decide if James can control himself to continue helping with Bella’s training.”

“Well now Edward,” Charlie was trying to wrangle with Edward, “you know I just got my baby girl back and I’d really miss her right now. Do you really think that’s the best solution?”

“Let’s not pretend Charlie. I’ll grant you, you get a sick thrill from the fact she’s your daughter, but don’t insult my intelligence. We both know how much you love your work. That’s the only thing you’ll be missing. You’re being compensated extremely well to help you overcome any nostalgia you might be feeling towards her.”

“Of course, Edward, I didn’t mean to question your decisions.”

They both turned as I stepped into the living room. Edward appraised my appearance and seemed very pleased.

“Let’s go, shall we?” He took my arm and guided me to the front door to leave.

He led me out to a silver Volvo opening the passenger door for me so I could get in. He went around and got in the driver side looking me over as he started the engine.

I glanced down knowing this dress barely covered my breasts and ended just below my ass. Almost the entire length of my legs were bare sitting in the seat since the dress was so short. I could feel my cheeks getting warm.

He looked at me and sighed. I looked up quickly to see if he was angry with me for some reason.
He was staring at my face with my pink cheeks. He pursed his lips like making a decision, then reached out to cup my chin and stroke my cheek with his thumb.

“Bella, I hate that you get embarrassed around me.” He continued to stroke my cheek.

“However, your blush just makes you more beautiful than you already are. I love the way your cheeks look all pink. That is one thing about you that now I’m seeing it personally I don’t want you to change.”

He leaned over and kissed me. It was soft and gentle. It wasn’t one of the groping demanding kisses I’d had to endure from Charlie or James. This one gave me hope.

He sat back never releasing my chin. “Understand me Bella. You are going to be my wife. I’ve already decided this. I expect you to be completely comfortable with me. I think this is something we can work on during your time at my home over the next few days.”

“Yes, Edward. I will do better. I promise,” I answered softly.

He smiled, releasing my chin and putting the car in gear. As we drove away from Charlie’s house I felt lighter. I was away from my personal hell at least for a while. I started smiling determined to enjoy my day to the fullest.


I decided I didn’t want to wait another week to see her again. Earlier this week she’d been unconscious and then James took her upstairs away from me. I wanted to surprise Isabella by spending the day with her. I knocked on the door a couple of times but no one came. That was odd. I checked my watch. I knew they should be sitting down to breakfast now. It’s why I came this early, so she could serve me.

I frowned as I heard Charlie yelling inside the house. I rang the doorbell to get his attention and beat on the door. I pushed it open as I heard the lock click and stormed inside past Charlie. I went immediately to the kitchen. I could see Isabella starring across the room in fear shaking. Her eyes glazed over just as I got to the doorway. I ran to catch her yelling at Charlie as she fainted.

I picked her limp form up in my arms and sat at the table holding her. I pushed her hair back from her face to look at her. I wanted to be sure she wasn’t hurt. That’s when I noticed the marks on her shoulder. I leaned her towards me for a better look. She was covered in bruises and bite marks from the crook of her neck along her shoulder.

I looked at James getting up from the floor and I realized what had happened. The bastard had marked her repeatedly trying to lay claim to what was mine! I saw red. I got up and handed Isabella to Charlie instructing him to lay her on her bed then to call one of James’ friends to come get him. I turned back to deal with the piece of scum before me.

When I knew he could no longer get back up from the ground I told Charlie to have his friends come in and pick him up. I wanted him out of here away from my Isabella.

I ran back up the stairs to her room and picked her up off the bed to sit down. I cradled her in my arms and waited for her to wake up. Her breathing was very shallow. She seemed to be having trouble taking deeper breaths. I removed the ball gag from her mouth so she could breathe easier. I never realized how much one of those things effected breathing. I stroked her hair, feeling the softness of her long locks willing myself to calm down.

Suddenly she squeezed her eyes tight and groaned. I stopped stroking and felt around on her head. I felt the bump. They’d hurt her.

I yelled for Charlie. I wanted to know how she got hurt. I’d caught her earlier before she fell so I know it wasn’t then. She was shaking now and opened her eyes looking up at me with fear and tears welling in her eyes.

She whispered, “Please don’t punish me. I’m sorry for whatever I did to make you angry. I promise if you’ll just tell me I won’t ever do it again. Please, I want to be good for you.”
As much as it pleased me to hear her say she wanted to be a good wife, it saddened me that the first words I got to hear from her were filled with fear. I rocked her back and forth like a child reassuring her.

