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The Perfect Wife - Chapter 8


Chapter 8

This time James was waiting for me. “You forgot your ball, baby sister,” he stated, grinning and holding it up for me to see. “We can’t have that now, can we? Open wide and then I’ll help you dry off tonight.”

He stepped forward to place the ball back in my mouth. I opened my mouth to receive it. Then he pulled his hand back.

“I think I want a goodnight kiss first.”

I took a shaky breath and reached up to kiss him. He pulled my wet body tight against him holding my ass and lifting me as I kissed him.

He pulled his head back from me and growled, “Wrap your legs around me Bella.”

I did as he demanded and he set me on the counter.

“Don’t let go and squeeze tight with your legs.” He grabbed my head to force me into a deeper kiss while he proceeded to grind his hips into me, dry humping me like he’d done from behind earlier.

After what felt like forever he finally pulled away. “Get on your knees Bella and be quick about it.”

I jumped down from the counter and fell to my knees as he unbuttoned his pants. He quickly pulled them down and grabbed my head. I opened my mouth and took him in. He started bucking rapidly in my mouth groaning.

“Bella, grab my ass.”

I reached up and put my hands on both cheeks and waited.

He groaned, “Squeeze Bella. Every time you come down, squeeze.”

I did as he said; squeezing with each thrust of his hips. He continued to thrust my head back and forth on his penis as he started getting vocal.

“That’s it you little bitch. Suck my cock for all you’re worth. You’re not Edward’s yet and I’m going to fuck your mouth so many times before then. I’ll be all you ever think about,” he growled.

He started twitching so I began to pull away.

“Oh, no you don’t. Not this time baby sister. This time you’re going to swallow all of it,” he growled. “Look at me!”

He gripped my head tighter pulling my hair so hard tears started running down my face. I stared into his eyes while he continued to buck and then I felt his cum filling my mouth. I wanted to gag so badly. He kept thrusting, pushing me harder onto him, going down my throat.
“Swallow, damn it! Now! And you better not fucking gag.”

I swallowed repeatedly willing myself not to gag or vomit on him. He continued to buck until he was ready to release me.

He finally shuddered and let go of my head. I knelt there and lowered my head trying not to cry out loud. He reached down to pull me up by my hair and kissed me again, tasting himself in my mouth. I was shaking so hard.

When he finally released me I turned to pick up my toothbrush and brush the taste of him out of my mouth. He snatched it from my hand.

“Oh no. I want you to remember the taste of my cum. I want the memory of me burned in your brain, little sister, when you’re on your knees for Edward.” He was grinning at me. “Now open wide for your little ball.”

He started laughing as he tied the ball back in my mouth. He picked up my towel where it had fallen on the floor. “Now raise your arms and I’ll dry you off.

He proceeded to dry my body taking extra time between my legs. He saved my breasts for last, blowing on my wet nipples making them cold so they would pucker for him. When he was done he kissed my ball and pinched both my nipples before leaving the room and heading to his.

I walked to my room on shaky legs and crawled in my bed to wait. I knew Charlie would show up soon.

I waited 30 minutes. Charlie came in grinning ear-to-ear wearing only his boxers. He came to the side of my bed and looked down at me crying, buried in my blanket. He didn’t say anything, just stood waiting for me to acknowledge his presence.

I wiped the tears from my eyes and looked up at him. I could see his erection poking thru the thin material.

He reached for my blanket pulling it down to my feet. He greedily looked over my body.

“Bella, Bella.” He was shaking his head at me. “Why the long face? You should be proud of yourself. You did really well today. Honestly, I didn’t think you had it in you. Your mother was never able to get me off. She never learned to relax. She gagged every single time. Hell, baby, you got me and your brother off how many times?”

I looked up at him.

“Come on Bella, I know you can’t talk, but you have fingers. Show daddy how many times. I want you to be proud of what you can do.”

I raised my shaky hands and held up 9 fingers.

“That’s right my talented girl. First day and you got us off 9 times! That’s a record for us, you know. Most girls we’re fortunate to get 4 times on the first day. And that’s usually after several false starts, gagging and puking. And from what James just told me you even swallowed this last time and didn’t puke your guts up all over him.”

He started laughing. “Hell, even as tough as Rosalie was she puked all over him the first time she had to swallow. Of course, her punishment was severe so she never did that again.”

“Now I know it’s late and you must be exhausted. You’ve just worked so hard today.” He began to get that dark look in his eyes as he stared at my mouth. “But before you go to sleep don’t you want to make it an even 10 and make daddy feel just as special?”

I slowly nodded my head to him.

“I knew my little girl wouldn’t disappoint daddy. Come over here so we can take out your little ball.”

