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The Perfect Wife - Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Morning came with the same routine. Charlie picked out my clothes today saying he wanted me to look especially nice. I sat in his and James’ laps to serve their drinks with breakfast. I helped James clean the kitchen and waited to be told we were leaving.

We headed to see Dr. Cullen. Charlie told me a little of his family like I should care. James just sat there grinning the whole time. It seemed that Dr Cullen was married and had 3 sons. They were Emmett, Jasper and Edward. Emmett and Jasper were married. James snickered for some reason. Charlie reached across and smacked the back of his head before continuing. Emmett owned a gym in Port Angeles and Jasper owned a nightclub. Edward was graduating medical school in a few months. Edward was supposedly extremely intelligent, having graduated early from high school and college. He had plans to join his father at the hospital after finishing his residency.

We pulled up to the hospital and I got out with James and we walked in. Charlie walked up to the lady at the desk and told him he was here for Dr Cullen. She saw me and smiled nicely to me.

“I’ll let him know you’re here Charlie.” She picked up the phone and paged him.

I sat between James and Charlie. I was uncomfortable in my new clothes. I was wearing a very short dress that barely extended past my ass and heels.

A very attractive man in a white coat walked up grinning at Charlie. He had blonde wavy hair and looked very athletic. “Charlie! It’s been awhile. What brings you by so soon?” He looked over at me standing next to James. His eyes had the same look I’d come to hate in Charlie and James.

“Carlisle, this is my baby girl if you can believe it.” Charlie motioned for me to come to him. I stood next to him as he put his arm around me pulling me close. “Bella say ‘hello’ to Dr Cullen. He’s one of my oldest and dearest friends.”

“Hello Dr Cullen, it’s nice to meet you,” I said sticking out my hand to shake his.

He glanced at my hand then at Charlie who nodded slightly. He grinned at me taking my hand.

He pulled me to him in an embrace, hugging me tightly patting my ass.

“Please call me Carlisle, Bella. After all we’re almost family,” he said. “Charlie and I go way back. We’ve known each other since we were in junior high.” He kissed my cheek before releasing me and turned back to Charlie.

“Shame Renee didn’t work out as well, Charlie. I tried. So what can I do for you today Charlie. Edward isn’t quite ready.” The three of them started laughing. I was completely clueless what his son had to do with anything.

“Well, Carlisle we’re here to get Bella’s brace off. She was in a car accident a month ago that killed Renee and that ball player she married.” He pulled me into another hug. “But look what I got for their trouble. I never thought I’d have my little Isabella back.”

I hated how he was so casual about their deaths. Like they did him some big favor by dying.

“Well then let’s step into an exam room for some privacy shall we?” He motioned for us to follow him down the hall. He took us to the last exam room and told me to have a seat. He said he’d be right back as he shut the door.

I heard Charlie and Dr Cullen’s voices discussing something in the hall but couldn’t make out any words. Dr Cullen came back in with Charlie and shut the door again as he looked me over. He had a digital camera with him.

“Smile Bella,” he told me as he took a few pictures of me. “It’s for your medical records.”

He reached in a drawer and pulled out a gown handing it to me. I looked at him in confusion. Since when did removing a brace require getting undressed?

Charlie was kind enough to clarify. “I want Carlisle to give you your annual. Just to be sure everything is in working order and intact. Knowing Renee you’ll be fine. She always was a prude.”

They stepped out allowing me to get undressed. I slipped on the gown and sat back down on the table to wait. Charlie and Dr Cullen both came back into the room. Charlie sat down in the chair against the wall facing me.

I wondered what Dr Cullen thought of my father staying in the room to watch. Maybe he’d ask him to leave before he started.

He removed the brace and checked out the flexibility of my wrist and fingers. “We want to be sure you’re perfect Bella. No second best allowed.” He said smiling. “Ok, now lie back and put your feet in the stirrups,” he said.

I looked over at Charlie who was making no move to leave. I looked down at Dr Cullen sitting on the stool between my legs waiting. I whispered, “Does he have to be here for this?”