“Shush My Bella. I’m not going to hurt you. You didn’t do anything wrong. I’m not going to punish you. It’s going to be ok. I’ll take you to get everything checked out soon. Just relax.
I smiled and kissed her forehead letting her know I wasn’t angry with her.

Charlie told me he caused the injury in his effort to protect her from James. He stroked her head trying to convey fatherly concern. I wasn’t fooled.

Two times I come to see her and both days she is damaged, first from neglect and today Charlie’s carelessness. He should have been paying attention to what James was doing. From the number of marks he inflicted I knew Charlie wasn’t watching closely like he should.

I pulled Bella closer to me in an instinctive reaction to protect her. I let Charlie know that I wasn’t pleased. I’d told Carlisle exactly what I expected and would tolerate in molding my wife.

I knew Charlie and James had gotten too rough with both my brothers’ wives during training leading to a few bruises, a black eye and a sprained ankle. Emmett and Jasper took it in stride that it was all part of the process.

I didn’t comprehend their casual behavior. My father and brothers never hit their wives. Esme, Rosalie and Alice were treasured and treated well. I know a couple of times Rosalie had to be punished by Emmett in the beginning but that was to be expected. Physical abuse, however, was wrong. We were not white trash.

I wasn’t so easygoing. I have very exacting standards that I expect to be upheld. I will allow what is necessary in training to prepare her to be a submissive dutiful wife. I will tolerate her sexual training as much as I hate it. But I will not tolerate anyone ever marking her except me. She was mine and only mine.

I continued to discuss the situation with Charlie letting him know my displeasure with these events. I wanted to have James permanently disposed of. It was a matter of one simple phone call.

I looked back down at the angel in my arms. She was watching me absorbing everything being discussed. She hadn’t moved once to cover herself, which pleased me. I let my gaze travel her body taking her all in.

She was beautiful. Her eyes were a deep chocolate brown that I wanted to get lost in. She had nice pert breasts that would fit perfectly in my hands when the time came. Her stomach was flat and I could see the dark red brown hair curling at the juncture of her legs. I didn’t know how I was ever going to wait a year for her. Six months would be next to impossible.

I asked Charlie about her lessons. That was a mistake in my current mood. He was acting the proud father being disgusting in his recount. That made me angry. I knew he did this with every girl, but it was wrong that he got so much pleasure from doing this with his own daughter.
I was looking at her and she started crying again apologizing for no reason. I sighed. I hate tears. She was going to need to stop that soon.

“It’s fine Bella. No one is mad at you. Stop crying for God’s sake. This is all part of your education.”

She nodded her head, “Yes Edward.”

I smiled. It was the first time she acknowledged she knew who I was. I liked it.

“Bella, I want you to tell me how you feel about your lessons so far.” I needed to know that she was progressing and wouldn’t balk at what was expected of her.

She seemed to consider her answer before she spoke. I wish I knew what she was thinking.
She told me she felt she had done well. She assured me she was listening and following her instructions. And then she said the most wonderful thing to me.

“I’m working very hard so I can please you Edward.”

I couldn’t help but smile and hold her tight. I let her know how happy I was that she said she wanted to please me. I decided to test her a little. I offered her a treat to see how she would respond. If she wasn’t learning her place she’d immediately say ‘yes’ to get out of the house and away from Charlie. If she was sincere in wanting to please me she’d give the correct answer.

She looked into my eyes and smiled. “Only if you think I do Edward.”

I couldn’t help but grin at her answer. She really was learning.

“Very good Bella.” I turned back to Charlie to let him know I was pleased with his progress despite what happened. “You’re right Charlie, she’s a very smart girl and quick too.”

I gave her a quick kiss on her lips. I couldn’t resist. “It just so happens that I do.”

I didn’t want to undermine Charlie’s progress or training, but I felt he should drop the rest of the current punishment. I felt James’ attention should be punishment enough.

I wanted to take her to Carlisle to be sure she was ok and then take her for the day. I set her down and went to pick out her clothes for the day. I knew I would find what I was looking for.

They were purchased at my instruction.

I pulled out her panties and blue strapless dress and heels. Even with the marks on her shoulders I wanted to see as much of her as I could. I helped zip her dress up and couldn’t resist running my hands through her hair once more. She turned so I could see how she looked. I noticed her eyes were smudged from crying and told her to fix it.

