Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Perfect Wife - Chapter 11

Charlie hadn’t gotten his waffles yesterday since he kept me tied in the bed most of the day so he reminded me last night that’s what he would want today. I had pissed him off again last night fighting against the orgasm he forced on me again after tying me to my bed for the night. He knew he couldn’t risk spanking me again so soon so with nothing left to take from me I was going a second day without food.
He came in around 5 am to untie me, saying I would need to be able to get their breakfast ready on time. I jumped out of bed and ran quietly to the bathroom to take care of things. I couldn’t really brush my teeth well with this stupid ball in my mouth, but I did the best I could. I brushed out my hair and put on my makeup like Charlie had told me was expected each morning. ‘You must always strive to look your very best, Bella,’ he had told me. Right, because hair and makeup distract from this stupid ball tied in my mouth. And James pays so much attention to my hair when I’m walking around the house or sitting on his lap with no clothes on. I would bet money you could stick a paper bag over my head and James wouldn’t even notice as long as he had access to everything else.
Getting ready didn’t take long since I was still being punished and not allowed clothing. I was counting the hours until Charlie would unlock my closet for me. I even missed all the horrible things he had bought me. I knew after this I’d be happy to wear anything he wanted, just to be covered from him and James.
I ran downstairs to the kitchen to prepare waffles like he requested. I grinned ear-to-ear when I saw the apron lying on the table for me. I hugged the apron to me and even squealed a little in excitement. At least for an hour I would be partially covered. Maybe he’d let me bake all day just to keep the apron on. God, how my life had changed.
I started the coffeepot and pulled out sausage to cook. I mixed the batter while I waited for the waffle iron to heat up. I got out the dishes and set the table how Charlie had instructed me. Who would have thought Charlie knew anything about proper etiquette for setting a table. I guess this is instruction for when I host dinner parties for Edward when we’re married, so that I don’t embarrass him by putting a fork or glass in the wrong place.
I shook my head at my thoughts as I went back to start the waffles. I could hear Charlie and James’ alarm clocks going off upstairs so knew I didn’t have much time left. I quickly turned the sausage splattering grease on the apron in my haste. I actually wanted thank Charlie for his thoughtfulness. That would have hurt like hell if it had hit my body.
As I removed the waffle and started the next one, I thought about how altered my thought process was becoming this morning. Here I was 17 years old, excited about wearing an apron and proud for setting a proper table. I was thinking about hosting dinner parties for my husband. Charlie was really good at what he did. I could feel the ‘reprogramming’ starting to take effect.
If someone had told me while I was still living with my mom and Phil that I would squeal like a kid on Christmas morning over an apron, I would have told them to seek professional help.
However, I now had to admit to myself, in less than a month my father and brother had won.
Their ‘training’ constantly humiliated me and I was terrified of Charlie’s brand of punishments. I knew hearing his plans for my life laid out for me the other night had been the final nail in my coffin. I knew that while I slept last night I was slowly giving up. I was letting go of who Isabella Marie Swan had been for 17 years. I was preparing my mind to become “Bella Barbie”.
Hearing the grease pop on the stove helped shake me from my thoughts. I turned off the stove. The second waffle was done now so I plated them with the sausage. I melted butter for each of them in tiny bowls I’d found in the cabinet and found the syrup in the pantry. Everything was ready.
I was putting their plates on the table as I heard them coming down the stairs. I sighed in relief. This meant I’d timed it perfect. Neither Charlie nor James would wait even one second for their breakfast, nor would it be cold. I had made the perfect breakfast for my family like a perfect wife should.
Charlie and James came into the kitchen as I stepped back from the table. My stomach had started growling at the smells of waffles and sausage cooking. I knew if it weren’t for this thing in my mouth I would have snuck at least a bite somehow.
Charlie smiled looking pleased. Whether it was that I was standing there and had done as instructed, having breakfast on the table, or remembering my reactions yesterday, I didn’t know.
James was frowning at the table. I figured he was just upset he wouldn’t get to spank me again this morning. I wished I could smirk at him but I knew, even if I could, I no longer had the courage in me. Who knew how cruel that punishment would be?
Charlie walked up to me and picked me up by my ass to hug and kiss me good morning. “Good morning,” he said cheerfully. “And how did daddy’s little princess sleep last night? Did you have pleasant dreams?”