I got up to move off the bed so he could untie the gag and I could get on my knees once again.
He stopped me at the edge. “That’s alright. Daddy’s too tired to stand up for you tonight. I’ll just lie down and you can crawl in between my legs.”

I turned around while he untied the gag and moved for him to get into my bed. I watched my father stack my pillows up so he could prop against the headboard and watch me.

He looked at me and raised his eyebrow. “I want you to ask me Bella. Then tell me what you want to do. Make me feel special.”

I took a shaky breath, “Daddy, will you let me make you feel good?” I paused and closed my eyes before continuing. “I want to suck your cock until you cum in my mouth. Then I want to swallow all of your cum until you have nothing left to give me.” I tried not to shudder when I finished my statement and looked at him waiting.

“Bella, as nice as that sounds, closing your eyes and your little shudder at the end, don’t make me feel special or that you really want to do this for daddy” he admonished.

I was so afraid of another punishment I started begging.

“Please daddy, please let me suck your cock. I want to show you how deep I can take you. I want you to shoot your cum down my throat. Please daddy, let me do this for you.” I was actually pleading for my father to abuse me.

I had tears streaming down my face now. I knew I couldn’t handle another spanking this soon. I was terrified I had messed up again.

Charlie leaned forward and pulled me to lay against his chest while he brushed the tears off my cheeks.

“My poor baby girl. There’s no reason to cry. I’ll let you do this for me if you really want to. I hate to see you beg, Bella.”

My mind screamed at his words knowing what my response had to be. There was no end to his cruelty.

“I promise I really want to do this for you daddy. Will you please let me?” I asked as I pulled away to crawl between his legs. I grabbed the waistband of his boxers and started pulling them down as I went. I wanted to appear eager so he wouldn’t spank me again.

He grabbed my hand to stop me from pulling down his boxers. He stared at me with lust and a wicked gleam in his eyes. He knew the game he was playing with me. He was a pro at manipulation.

“I suppose, Bella. If it’s what you really want and it makes you happy? That’s all daddy wants, is for his little girl to be happy, after all.”

He released my hand. I continued to tug his boxers down and threw them on the floor. I crawled up and tucked my hair behind my ears as I leaned down over his throbbing cock. I placed my hands on his hips for support.

“I promise daddy, this will make me very happy.”

I opened my mouth and took him in. I started bobbing up and down on his cock, swirling my tongue and using my teeth. I sucked him deeper into my mouth with each thrust.

I looked up at his face to judge his reaction to see if I was pleasing him. He had his hands propped behind his head. He had a smile on his face while he watched me.

“That’s nice Bella, but you can do better. Remember how much you used to love popsicles when you were little? Daddy used to sneak them to you so Renee wouldn’t know. Do you remember I taught you the right way to eat a popsicle?”

The memory of eating popsicles with Charlie flooded my head. Renee didn’t allow them in the house. I remembered I used to squeal and jump in Charlie’s arms when he would sneak me to the basement. While I sat in his lap he would whisper in my ear directions on how to get the most enjoyment from it. I screamed in my head as the realization hit me that he had been preparing me for this all the way back then.

Then another memory came. I had been playing with the neighbor next door to our old home.

Her mom had given us popsicles to eat when Renee called me home. I was crossing the yard eating it when Renee came out on the porch. She saw how I was eating it and yelled at me to throw it away. That night she and Charlie had a huge fight. She packed us up and we left a few days later.

“Use your hands too, Bella. Use one to cup my balls and play with them. Use your other hand to stroke my cock when you pull back. You can also pull my balls in your mouth and suck on them while you pump me a few times with just your fist. Just mix it up a bit. Use your imagination for daddy. Play with me and enjoy your toy. This is just for you baby.”

Charlie started groaning now. He was no longer just observing. I did everything he asked. I went back and forth from sucking his balls to licking and sucking his cock. I sucked and bit the tip then pushed hard to ram him down my throat. I stroked him with my hand while I sucked up and down the sides of him always licking across the tip as I went down the other side.

“Fuck Bella. Oh God, baby. I love having your sweet lips sucking my cock. You make me so hard for you. I love how you can take all of me in and down your throat. I want to cum in your hot little mouth and feel you swallow my cum. I want you to keep sucking and swallowing until you’ve rung daddy of every drop I have to give you. This is all for you baby.”

He reached out with his hands to fist in my hair. He started bucking his hips up at me. I shoved him back down my throat and sucked as hard as I could while grazing my teeth up and down his cock. I felt him swell and twitch. I mentally prepared myself not to pull back or shudder or give any indication that this was less than something I wanted.

“Fuck!” Charlie arched off the bed forcing his cock as far down my throat as he could. He came violently in my mouth. This time was more forceful than any other. I swallowed repeatedly to take it all in.

