Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Perfect Wife - Chapter 2

Chapter 2

It was morning when I woke. I looked at the alarm clock on my bed. It was still early, only 6:00. I heard someone moving around in the hallway outside my room. My door opened and Charlie came in.

“I’m glad to see you’re up, Isabella. I was coming to wake you.” He was in his uniform pants and an undershirt. He sat on the bed next to me and began to stroke my head.

“Good morning daddy,” I whispered. I was scared after last night.

“Time to get up. I want to have breakfast with my favorite daughter before I leave for work.” He pulled back my covers and looked me over.

I sat up. “Ok, let me get dressed and I’ll be right down.” I tried to smile and pretend I wasn’t scared.

“That’s alright. I’ll wait. I’m not going to see you all day so I don’t want to miss a minute with you.” He gave me a stern look raising his eyebrow. “You don’t mind, do you Isabella?”

“No daddy.” I whispered. I got out of bed shaking.

I went to my dresser and pulled out some jeans and a t-shirt. I slipped on the jeans after quickly pulling down my pajama pants. I was glad my nightshirt was long so I didn’t feel as exposed. I reached for the hem of my shirt chewing my bottom lip. I knew I didn’t have a bra on underneath and would be exposed to Charlie. I turned my back to the bed and quickly pulled off my shirt. I was reaching for my bra when my heart fell to my feet.

“Turn around Isabella. I said I didn’t want to miss a minute with you.”

I felt the tears start welling in my eyes as I turned back around to Charlie. I couldn’t look up at him. I didn’t want to see him watch me. I hooked my bra in back as I heard him get off the bed and come toward me.

He picked up my shirt and held it away from me. He lifted my chin with his other hand as the tears poured down.

“There’s no reason to cry Bella. I’m your daddy and you’re my baby girl. I helped create you. There’s no reason for you to hide from me. From now on you will look at me while you get dressed, understand?” He handed me my shirt.

I took it from him without saying a word and pulled it over my head while looking at him like he directed.

He stroked my cheeks wiping away my tears with his thumbs. He leaned in to me, “What do you say Isabella?”

“Yes daddy.”

“Good girl.” He kissed my lips again like last night not pulling away until I pressed forward also. Then he straightened up and said brightly like nothing had happened. “Now, how ‘bout some breakfast? I bet you’re hungry.”

“Yes daddy, breakfast sounds great.” I tried to smile but my lips trembled.

He gestured for me to walk ahead of him out of the room. We went downstairs to the kitchen.
James was already there finishing at the stove. He turned as he heard us come in taking in my red eyes and Charlie’s grin. James grinned at me. “Just like old times, huh, Charlie?”

He laughed as he turned back to the stove grabbing the plate of bacon and eggs before coming to sit down at the table. Charlie sat at the other end. I pulled out the chair between them to sit down.

“Bella could you please get 2 cups of coffee and bring them over?” Charlie asked.

I stood back up and went to get the coffee as he asked. I brought the cups back placing one in front of Charlie and one in front of James. I started to sit down again.

“Bella, you didn’t ask if we wanted anything in our coffee,” Charlie said.
I quickly stood back up. “I’m sorry,” I whispered. “Would you like anything in your coffee daddy?” I looked at Charlie.

“No, I like mine black. Now ask James.” He indicated my brother nodding his direction.
I turned to see James’ wicked grin on his face.

“Would you like anything in your coffee James?” I asked.

James slouched back against his chair and propped an arm over the back. He grinned at me.

“Yes, I like sugar in mine.”

I looked around for the sugar shaker.

Charlie indicated the cabinet. “It’s the bowl on the bottom shelf. Get a spoon and bring them back to the table.”

I grabbed a spoon and the sugar bowl from the cabinet as he directed then set it on the table in front of James. I looked at Charlie to see if there was anything else before I sat down.

“Now Isabella, sit on James’ lap and spoon the sugar into his cup until he tells you to stop. Then stir his cup before handing it to him. He’ll tell you when it’s right. Then you may sit in your seat and eat breakfast.”

My eyes got wide and I looked over at James. He was grinning again and moved his chair back to make room for me to sit on his lap at the table.

I sat down on his lap and he slid his arms around my waist pulling me tight against his chest. He propped his chin on my shoulder as I reached for the sugar bowl.

