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The Perfect Wife - Chapter 7


Chapter 7

I must have passed out because the next thing I knew, I felt hands stroking my legs massaging the muscles. I groaned against the ball in my mouth. The hands on my legs felt so good. I continued to moan has the hands kneaded deeper into my aching muscles. I was still tied to the table. I didn’t know if it was Charlie or James because they were behind me and not speaking and I didn’t want to open my eyes yet. Right now I just wanted to pretend nothing existed except the hands massaging me. I honestly didn’t care whose hands were on me right at this moment. They actually felt nice, soothing.

I finally opened my eyes to see which one of them would be sitting watching so I’d know who was massaging me that I would have to thank later. My heart skipped as I realized they were both watching drinking a beer now. Oh dear God, whose hands were on me? Who else had they brought in to hurt me? Was is Dr. Cullen?

I started to shake in fear. I heard a velvety, silky voice I didn’t recognize, “Be still, Bella. Just relax. You don’t need to worry, I’m not going to hurt you.”

“You don’t want to pamper her too much or she won’t learn her place.” Charlie was explaining to the voice behind me.

“That may be, but I don’t want her abused either. I thought my instructions were clearly relayed to you, what I expect.” The voice seemed irritated at Charlie and James.

I couldn’t believe they were sitting there taking it. I couldn’t believe this voice and my father and brother were discussing me casually while I was naked, bound and gagged to the kitchen table. It was like this was nothing out of the ordinary to this person. I immediately felt the association between him and Charlie, a bitter hatred growing for the stranger. It didn’t matter that he was making me feel relaxed, he was still a monster. I didn’t even know him, but I didn’t have to.

“Yes I understood exactly what you want. Punishment is all a part of the training process,” Charlie continued to try and make his point with the voice.

“Again, Charlie I understand your training methods. It’s why my family has hired you successfully for years. I just don’t want her permanently marked and I don’t want her broken. Docile, but I don’t want a zombie. Are we clear on that? Bend her, but don’t break her.”

The voice continued the massage on my legs. He hit a particularly sore spot and I bucked and screamed into the gag.

“Shh Bella, I know it hurts.” No he definitely doesn’t! He doesn’t know what it feels like to be tortured by your own family. I felt cool lips kissing the muscle that was throbbing. I couldn’t deny that they were so soft and gentle. Unlike anything I experienced at the hands of my father or brother.

James growled at him. “You shouldn’t even be here. You’re interrupting today’s training. I thought you weren’t flying in until next week.”

“It looks more like I interrupted neglect of what’s mine, James. Charlie, how long did you leave her here before I arrived?”

Charlie cleared his throat and looked embarrassed. “About four hours after James finished.”

“Four hours! You couldn’t take her upstairs to lie down?” The voice was growling now.

It was strange but as I listened to this conversation, I wasn’t afraid of the voice I didn’t know.

The voice made me feel somewhat safe. I wish the voice would take me with him or stay here with me. He seemed much better than Charlie and James.

“I’m sorry; we may have gotten involved in a game on TV and forgot to watch the time. It’ll never happen again. You must know this type of thing isn’t common. James and I are very careful with any of the Cullen property.

“Understand Charlie, that fact is the only thing keeping you alive right now.”

“Thank you for your understanding,” Charlie replied. He looked visibly relieved to be let off the hook for what the voice termed their mistake with me.

“Now that we have that settled. Explain to me the extent of her training. What has been done so far and what is planned next? I want an itinerary of each week’s activities so I can see her progress. From now on I am overseeing this personally.”

“What the hell does that mean?” James was growling at him now.

“It means, dear James that I want to know every day what you are doing with my Bella. It means that if I want to observe or participate in her instruction I will. It means if I want something changed or added…you will abide. Does that clarify things enough for you?” He growled back at James.

“There won’t be a problem, Charlie said elbowing James. “Right?”

“Yeah, no problem,” James grumbled as he drank his beer.

“Now back to the question at hand” the voice said, “what is her next lesson?”

Charlie and James were both grinning wickedly before Charlie tried to straighten his expression.
“We’ve spent this week teaching her the basics. We couldn’t really get far until her brace was removed. So many things require the use of both hands, you know?” Charlie started chuckling.

“Yes. Well how is she doing so far?” the voice asked. He was still massaging my legs in long, soothing strokes.