When he fell back he kept his hand on my head letting me know that he wasn’t ready for me to stop. His grip on my head let me know he wanted me to slow down, but continue. His penis was softer and his erection had partially relaxed. Still I kept going. After a few minutes I could feel him getting harder again. He started bucking into my mouth again. This time he didn’t let me take him out of my mouth. I continued to work his cock and used my hands to pump what wasn’t in my mouth while playing with his balls. He finally came again and I swallowed it all licking up the sides and tip of his penis to clean every drop. He finally released my head and pulled me back up to lie on him.


“Ah Bella. You have no idea how good you just made daddy feel. I haven’t cum like that in years. Only you could do this to me, make me come so many times in one day and then twice at one time. You truly are a very talented girl. Edward is going to be a lucky man.”

I bit my lip but decided to take a chance since I’d just made him happy.

“Daddy,” I asked timidly, “can I ask a question if it’s allowed?”

He reached to lift my chin as he kissed my nose and my lips. “Bella, after what you just did for me I can be very gracious. You may ask one question and no matter what it is there will be no punishment.” He smiled at how kind he thought he was being to me.

I thought for a moment how to word my question since I didn’t understand what was going on. “Why do you say Edward is going to be a lucky man?”

He looked down at me and smiled. “Because, silly girl, you’re his graduation gift from his parents,” he stated. “He’s worked very hard to graduate medical school early with top honors. He’s earned you.”

He tapped my nose with his finger like my question was silly and giving a person, much less his daughter, was the same as giving someone a gift from the store. I don’t know what came over me. I sat up quickly and stared at him in horror.

“What?!” I shrieked. “What do you mean I’m a freaking present?”

His eyes darkened in anger at me. “Bella, what are the rules? I allowed your question because you just gave the best head I’ve had in quite some time. However, do not mistake my generosity and think I will tolerate any act of defiance from you. Is that clear?”

I realized my mistake. I started shaking as the tears started. “I’m sorry daddy. I didn’t mean to be disrespectful. I was just surprised. That’s all. I didn’t understand. Please forgive me.”

I leaned in to wrap my arms around him and kiss him hoping he would forgive me and not decide to punish me again.

After he let me kiss him for a few minutes he pulled me back down to lay on my bed beside him. He turned over on his side and propped up on an elbow looking at me in thought.

He let his gaze travel down my body while I forced myself to lie perfectly still. He reached out and cupped my breast with his hand and started stroking his thumb around my nipple to gain a response.

“This one time, Isabella, I will forgive you without punishment. This is the only time. If you ever speak out to me again you will be punished severely. Do you understand?”

“Yes daddy. I whispered. “I promise it won’t happen again. Thank you for not punishing me.”

“I guess a little background will help. Carlisle and I have been friends forever. We both played sports together in high school and got scholarships to the same colleges. I married your mother the day after our high school graduation so that she would come with me to college. I didn’t want to leave her behind. I didn’t trust that she wouldn’t start looking around.”

“Carlisle met Esme, his wife, our freshman year in college. Carlisle was having trouble with Esme. She was very timid in bed. Carlisle asked for my help. Together we helped her overcome her shyness so that she could make Carlisle happy. He loved her very much and wanted to marry her. But no one wants a frigid bitch in bed.”

“I injured my knee my sophomore year and couldn’t play ball any longer so I lost my scholarship. Renee and I came back here and I got on with the police department. Money was tight for us and I hated living paycheck to paycheck.”

“One day Carlisle called and told me he had a cousin whose wife had the same problem as Esme. He asked if I was interested in helping out again. Naturally I was. So his cousin flew me to Alaska where he lived and I got to work teaching his wife the proper way to behave in and out of bed. His cousin was so impressed with the change in his wife that he offered to pay me.”

“That’s when the idea started. Carlisle helped me figure out how to work this. I became a foster parent to troubled girls. Always explaining to nosy social workers that I liked girls because I missed my own little girl so much.”

At that comment he leaned down and kissed me and squeezed my nipple. He liked the response so started squeezing the other. He played for a few minutes while I lay there silently. I was horrified, but I wanted to know what was going to happen to me so I didn’t move.

AN(****Please do not be offended by this statement. This is Charlie’s belief not mine! He said it, I didn’t! I am a mom and have three daughters. Their dad and I have raised all of them to be strong independent women.****)

Finally he mentally shook himself. “Anyway, as I was saying, I brought in troubled girls and taught them how to behave and how to please a husband. Carlisle would find a successful man who needed a good wife but didn’t have time to look for one. Messy divorces are just too expensive. This helps prevent that from happening.”

“These girls know their place and wouldn’t dream of ever leaving their husbands. They are well cared for and pampered provided they please their husband. That’s how a marriage is supposed to work. Men are the head of the family and the wife’s duty is to care for her husband, the home and the children.”