I just nodded my head. Who really cared whether they were pleasant or nightmares. Who cared how bad I was hurting from the thing he kept shoved inside me for hours and then James yesterday. I knew the correct response.
As he slid me back down to stand he reached behind my neck and untied the apron to remove it. I was sad to see it go. I wanted to cry and grab it back.
“You don’t need this anymore, Bella. You’re finished cooking.”
He folded it up and stuck it on top of the refrigerator at the back. He knew I wouldn’t be able to reach it without help. He looked me over standing there and licked his lips.
“Well, let’s see how good breakfast is, shall we? I really worked up quite an appetite,” he said patting my ass.
He went to sit down while I turned to get the coffee pot. I walked over and sat to serve his coffee. He must have been hungry because he actually let me get up right away so he could eat.
I got James’ juice from the refrigerator and went to sit in his lap to pour. I wasn’t quite so lucky with James. I knew he’d never pass up a chance to grope me, especially after last night. He pulled me back against him and brushed my hair to one side exposing my neck and shoulder to him. He began to suck and bite the curve in my neck fondling my breasts and groaning softly the whole time.
I hurt, he was biting so hard I thought he would break the skin. I knew better than to make any sound or try and pull away. I looked over at Charlie to see how he was enjoying the show. He was actually ignoring us; he was so involved in eating his breakfast.
James started whispering in my ear between biting my shoulder. “I love that I’m marking you as mine before Edward does. I may not get to tap that tight virgin pussy of yours, but I’m going to make sure I get my fill of you every other way I can before Charlie sells you to him, baby sister.”
He had to be as cruel and vindictive with his words as he was with his actions. Whereas Charlie discussed what was happening to me with little emotional involvement; dishing out my humiliations and punishments like it was just business, James took extra relish in inflicting as much physical and mental pain as he could.
“You’re going to secretly carry my mark in so many places before he gets you, that deep inside your pussy will only be that only place left that Edward can mark you. Of course, if I knew I could get away with it, I’d fuck you so hard you’d see stars. Unfortunately for us, Carlisle is being very careful about your purchase. He’ll check you again before he closes the deal and transfers the money to Charlie. But know this,” his whisper had gotten so quiet and evil, “once that’s no longer a problem, I will get my turn. One way or the other.” He ended his little speech with an extra hard bite to my shoulder blade and hard squeeze to both my nipples.
I couldn’t stop the groan in time. Charlie heard and looked up from his plate. He jumped out of his chair screaming obscenities and ran across to us; yanking me so hard out of James’ lap, that he threw me across the floor. I hit my head against the cabinet as I fell. I was dazed. I could feel a knot starting on my head.
I lay there terrified of yet another punishment. The tears started pouring as I panicked and started sobbing uncontrollably. I hadn’t done anything wrong! I squeezed my eyes shut waiting for him to start. He grabbed me and pulled me up spinning me around to look at the back of my neck. He let go of me so I just gripped the counter waiting.
I cringed when I heard the slap. It took me a second to realize that I hadn’t felt anything. I carefully opened my eyes. I was shocked.
Charlie had grabbed James by the throat and had him against the wall. He’d slapped him!
“You fucking idiot!” He was enraged; screaming at the top of his lungs. “I told you that you can’t do that with her! No marks! Your only salvation is that Edward isn’t coming back until next week. You better hope to hell your marks are gone by then, or God help us both!”
James was about to retaliate when the doorbell rang. Charlie gave one last thrust to James against the wall before letting him drop to the floor to catch his breath. He left the room to answer the door.
James was glaring at me with pure unadulterated hatred now. My life just got worst if that was even possible. I was staring into his eyes with so much fear. I could feel my heart race; the adrenaline was pumping so fast that I couldn’t catch my breath. I was starting to hyperventilate. Of course my situation was not helped with the gag preventing me from taking deep breaths. I felt myself getting dizzy and my vision going dark.
I heard a voice, raised in anger and firm hands gripping me just before I passed out.
I awoke to the sensation of being held. Someone was softly stroking my hair and whispering to me. It was my voice again. I knew Edward was holding me even though I hadn’t opened my eyes. I felt safe for the moment. I curled toward the chest holding me never wanting these arms to let me go. If they did I knew I’d be plunged back into my living hell.