Dr Cullen laughed and turned to Charlie. “I think your girl’s a little shy Charlie. You know that won’t do, don’t you. You’ll have to work on that with her.”

I stared down at him in disbelief. He knew what Charlie was like and was ok with it. I dreaded looking back up into Charlie’s face now. He was very angry.

“Believe me Carlisle that will be handled immediately.” he glared at me.

His look told me I was going to be sorry for embarrassing him in front of his friend.

I lay down and put my feet up knowing there was no other choice. The silent tears leaked out of my eyes while he performed my pelvic exam with my father watching. When he was finished he came to my side to pull my gown down to my waist to check my breasts. He noticed my tears and shook his head at me.

He leaned in to whisper; “Tears only get you in more trouble Isabella. No one wants a crybaby.

You’re going to need to learn to control that.” He kissed my temple as he stood and turned back to Charlie. “Well that’s it. I’ll let you know what I decide when her results come back, but I don’t foresee a problem.”

He told me I could get dressed while he and Charlie stood and talked. This time they didn’t bother with the pretense of leaving the room. They both watched me and I did as I’d been taught and looked at them both the entire time I put on my clothes, never looking away.
Carlisle seemed pleased by my display and Charlie was just a little less angry. Carlisle turned back to Charlie slapping him on the back. “Take care of our little girl here Charlie. I wouldn’t want anything to happen to her. I like her.”

Charlie smiled to Carlisle. “Don’t worry. James and I are keeping her under wraps for you. I thought she’d make a perfect gift.” He turned to smile at me. It was the first time I saw pure evil in my father.

Carlisle laughed, “Good to know. Just watch that boy of yours. We wouldn’t want any slipups like last time now would we?” He opened the door to usher us out to the hall where James was waiting. Carlisle ran his hand down my back and up under the hem of my dress and pinched my ass as I walked past him. I jumped startled. “Shyness, remember,” he said shaking his finger at me as he walked away.


We walked out of the hospital and headed back to the house. Charlie never spoke a word. James was grinning at me humming in anticipation of what he knew was coming. I was afraid of what was in store for me as punishment.

When we got home Charlie and James walked in behind me. Charlie stopped me from going to my room. “James, please get the bag. Isabella needs to be punished. James yelled, “All right, finally!” as he ran up the stairs, eager for whatever was coming.

Charlie turned to me snarling. “It’s time you understood, Isabella. Your bitch of a mother and her precious Phil isn’t here to save you this time. Carlisle is a very close personal friend. He expects perfection at all times. You embarrassed me today. You need to learn a valuable lesson. You will never question authority again. Is that clear?”

“Yes daddy,” I whispered. I was so afraid.

“Today was the second time. I know you questioned James the other day in your room.”

James was coming back down the stairs with a black bag grinning from ear to ear.
Charlie took my elbow and led me to the kitchen table pulling out a chair to the middle of the floor. He held me as James set the bag on the table opening it for Charlie. He then sat down in the chair to watch.

Charlie turned to me. “Take off your clothes Isabella. This is your punishment.”

I pulled my dress over my head, shaking. I stood there in just my bra and panties.

“All of it.” He said.

I felt the tears start, but remembered what Carlisle had said about tears made it worst. So I tried to stop. I removed the last of my clothes and waited.

He went to the bag. He took out three scarves, handing two of them to James, and a ball that had strings attached. He pushed me face down on the table and pulled my arms behind my back tying them while James spread my legs to tie my ankles to the table legs. I was shaking so hard.

I couldn’t stop the tears from coming.

I tried to beg. “I’m sorry daddy. I promise I won’t do it again. Please don’t do this. I’ll be good.”
He pulled my head back by my hair and shoved the ball in my mouth. He then tied the strings behind my head and pushed my head back to the table making sure to turn me so I looked at James sitting there. James handed a paddle to Charlie.

“I don’t like this anymore than you do Isabella, but you need to learn that disobedience has consequences. Do you think you can remember?” He asked.