“Divorce is the product of today’s society allowing women too much freedom and allowing them to think for themselves. I am providing a beneficial service to keep the sanctity of marriage intact.”

“I could have killed Renee when she left me. She threatened to expose some of my more questionable activities on the police force so I let her go. She had too many independent ideas.”

“However, I won’t let that happen with you. No ma’am. My little girl is already proving she knows her place. You are going to be a very dutiful little wife, aren’t you?”
He leaned down and kissed me again.

“Emmett is Carlisle’s oldest boy. He’s 27. He is married to Rosalie. They’ve been married now
for 4 years. Jasper is 26 and is married to Alice. They’ve been married 2 years. They are both my girls and were given as gifts to Emmett and Jasper. You will be meeting all of them in a few weeks when you prepare dinner for them.”

“Now to you. Edward is going to be a doctor just like his father. That requires a lot of time and social activity. He needs a beautiful wife on his arm to help him and take care of things. He graduates this spring so you are the perfect gift for him.”

I whispered, “I’m only 17.”

He looked at me smiling. “You require a little extra handling. All my other girls weren’t given until they were at least 18. Carlisle was very taken with you at the hospital he decided not to wait until you’re older for Edward. He’s paying extra to get you early in time for his graduation. Then when you’re 18 you will marry Edward.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. My father had just casually explained that Carlisle was paying him money to gift wrap me and give me as a graduation gift like you give a pen. It was already decided who and when I would marry. I had no voice in the matter. My future was just laid out for me in black and white. There would be no college for me. No travel or career. No personal accomplishments for my life. Only what Edward Cullen would allow. I couldn’t stop the tears from leaking out as I realized I no longer existed. Only this “Bella Barbie” that they were molding and creating to their satisfaction would exist from this moment forward for the rest of my life.

Charlie mistook my tears, secretly I knew that was a good thing. “Ah, baby you don’t need to cry. I know you’re excited. I promise Edward’s graduation will be here before you know it. Then you get to start your new life. You’re going to be a lucky girl married to a successful doctor. You’ll never have to work, just take care of that man of yours and keep him happy.”

With that, he got out of my bed and bent to put on his boxers. He picked up the gag on the bedside table. “Sit up Bella so we can get this back in. Then you can get some sleep. You have to be up early to fix breakfast remember? I think waffles would be good. Today’s workout is going to make me very hungry in the morning.”

I sat up and let him put the gag back in. There were no words to express what I was feeling now anyway. I turned my pillow over so that I wouldn’t smell Charlie on it as I lay my head down and gave in to all the overwhelming emotions I was feeling.

Charlie looked back and caught the gesture. I held my breath and waited to see what he would do to me. He didn’t say anything but looked at me frowning before walking out of the room. I released the breath and closed my eyes in relief. A moment later he came back in the room carrying the scarves.

“Bella, I’m not going to punish you for your little act of defiance just now. It was a minor offense. However, I don’t trust you to stay put for the night. So until you prove you are getting with the program you will be tied to your bed each night. Now give me your hands.”

He tied my hands above my head like before and tied my ankles to each bedpost. And to think my first day here I thought this bed was pretty. Now I knew better. It had its own purpose with his training program.

“Now,” he said stroking my leg that he had just tied down, “get some rest. Tomorrow you have more training to work on.” He grinned wickedly at me, “But I promise you’re going to like it.”
He walked out of my room turning out the light and shutting the door.

I thought of Edward this morning in the kitchen. I remembered how kind he had been to me. How he didn’t want James to hurt me anymore. I knew he was aware of everything happening to me. But he had said he didn’t want them to break me completely. He wanted at least some of the real me in there somewhere. I wondered if there was any hope of a good life with him.

I finally fell asleep exhausted only to dream of a tall faceless man with messy hair.


  1. I love this story and I felt like crying when I read your post saying that FF pulled it. I added you to my update list on here so I can't wait till your all caught up on here....LOVE THIS STORY!!!! I can't say that enough!!

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  6. I actually thought you were a man. This story is so fucked up and not in a good way. I see why it got pulled but I still have an open mind but I feel like i'm being raped along with Bella. Do you condone rape?

  7. Ah, reality has now set in for Bella. I had a thought, thinking about what some other people have said in regards to why Bella does not try to get away, etc.

    She has lost her mother and the only true father she's ever really known. Emotionally, she is still in mourning and grief. You are not in a good place when something like that happens. Most of us are blessed and lucky to have a support system to help us with that.

    Bella not only does not have a support system, the two remaining people in her life who should help her are evil, manipulative, disgusting, vile monsters. She is in shock, her parents dead. She is alone, physically, mentally, emotionally. I can see how that would just drain a person...

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