I went downstairs with Charlie to wait for her. I told him that I didn’t want James around her for a while so I was going to keep her through the holidays. I knew I’d only have a few weeks before she started back to school and then my time would be limited with finishing my residency.

I was surprised that he was bold enough to argue with me. I knew what game he was playing. He was so excited about his latest project that he didn’t want to give her up so soon. I reminded him how much money he was being paid to give her to me. That shut him up. I knew when it came down to it, money was more important to him than keeping Bella for himself. That’s why he made the offer in the first place. He knew he had a jewel.

She came in and stood waiting for me to acknowledge her presence. A very good sign that she was learning her place.

We left and I put her in the car. I got in and sat just looking at her. Her dress was so short that sitting it rode up almost completely to her hips exposing her long creamy legs to my perusal. I liked the view. I looked at her face and noticed her blushing. She was embarrassed.

Carlisle had told me she was shy. I had instructed that I wanted her shyness dealt with along with everything else. Being a doctor meant a lot of social functions at the hospital and hosting parties. My wife needed to be able to move in these circles with grace and confidence. Not stand shyly in a corner.

I took her face in my hand and stroked her pink cheek. She was even more beautiful. I decided in that moment she could blush everyday for me. I still need her to be confident, but I loved her blush. I would have to get her to blush only for me, maybe when we’re private. I let her know what I expected.

“Bella, I hate that you get embarrassed around me.” I continued to stroke her pink cheek enjoying just getting to touch her. “Your blush just makes you more beautiful than you already are. I love the way your cheeks look all pink. That is one thing about you that now I’m seeing it personally I don’t want you to change.”

I couldn’t resist any longer. I had to feel her lips. I leaned to her and kissed her. I kept it gentle. I wanted so bad to pull her into my arms and take the kiss deeper, but now was not the time.
I sat back still holding her chin in my hand. I needed to be clear so there was no misunderstanding on her part. “Understand me Bella. You are going to be my wife. I have already decided this.” I told her that we would work on making her more comfortable with me while she stayed with me.

She replied softly, “Yes, Edward. I will do better. I promise.”

I smiled to let her know I was pleased with her response.


We pulled into the parking lot of the hospital. Edward pulled up to the curb by the door instead of parking in the lot.

He opened my door for me; reaching in to take my hand and help me get out.

“Thank you.” I smiled and kissed his cheek. It was an act of kindness on his part and I wanted him to know I recognized and acknowledged the gesture. I didn’t get many kind gestures any longer. I was learning to treasure each one. Who knew when or if the next would come?

He took my chin between his thumb and forefinger and tilted my face up to his. He gave me another gentle kiss. “Your welcome, Bella.”

My heartbeat picked up at his kiss and I blushed again. This time I wasn’t as nervous. He’d told me he liked my blushes so I was safe for the moment.

He smiled and chuckled as he slipped his arm around my waist to usher me through the door.
We walked up to the receptionist at the counter. She was giving Edward a greedy look. She hardly glanced my way.

“Hi, handsome. How can I help you? I’m willing to help any way you need.” She ran a finger down the back of Edward’s hand that was resting on the counter.

I knew seeing this woman that Edward would probably decide picking me was a mistake. She looked to be the same age as Edward, so probably a lot more experienced than I was. Hell anyone was more experienced than I was. Before moving to Forks I had never been on a date or even kissed a boy. And she was beautiful. She was tall and had long wavy blonde hair and very well endowed. I was starting to feel very insignificant and homely standing between two gorgeous people.

Edward pulled his hand back from her touch. He reached out and picked up her nametag that was hanging from a lanyard around her neck.

“Tanya, is it?” he asked, “I am not interested in your cheap bleach blonde looks with your artificial breasts. I am Dr. Edward Cullen. Dr Carlisle Cullen is my father. You know, the Chief of Staff who signs your paychecks? If you want to continue having him sign these, you will address me with respect and never approach me again unless it relates to this hospital.”

He leaned across the counter inches from her stunned face. “Do you understand?” He growled at her. He actually looked like a monster.

I couldn’t help it; a chill ran down my spin and I got goose bumps on my arms looking at his face. I knew in that moment I never wanted that look directed towards me. I vowed right then I would be the most diligent “student” I could just to keep him from ever being that angry with me. That look made me afraid.