I nodded my head as hard as I could since I couldn’t speak with the ball tied in my mouth. I was already crying so hard.

He ran his hand down my spine and caressed my bare ass. “Let’s begin.”

James started laughing. His eyes were gleaming like he was watching a fascinating ball game.

Charlie started using the paddle to spank me. I bit down as hard as I could at each hit. I was in so much pain. After a while I couldn’t stop the screams. I knew what the ball was for now. It muffled my screams. He wouldn’t have to worry about anyone hearing me from outside as he continued to spank me.

When he finally decided I’d had enough he allowed James to untie my legs and help me stand up straight. I was on fire. James knew I wouldn’t be able to stand on my own so kept his arms wrapped around me for support.

He told James to carry me to my room as he put the paddle back in the bag zipping it closed. He didn’t remove the gag or untie my hands. James threw me over his shoulder with my head hanging down his back while Charlie picked up the bag and scarves to follow us upstairs.

James put his hand on my ass as we climbed the stairs caressing and squeezing every couple of stairs, making me scream. I was in so much pain. He kicked open my door and stood me next to my bed to wait for Charlie’s next instruction.

Charlie went behind me to untie my hands as he pushed me down on the bed. “Move to the middle, Isabella.” I tried to scoot over but I couldn’t get my muscles to cooperate, I was shaking so hard. He finally had to help me.

He reached to hand one of the scarves to James who had moved to stand on the other side of my bed. He took both my hands and retied them pulling them up over my head. He tied them to the headboard and I felt James pull my leg to tie it to the bedpost. Charlie then tied my other leg to the other bedpost.

He and James sat down on the bed with me, both of them looking me over. James was caressing my stomach never touching my breasts or going any lower.

Charlie finally spoke pushing my wet hair away from my face. I was still crying from the pain and humiliation. “Bella sweetheart, I do not enjoy punishments. They are necessary, however. You’ve had too many years of leniency living with Renee. She wasn’t capable of learning. You would have learned years ago how to be a proper woman and wife.”

I knew my fears were true. Renee had left Charlie to protect me from him and even from James, although he had been little more than a child at that time as well. Obviously James had learned early and learned well. This must be why Renee left him with Charlie; it was too late for him.

“I want you to lay here and think on what I’ve said.”

They both stood and walked out of the room. Charlie left the light on and the door open. He wanted to be sure I knew humiliation to the fullest.

I heard the TV click onto a ballgame. Occasionally I heard one of them shout at the TV for an unfair call. They were watching TV while I lay here tied to my bed like it was any other night.
I lay there crying for so many reasons. The pain. My mom. Phil. I thought of all my friends in Phoenix I’d never see again. I pictured my house and imagined walking through all the rooms, remembering every detail I could to help shut out what was happening to me now.

Later I heard James and Charlie come upstairs. Charlie went to shower while James came in to sit on the bed with me. He watched me smiling as he played with my hair, using it to stroke my breasts chuckling at my body’s unwilling response. He got up when he heard Charlie shut off the water and leaned down to kiss the ball in my mouth.

“Good night baby sister. You may not have sweet dreams tonight, but I know I will.” He gave my hair one last flick across my nipples and blew on them causing them to tighten from the sensation and cold. “Yes, very sweet dreams.” He walked out as Charlie came in.

Charlie lay down next to me propping his head on his hand to look at me. I stared back at him. He let his gaze travel over my body noticing my hard nipples from James’ attention. He smiled and reached out to gently brush his knuckles across each of them, keeping them hard while he watched. I squeezed my eyes shut.

“Isabella, I’m going to think you need more punishment,” he said pinching my nipple between his knuckles. I opened my eyes back to him. “That’s better.” He continued his torture never touching more than my nipples while he looked from what he was doing back to my face occasionally to be sure my eyes were still open.

He finally yawned and reached down to kiss the ball in my mouth. He got up. “Goodnight Bella. I’ll see you in the morning.” He walked out of the room closing the door and finally turning off the light.

I was surprised this time no tears came. I turned my head to the side and closed my eyes. I finally fell asleep.


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