“I think James and I both agree she’s a natural. Even in this short time she makes us both rock hard. I think you’ll be very pleased.”

“I’m certain of that or I wouldn’t have chosen her. However, I have more exacting standards than my brothers, not that there’s anything wrong with their wives. I’m sure you did a great job with them. I just want perfection for myself.”

I could sense the voice standing up behind me now. From the conversation I gathered this was Edward Cullen behind me. I wish I could see him. I was nervous. He didn’t seem to have a problem with what was going on. In fact, he seemed to want more. I was so confused and scared, and most of all- angry. I hated them all. I wish someone would explain it to me. I knew I would not like the answer, but not knowing was worse. I felt blind.

“Do you think she will be able to handle it in the allotted timeframe?” he asked. He was starting to massage my shoulders and back now.

“My baby girl is proving what a fast learner she is. You will not be disappointed, I promise,” Charlie assured him.

“Well she’s been here only a couple of weeks and from what I’ve seen and my conversation with my father this morning, she’s already been punished twice. That’s not a good start Charlie.”

“She’s going to require more work than the others. She wasn’t in foster care before like your sister-in-laws. Renee filled her with ideas and expectations for the last ten years. I’ve got to get all of that out of her head so I can reprogram her to your expectations.”

The voice took a deep breath and seemed to be mulling over Charlie’s statement. “Alright, I accept that. I understand she’s going to need more work, but I want her so I guess I’ll have to be patient. Just remember I want her by May at the absolute latest. Now what is planned for the rest of today and this week? It’s lunchtime already.”

“Well, you could stay for lunch. I’m sure Bella would love to serve you. We’re working on different aspects of ‘pleasure’ over the next couple of weeks. According to Carlisle this is important to you,” Charlie said.

“Yes, well as much as I’d like to stay for lunch I have an appointment at the hospital I need to get to. I’ve got to complete my paperwork to finish my residency after the holidays. It’s a lot of red tape to switch things mid-year, but I wanted to be here to keep an eye on things. I trust you to stay in control with her, but I don’t trust James with the next level of training. I want you to keep him under control. I will not accept any excuses for mistakes again.”

Edward Cullen was delusional. What is it with the men of Forks? Who the hell raised them to be such cold-hearted, twisted people?

Charlie and James were standing now to say ‘goodbye’. Edward (I was certain now even though I still hadn’t heard his name) was stroking my backside now with both hands. I could tell he had knelt down again from the position of his hands.

“My poor Bella,” he said as he began to kiss the bruises, “please be a good girl. I hate to see you hurt like this. You’re too beautiful.” Oh shut up! I wanted to scream so badly, but I couldn’t, my vocal chords were unfortunately disabled. I was gagged like a rat.

He stood back up, continuing to stroke my backside with his hand. “Charlie, you should let her have time to get cleaned up before she starts the afternoon’s lesson. Remember she’s been here a long time. I’m sure she has some ‘human needs’ that need tending.”

“Of course, Edward. James untie her and carry Bella upstairs to the bathroom.”

I felt Edward move to the side as James came up behind me. He continued to rub soothing circles on my back while he and Charlie discussed the football game that would be on this evening, waiting for James to untie me.

As James untied me I felt him pinch one of my bruises. I moaned and jerked in pain.

I heard a growl come from Edward. “That’s enough James.”

“Yeah, sure,” he replied as he swiftly pulled me up and spun me around to drop me over his shoulder. There was no way I could walk yet.

As we left the kitchen I only caught a brief glance at Edward. Nothing really other than I could tell he was very tall and had messy hair.

“Goodbye Isabella, I’ll be seeing you soon.” I heard him say as James carried me out of the room.

“Maybe so, but I will get to enjoy her first,” James chuckled as we went upstairs. I knew no one had heard him but me.

After I took care of my ‘human needs’ my legs felt a little sturdier. I looked at my face in the mirror as I wiped it off with a cool washcloth. I hated how I looked with this stupid ball tied in my mouth. I felt like the slaughtered pig to be served up on a platter, and from the conversation in the kitchen it appeared that’s exactly what I was.

I walked out to make my way slowly down the stairs so I wouldn’t fall. Charlie and James were sitting at the table waiting for me. They both grinned at me standing there naked and gagged waiting for instruction.