Tanya stepped back with wide eyes full of fear. “I apologize, Dr. Cullen. Please forgive my unprofessional behavior. I promise it won’t happen again. How may I be of assistance today?”

“I would like to see my father. Page him and tell him that I’m waiting for him in exam room 10.”
With that he steered me down the hall to the last room. The same room I had been in before. He opened the door for me and waited for me to proceed.

I went in and turned to look at him. I was still afraid after the confrontation in the lobby. He closed the door and stood there. He was pinching the bridge of his nose with his eyes closed and taking deep breaths. He seemed to be trying to get his anger under control.

When he finally calmed down he opened his eyes to see me still standing there.

“Bella sit down on the table,” he said pointing behind me.

I sat down and he came up to me. He reached out and lifted a lock of my hair rubbing it between his fingers thoughtfully.

“Bella, you need to understand. I am not a patient man. I strive to achieve excellence and will expect no less from you. I have a very quick temper and have trouble controlling it at times.”

He dropped the lock of hair and reached to cup my neck pulling me closer to him. I knew my eyes were wide with fear of him and he wasn’t pleased to see it. He leaned in with his lips almost touching mine and whispered to me, “I won’t hurt you Bella. I don’t want you to fear me.”

With that he groaned and pressed his lips to mine. This kiss was not like the others. He was trying to let go of the last of his anger through this kiss. I reached up to wrap my arms around his neck and hold him to me. I kissed him back as I’d been taught opening my mouth for his assault.

After a moment the kiss changed for me. I was no longer reciting in my head how to kiss. I was kissing Edward in earnest because I wanted to. He felt the change in me and deepened the kiss. He tightened his grasp on my neck and wrapped his other arm around my waist, pulling me closer to him spreading my legs to step between them. We were both fighting for dominance with our tongues wrapping them around each other and I wanted to suck his tongue into my mouth and keep it there. He finally let me, groaning at the feeling of me sucking on his tongue.

I heard someone chuckle and clear his throat. I tried to pull back; embarrassed. Edward was not pleased. He allowed me to pull back just enough so I could look into his eyes and he could speak.

“Bella, don’t ever pull away from me. I will let you know when I’m ready to stop.”

With that he went back in taking over the kiss and turning it into an assault. I knew he was aware that we were being observed. This kiss was now another lesson for me to learn, to show me he was in charge. I no longer enjoyed it but kept kissing him until he was ready to let me go.

After another minute he released me and stepped back. He ran his thumb over my bottom lip.

He was looking into my eyes to judge if I learned my lesson. He smiled and finally turned around to the person who was patiently waiting to be acknowledged.

I looked around him to see who was in the room. It was Dr Cullen. He had the sleaziest grin on his face having enjoyed the show.

“Hello Carlisle,” Edward said. It didn’t bother him at all that his father stood there and watched.

“Hello son. I take it from what I just witnessed that you like your gift? Sounds like she still needs some work though, I guess that’s to be expected. It’s still early in her training.”

I hated being called a “gift”. I knew it was part of their process to make me feel less of an individual. In their eyes I wasn’t. I was just Edward’s new toy. ‘I was Bella Barbie. You can dress her up and make her walk and talk. She even comes with accessories; slutty clothes’.

Edward was rubbing small circles on my back with his hand while they talked. He wanted me to be aware that he knew what I was thinking.

“Yes, I have to say I like her very much. Thank you for suggesting her. I don’t think I’d be as happy with the other one we were considering. My Bella is very special.”

He leaned in and kissed the top of my head.

“Well I’m glad son. I wasn’t sure how you were going to take it, her being only 17. It does mean you’ll have to wait at least a few months longer before you can marry her. Of course, the adoption will keep her bound to you until that time so it’s just a technicality really.” Carlisle pinched my chin playfully grinning.

“I know. I’m not so sure I want to wait until May though. How about an early present?” He was grinning at his dad. He looked like a kid negotiating getting to open Christmas presents early.

I wished I could tune them out. I felt so cheap and dirty listening to their discussion.

“Well,” Carlisle paused considering Edward’s request; “you realize you would be responsible for taking over the completion of her training. That’s a lot of work considering you still need to finish your residency in January. Are you sure you want to take that on as well? I’m sure I can get our lawyer to rush the paperwork if need be. The money is already in place. I’m just waiting until everything is finalized before wiring it to Charlie’s account.”