As I lay there the hand that was stroking my head hit the bump. I winced and groaned in pain.
The hand stopped stroking. It started probing; hitting the bump again causing another groan. I heard a deep growl and then a shout.
“Charlie, get up here now!” He was literally growling.
I started crying and shaking again. I couldn’t breathe. I opened my eyes to plead with him. I realized the gag was out of my mouth so I whispered, begging. “Please don’t punish me. I’m sorry for whatever I did to make you angry. I promise if you’ll just tell me I won’t ever do it again. Please, I want to be good for you.”
He looked down into my eyes. It was the first time I’d seen him. He had the most beautiful emerald green eyes. His face was like a Greek god. And that messy hair I’d seen before was a deep coppery brown. He was by far the most handsome man I’d ever seen in my life.
He looked confused by my speech. I was so afraid I didn’t know what to do. I tried to pull away so I could get off him and get ready to be spanked. I was sure that’s why he called for Charlie. He wanted the paddle.
His vision cleared like he understood something. He pulled me back against his chest and started stroking my head again avoiding where he knew it hurt. He was gently rocking me back and forth in his arms.
“Shush My Bella. I’m not going to hurt you. You didn’t do anything wrong. I’m not going to punish you. It’s going to be ok. I’ll take you to get everything checked out soon. Just relax.”
He tilted my head back to look in his eyes. He smiled reassuringly at me before kissing my forehead. He looked up from me as Charlie came in the room. I realized he was sitting back on my bed holding me.
Charlie walked hesitantly into the room. “Yes, Edward?”
“Would you care to explain the swelling on Bella’s head?” I could hear the venom in his voice as he spoke to Charlie.
Charlie cleared his throat and glanced down at me before looking back at Edward. “Well, you see, um,” he stumbled over his words searching for the best way to answer. “I might have thrown her a little hard across the kitchen when I pulled her out of James’ lap. She may have hit her head on the cabinets.
He looked at me smiling and reached out to stroke my head in a loving gesture. Right, like anyone who was in this room would ever believe Charlie felt one drop of love for me. If he did, he and my brother wouldn’t be abusing me. He wouldn’t be planning on selling me for cash.
“I swear to you Edward, it was never my intention to cause her any harm.” He was gaining more confidence in his story as he went. “I just got carried away trying to get her away from James. I was actually trying to protect your gift for you.” He smiled as he threw in that last piece reminding Edward that I was going to be nicely gift wrapped for him in a few months.
Edward pulled me closer to him and continued to growl at Charlie. “Charlie I’m starting to think you do not fully understand my instructions. Maybe you think after dealing with my brothers that I will be just as understanding of a few minor mishaps. I assure you I’m not!”
I could hear the venom dripping with each word he spoke. I glanced at Charlie to see his reaction. I was shocked to realize Charlie was actually afraid of Edward.
“When I say I don’t want anything to happen to her, that I want her perfect, I mean just that. I gave very specific instructions how I wanted her handled.”
He unconsciously held me tighter. “I don’t think you fully understand the gravity of the situation today Charlie. I come to check on how this week is progressing and to surprise Bella with an afternoon out; instead I find her injured and marked repeatedly by that bastard you call a son. Be glad I only beat him to a pulp and didn’t put a bullet through his brain like I preferred.”
He glanced down at me since I was shaking again at his comment about being willing killing someone, even if it was James. He smiled reassuringly at me before placing a soft kiss on my forehead again. He kept his lips on my forehead for a few extra seconds trying to convey a feeling. He smiled at me and he raised back up to continue talking to Charlie.
“I want to be sure you and I are on the same page from this moment forward. I want no misunderstandings. You are hired to be a ‘personal trainer’ so to speak. I know you get personal enjoyment from your work. Unfortunately, that’s something I have to accept. Just remember this and make no mistake,” his voice had dropped to a sinister level “she may be your daughter and you are getting the pleasure of coaching her, but at the end of the day she is mine.”


  1. I hate James. Is there a line to kill him off, as there is for The Training School? Because I want to be right there, and think that if one hasn't already been started, we should definitely have one for Charlie as well.

  2. I second that Idea. Can you tell me were it is for the Training school. James needs to DIE!!!!!

  3. Agreed. The pig needs to die. And, I'm glad that Edward isn't as twisted, for I am an optimist.