I started putting sugar in his coffee. My hand was shaking so bad that I spilled the first spoonful back into the sugar bowl. I got a grip on myself and finally started spooning sugar into his cup. After the third spoon he told me to stop. I stirred his coffee as I’d been directed and handed him the cup. I wanted off his lap so bad I was praying that he’s say it was ok.

“Not quite. Could you put a little more sugar in, Bella?” He was grinning wickedly, loving this game.

I added another spoonful and stirred handing it to him again to try. He took a sip and smacked his lips. “Perfect. Now let me give you a ‘thank you’ kiss baby sister.”

I leaned in and kissed him on his lips. He patted my bottom and squeezed before letting me get up to sit in my own seat.

“Very good Bella,” Charlie said as he reached to push my hair back from my face. “I’m glad to see you’re a quick study. We’ll be able to move things along quickly then.”

I ate my breakfast as quickly as possible. I didn’t want to think what that meant.
We all finished eating as Charlie shifted his chair back looking at me. “I’d like more coffee Isabella.”

I quickly got up and went to grab his cup. He grabbed my wrist. “No, I want you to bring the coffee pot to the table now.”

I got up and went to the coffee maker. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath before turning and walking back to Charlie. I sat on his lap as I reached for his cup. He put his arms around my waist to hold me the same as James had done.

I poured his coffee being sure not to spill and handed him his cup. I thought he’d let me up now. I was wrong.

“Put down the coffee pot Isabella. We need to discuss some rules for today.” He was looking at James while his hands were stroking my stomach and hips.

“First, there will be no inappropriate touching James. Is that clear?” I looked up quickly. I hadn’t thought of what could happen being alone with James in the house. Thank goodness Charlie had at least a little decency in him.

“Second. Isabella, James is going to help you go through your clothes to see if they’re appropriate or if anything should be replaced. We don’t want you looking sloppy now, do we?”

“No daddy,” I said. I knew there was nothing wrong with my clothes, but what good would it do to argue.

“When I get home tonight we’ll watch a movie together. Tomorrow we’ll go shopping for any clothes you need and your room.

James started snickering. I didn’t know what was funny.

“I have some friends who’d like to help paint her room, Charlie.” James offered grinning.

“No James. Isabella isn’t ready to make friends.”

I didn’t want to know any of James’ friends. Not if they were like him, or Charlie for that matter.
Charlie patted my bottom finally allowing me to get up. “Now, I need to finish getting dressed kids. James, Bella can help you clean up the kitchen. Watch out for her arm. I don’t want any mishaps that could delay her healing, understand?”

“Sure, Charlie. Don’t sweat it,” James assured him. “You know you can trust me.”

Charlie chuckled as he left to go upstairs. I was standing looking at the table, not knowing what to do or where to move. Obviously there were expectations of my behavior.

James just sat looking at me speculatively. I glanced over at him.

“I’d actually like another cup of coffee Isabella.” He indicated his full cup. “This one is cold.”

I picked up his cup and walked over to the sink to pour it out. I rinsed it out and came back. I picked up the coffee pot from where I’d set it at Charlie’s place and walked over to sit on James’ lap.

He laughed as he put his arms around me again. He leaned in and whispered into my ear, “You do learn quickly. I can’t wait for you to learn everything we’re going to teach you.” He kissed my neck. “You’re going to make someone very happy by the time we’re done with you.”
I shivered in his arms. He thought that was funny and held me tighter. I put 4 spoonfuls of sugar in his cup like before and stirred before handing him the cup.

He looked at the cup in my hand and smiled. “I don’t drink coffee, but thanks.”

I could feel the tears starting again. He chuckled at me and squeezed me tight against him preventing me from leaving his lap.

“I guess we should start getting the dishes cleaned up,” he said lifting me with him as he stood up. He ran his hands over my bottom again as he let me step away. “Yes, we have so much to teach you baby sister.”

There wasn’t a response I could have made so I chose to ignore him and start clearing the table. That seemed safest.

I heard Charlie coming back down the stairs. He walked up to me dressed in his uniform strapping his gun around his waist.

“Come tell daddy goodbye now.”

I walked over and stood in front of him. I knew I was expected to kiss him again, but I was too short to reach his mouth. I looked up at him and waited for him to lean down.

“Lift your arms to me Bella and put them around my neck.”

I did as I was told and waited. I still couldn’t reach him even on my toes.

“Pull me down to you Bella. You want to tell daddy goodbye, don’t you?”

I wanted to cry is what I wanted. I tightened my hands around his neck and pulled my father down so I could kiss him goodbye. I wanted to vomit. This was worst than all the other kisses because I had to initiate it. I had to act like I wanted to kiss him.