“Well Bella, are you ready to fix lunch so we can continue today?” Charlie asked.

I nodded my head and waited to be told what I was preparing.

“I guess since we don’t have as much time today as I’d like, sandwiches will do for now. James and I are anxious to get to your lesson. Aren’t we James?” Charlie was grinning evilly at me.

“Yeah I’m already hard for her, Charlie. It’s going to be a fun afternoon.”

I looked for the apron Charlie had said I could wear. He must have known what I expected.

“No Bella. There’s no cooking involved in sandwiches so you won’t need an apron today. Just get everything out and bring it to the table to prepare.”

I hung my head for a brief moment to stop the tears then went to the refrigerator to get everything. I brought everything to the table and went to get their plates. I approached Charlie’s chair and waited.

He moved back so I could sit on his lap. I prepared his sandwich according to his instruction while he rubbed his hands over my bare backside and thighs, occasionally brushing my nipples to make them hard. From the cold, not pleasure. He mistakenly thought I was getting off from it. What a buffoon.

I tried my best to ignore what he was doing, but I caught a glance at James watching across the table. He was licking his lips and laughing softly.

I finished Charlie’s plate and he let me up to prepare James’ food. James pulled me roughly into his lap and started rubbing and squeezing me. He held my breasts in both his hands and took turns pinching my nipples, never releasing them. I fought the groans that he was causing, but couldn’t stop the tears from starting again. It hurt so much.

Charlie finally intervened. “That’s enough James. We want to get to the lesson don’t we boy?”
James sighed in disappointment and did as Charlie asked.

Since I wasn’t allowed to eat I didn’t know what I was supposed to do. I looked to Charlie.

“You may stand there, Bella. You do not need to sit if you are not eating and I’m sure your ass would be more comfortable anyway,” he chuckled

James angled his chair to stare at me while he ate, constantly looking me over. When they finished I took their plates to the sink to wash and put the stuff away on the table.

James was rubbing his hands together. He looked to Charlie. “Are we ready?”

“I know I am just looking at her. Bella please get us a couple of beers and meet us in the living room,” Charlie instructed.


They left the room and I got their beers and followed them. I was afraid of what was to come.
They were both sitting in their recliners waiting for me when I got in the room. I stood in front of Charlie and waited.

Charlie told me to kneel down so he could remove my gag. He put it on the table next to him and pulled me to lay down on his lap. “For today’s lesson Bella you are going to take your wonderful little mouth and put it to better use. Do you understand?” He asked.

I looked at him in confusion then my eyes widened in understanding of what was expected of me. “Yes daddy.” I squeaked. I felt like crying but fought it down.

“Good girl. Now give me a kiss to warm up those lips then you may start with your brother.”
He pulled my head to him to kiss him as he liked. I kissed him deeply until he groaned. I knew that was my queue that I could pull back.

“Oh Isabella I can’t wait for you to do that on my cock.” He groaned and reached down to adjust his pants. “See what you do to daddy?”

I looked at him and waited. My mind was completely blank of words so I had no response to give. Fortunately he didn’t expect one.

“Ok, up you go. James is waiting for you. He’ll instruct you how to begin. Pay attention.”

“Yes, daddy.” I got up and went to James. I stood in front of him and waited.

He stood up in front of me and pulled my head back by my hair. “I’ve been waiting for this since I saw you at the airport. Are you going to make me cum, baby sister?”

I shuddered, “I want to make you cum, James.” I swallowed the bile in my throat.

“Take off my pants and then kneel in front of me. Get a pillow off the sofa for your knees. You’re
going to be there a while.” He was grinning wickedly at me. “I’m not easy to please.”

I took the pillow and dropped it on the floor. I undid his pants and pulled them down so he could step out. I got to my knees as I pulled down his boxers seeing his bulging erection for the first time. I fought the tremors running down my spine.

“Charlie, I think this would be more beneficial with us leading her the first couple of times don’t you?”

Charlie grinned, “Oh you wicked boy. I was just thinking the same thing. I’ll be right back.” I sat back on my heels and waited for whatever humiliation was coming next.

He came back in swinging a pair of handcuffs around his finger. He pulled my arms behind me and cuffed me. When he was done he sat back down to watch.

James’ penis was staring me in the face as I looked up at him with fear. He reached for my head. “Open,” was all he said before shoving his penis in my mouth.