Great, now I sounded like a puppy that would need to be housebroken. How much lower were they going to make me feel before I was completely broken?

“I know it will be time consuming. However Charlie’s progress report this morning was encouraging. She’s performed better than expected in just the few weeks she’s been there and

Esme can help with the finer points of running a home. I think I’d prefer to finish her sexual training myself actually. I don’t trust James. I’m afraid if I wait too long he’ll rape her. We’ve already had an incident this morning. That’s actually why I came. I need you to take a look at her.”

He pulled my hair back from my neck and shoulder so Carlisle could see the bites and bruises.

He looked angry just like Edward had.

“She also has a bump on her head I want checked. Charlie threw her across the kitchen this morning and she hit her head.” I could tell Edward was getting angrier remembering.

I started to tell him it was an accident. Anything to keep him calm when Carlisle looked at me raising an eyebrow. I closed my mouth. He nodded his approval turning back to Edward.

“Do you think he did anything else?” He was looking me over now. “Do you want me to do a thorough check?”

“No, I’m confident nothing else has happened yet. Just check her head and the bites. I don’t want her to get an infection.”

I could swear I saw disappointment flash in Carlisle’s eyes. I fought a shudder.

“Alright then, let’s have a look shall we?”


We were in the exam room at the hospital waiting for Carlisle. I was trying to calm down. A flirtatious bimbo in the lobby accosted me in front of Bella. I was very angry at the woman’s assumption that I would be interested in her when I had my beautiful Isabella beside me.

I opened my eyes to see Bella standing there nervously waiting for me to say something. I couldn’t deal with her scared deer in the headlights behavior. I told her to sit down and went to her. I stroked a lock of her hair, which helped me calm down completely. I needed her to understand my expectations. Now was as good of a time as any.

“Bella, you need to understand. I am not a patient man. I strive to achieve excellence and will expect no less from you. I have a very quick temper and have trouble controlling it at times.”

I cupped her neck pulling her closer. Her eyes were still wide with fright and it hurt me that she was afraid of me. I wanted to reassure her. “I won’t hurt you Bella. I don’t want you to fear me.”

I was just inches from her lips. I couldn’t resist any longer. I kissed her letting go of all my anger in that moment I felt her lips on mine. I pressed forward demanding entrance into her mouth. I had to have it.

I felt her arms slide up around my neck pulling me deeper into the kiss. I sensed a shift in her. She was attacking my mouth with as much fervor as I was hers. I tightened my hold on her stepping between her legs. I needed to be as close to her as I possibly could. I let her suck my tongue into her mouth. She wrapped her tongue around mine sucking and nibbling with her teeth. My angel was torturing me. I groaned. I needed more.

I heard Carlisle come in and he was laughing at the display we were giving him, his staid correct son making out in the hospital. Bella heard him also and tried to pull away from me in embarrassment. That was not going to happen. I wasn’t ready to release her. She was not allowed to deny me, ever.

“Bella,” I ordered her, “don’t ever pull away from me. I will let you know when I’m ready to stop.”

With that I went back in attacking her mouth now to display my dominance over her. I finally released her brushing my thumb over her swollen lips and looked into her eyes. She had gotten my message.

I turned to my father and we discussed my pleasure in my gift. I assured him, unnecessarily; that I was certain Bella was perfect for me. I told him what had happened at Charlie’s and why we were here.

I grinned and suggested making her my Christmas present instead of graduation. One, I didn’t want to take a chance of any repeat of this morning with James and two, I couldn’t wait until May. I needed to be near her all the time. I wanted to wake to her lying in my bed and to go to sleep each night holding her in my arms. I knew I couldn’t make love to her until we were married. That wasn’t why I felt the need to have her with me; I was quickly becoming addicted to her.

We discussed the logistics of moving up her adoption. I would be giving his lawyer basically a month to finalize everything so she would be mine by Christmas. He also wanted me to be sure I understood what taking over her training would entail. I already had a full plate with school and residency. I assured him I wouldn’t have a problem and reminded him that Esme could handle the household training. I didn’t need to do that. I didn’t know the first thing that went into running a home. That was a woman’s job.

We left the hospital after Carlisle assured me Bella was fine. He offered to perform a more thorough exam, but I knew James hadn’t gotten any further. It bothered me a little that Carlisle seemed almost eager in his suggestion.


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