He finally allowed me to pull his face down I could kiss him goodbye. He took longer with this kiss than he had done before. I saw him lick his lips as he finally pulled away.

“One step at a time my beautiful girl. One step at a time.”

I quickly stepped back from him. “Goodbye daddy, have a nice day.”

He smiled at me. “Tell me you’ll miss me and can’t wait til I come home to you tonight.”

I looked up at him willing the tears to stay away. “I’ll miss you daddy. I can’t wait until you come home to me tonight.”

“Bye James, take good care of our little treasure.” He laughed and patted my bottom squeezing one cheek.

James had been leaning against the counter drying out the coffee pot watching the whole display.

“Sure Charlie. I got this covered.”

I stood with my eyes closed wishing the ground would swallow me up. I heard Charlie leave thru the front door and his car pull out of the driveway.


James walked up behind me and stuck his hands in the back pockets of my jeans. “Let’s go see what kind of clothes you brought with you, shall we?”

I walked up the stairs in front of James. He never let go of my jeans keeping me as close to him as he could without making me trip on the stairs.

He followed me into my room and plopped down on his side propping his head in his hand at the foot of my bed. “Well, let’s see what you’ve got.”

I wasn’t sure where I was supposed to start. I looked at him. “What do you want to see first?” I asked.

He grinned at me. “Well now that’s a loaded question.” He tapped his chin like he was in thought. “What do I want to see first? I know, let’s start off easy and work our way from there.”
I let out the breath I’d been holding.

“Show me your panties and bras.”

I froze and took a chance. “Are you sure Charlie wanted you to go over my underwear? I thought he wanted you to look at my shirts and pants.”

James got up from the bed and stalked toward me. He grabbed my chin and forced me to look up at him. “You do not question. You only obey. Is that clear?” He squeezed my chin harder and forced me to nod my head in agreement. “Say ‘Yes James I understand’.”

I started crying. “Yes James I understand.”

“Now say you’re sorry for questioning the rules and ask me to forgive you.”

“I’m sorry James for questioning the rules. Please forgive me.” Tears were streaming down my face at this point.

“Now show me you want to be forgiven and give me a kiss Isabella.”

He released my chin so that I could follow his instruction. I wiped my cheeks with both my hands and looked up at him. I put my arms around his neck the same way I did with Charlie in the kitchen. I squeezed my eyes shut before opening them back up as I pulled my brother down to kiss him. I pressed my lips to his like I’d done before when I felt his tongue slip out to lick my lips. I quickly tried to pull away.

“A peck is not how you ask for forgiveness Isabella. You have to really show me you want to be forgiven or I won’t. Now open your mouth.”

I started crying again.

He pinched my side. “Stop crying and do what you’re told.”

I inhaled to stop the tears and opened my mouth as I pulled him down again. I squeezed my eyes shut as I felt his tongue come into my mouth.

He held the back of my head so I couldn’t pull away while he took his time kissing me. I stood there not knowing what I was supposed to do.

He finally released me. “Well that was very lacking on your part. We will definitely need to practice your kissing. Remind me to tell Charlie tonight.”

I could only look at him with dread. Did he mean I’d have to kiss Charlie like this also? Then I remembered Charlie’s look in the kitchen when he licked his lips. Yes, that’s exactly what he meant.

James walked back to the bed to lie down like before. “Proceed.”

I started to raise my hand to wipe off my mouth when I caught his look. I lowered my hand back to my side. He smiled. I walked over to my dresser and opened the top drawer. I pulled out my panties and bras and laid them at the foot of the bed for him to look over.

He raised his eyebrow at me and laughed. “You expect me to know how these look without seeing them on you.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I didn’t bother protesting. I didn’t want to ask for forgiveness again. Like Charlie had said, I’m a quick learner. And I was afraid of just how much I was going to be expected to learn.

I quickly pulled off my shirt and jeans standing in only my bra and panties in front of James. He reached out and handed me a pair of panties and a matching bra. “Let’s start with these shall we?”

I reached back to take off my bra and let it fall to the ground in front of me. I leaned forward to let my hair help shield me from his gaze as I pulled off my panties also.

“Too bad Charlie said no touching. I would love to touch all of you.”

I was so humiliated I could do nothing but stand there and cry. I took the bra and panties from his hand and put them on standing there waiting for his approval.

“That will never do. Too boring. Next.”


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