I closed my mouth around his penis as he made a fist in my hair to direct my movement on him.

He pulled and pushed shoving himself further in my mouth with each thrust.

“Use your tongue and your teeth Bella, just like when you kiss me and suck hard. Don’t you dare close your eyes. I want to see you watch me as I cum all over you.”

I did as instructed and ran my tongue around his penis as I sucked. I grazed my teeth over him.

He pulled most of the way out. “Suck and lick just the tip now. I did as instructed and could taste his pre-cum on my tongue. I fought the urge to vomit. After a few minutes he bucked back into my mouth as I continued to suck.

He was getting close because he was groaning, “That’s right. Suck my dick bitch.” He started pulling my hair harder as he bucked faster in my mouth. I could feel his penis swell and twitch in my mouth when he suddenly pulled out. He pulled my head back to be sure I was looking in his face and grabbed his penis as he squirted his semen all over my neck and breasts. When he finished pulsing he told me to open my mouth again. He pushed back into my mouth.

“Now clean me off. Come on and suck me dry.” He grinned. I sucked his penis again until he was satisfied there was nothing left. He finally let go of my head and dropped back in his chair. “Now that was good.”

I looked over to Charlie who was starring at me. His eyes had gotten dark as he took in my appearance. I was on my knees with my hands cuffed behind my back, my hair messy from being pulled with James’ semen running down my chest.

Charlie stood and began to take off his pants. I crawled on my knees to the pillow on the floor in front of him and waited. Charlie stood in front of me. His penis was larger than James’. I was sure I’d choke. He reached for me and guided me to him. I opened my mouth as I looked up in my father’s face waiting for my next step into hell to begin.

He pushed into my mouth and I closed my lips around him. He threw his head back and groaned gripping my head with both hands. “Ah James. You didn’t tell me how good it feels to have her mouth on you.”

James laughed, “Just wait till she starts.”

At that Charlie began to buck in and out of my mouth and I started sucking him and swirling my tongue as I’d done for James. The more he bucked the deeper he pushed until I gagged.

“Relax your throat Bella and that won’t happen. Now again.” He shoved his penis back in my mouth and I did as he said when he got to the back of my throat. “Suck harder and swallow. Try to pull daddy in all the way baby girl.”

I did as he said and felt the tip of his penis down the back of my throat. He continued to hit the back of my throat as he bucked, fisting his hand in my hair harder and harder as he went.
He began to groan, “Fuck! All these wasted years I could have had you sucking my cock daily!” I shuddered at his words. I could tell by the look on his face he was close.

He was watching me bob up and down with my lips wrapped around his penis watching him. He began to twitch and quickly pulled out to squirt his semen all over me just as James had done, shouting my name as he came. When he finished he pushed back into my mouth so I could clean him.

When he finally released me he sat down and looked down at me still on my knees. He reached down and stroked my cheek. “Daddy is so proud of you Bella. You did very well. A few more times and then we’ll let you swallow.”

He said this like he and James had deprived me of something. What kind of hell was I in? I said the only thing I could, “Thank you daddy.”

James just threw his head back and laughed. Neither of them put their pants back on or told me I could get up from the floor so I sat there covered in their semen and waited.

Charlie looked at me. “We just need a minute and we’ll be ready for you again baby. Just relax and catch your breath.” With that he turned on the TV and switched to a game. He watched the game and stroked my head like he would a dog. I sat on the floor and waited for my next torture session to begin. I remembered his comments about removing all my expectations and reprogramming me. This was certainly a step in that direction.

They repeated this again several times before dinner shooting their semen over my body each time. I was allowed a break to relieve myself, but was warned not to wipe anything off. Charlie ordered pizza for dinner and had it delivered. James took me out of the room when the delivery guy showed up. They brought me back in and put me back on the floor to wait for them to finish eating.

After dinner they said they were ready for one last blow before bed. It took longer this time because they had already cum several times today. When I finished both of them they helped me to stand while Charlie undid the cuffs. He and James both wrote their initials in the semen covering me, smiling at their antics.

Charlie finally told me I could shower and go to bed. I went up to the bathroom. I turned the water in the shower all the way to hot and sat down on the bottom and cried as the water ran over my filthy body. I finally managed to wash myself until I was certain there was nothing left on me and got out.


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