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The Perfect Wife - Chapter 21

****This chapter is Bella’s attack from James and Paul. It is graphic. If you don’t want to read this part skip down to where it says “Attack End”****

Chapter 21

I stared at James and the other guy blocking the exit from Charlie’s room, leering at me. The room suddenly had a very familiar stench- my fear. I knew they could sense it. They thrived on it. It fed their sick appetites. They loved it.

“Edward will be back in a few minutes James.” I warned trying to sound brave. I hoped that would discourage whatever they were planning.

“No… he’ll be a while yet little sister,” he said as he sauntered into the room toward me. He was a predator stalking and taunting his prey, riling it up. “You see

I just happened to call Charlie after he talked to Edward. Imagine my surprise to learn you were here all alone. Of course Charlie still thinks I’m in La Push, but I couldn’t let an opportunity go to waste now could I?”

He was standing in front of me now. “Edward is going to need to change a flat tire before he can get back from his visit with Charlie. The auto club around here is pretty slow to respond,” he laughed.

There was no help coming. I had to try and get away from him. I darted past him as he reached for me only to be caught by his friend. I screamed.

“Hold her Paul!”

I was crying out now as he came up to me. He slapped me. “You know better than to run, baby sister. Now we’re just going to have to punish you aren’t we?”

His friend Paul was laughing now with him. Paul threw me over his shoulder and carried me downstairs to the kitchen. I kicked and screeched trying to get him to drop me. Anything to stop what was coming.

He dropped me onto my back on the table knocking my breath from me as he and James started tearing at my clothes. I was fighting for all I was worth. I wasn’t going to take this one meekly. Only God knew what they were planning to do to me. James managed to get the gag in my mouth while I was focusing on stopping his friend’s hands from getting my bra and skirt off. I couldn’t scream anymore. I was silenced.

And for the first time, I was tied to this table on my back. My hands were bound to the legs at the top of the table, and my legs to the bottom. He had tied my legs outside of the table, so they were open wide to them.

“Damn, baby sister!” he said the admiration was clear in his voice as he rolled me a little to the side and stroked my ass. “What the hell did you do to earn such a magnificent purple ass? It’s better than anything I’ve ever given. I just don’t think I can improve on perfection. I have to bow down to the master for this. Who would have thought Eddie-boy would have it in him.” I cried as he and his friend kept pinching my ass.

“I can’t believe you never let me have fun with her, James. After Alice, I thought for sure you’d share your sister.”

“Yeah well Charlie is trying to be extra careful with her. You have no idea how much money he’s getting for her. I wouldn’t have even thought she was worth it.”

“Hey, little sister, are you hungry? I know we’re starving, aren’t we Paul?” Paul laughed and started toward me.

“There’s only one rule to remember with her, Paul. You can’t pop her cherry. Anything else goes, but that’s a deal breaker for the Cullen’s. Charlie nearly killed me with the beating I got when he found out about Alice. I was lucky Jasper’s a fucking wuss and took her anyway. Or else, I don’t think I would have survived.”

“Well if I can’t plow her then I want her to blow me. That’s all I’ve heard you talk about for days now.”

“Let’s have some fun with her first. We’ve got plenty of time. Her precious Edward will be at least an hour, maybe two. I really do think she looks hungry.” He said and rubbed my stomach, moving up to rub my breasts. I whimpered against the gag. Even the sight of Carlisle would be welcome right now, anyone but James.

Paul was looking through the refrigerator and said “Hey Bella? How about a salad? Girls like salads don’t they?” He laughed and pulled out a cucumber, bag of carrots, salad dressing, and a pint of cherry tomatoes. He laid them between my spread legs and smiled up at me. “What’s a salad without dressing?” He asked, and drizzled some kind of oil on my breasts. He rubbed it in, and then put his fingers to my mouth. He rubbed it on the ball, and I jerked my head away from him as I stared up at him in terror. He and James both started to lick and suck the dressing off my breasts.

“Mmmmmm…. James, she does taste good doesn’t she?” Paul said laughing. “Good enough to eat, don’t you think?”

“Yeah, man.” James agreed and bit down on my nipple. I screamed into the gag, but he just laughed.

Paul started pulling the cherry tomatoes out of the container and removing the stems. He pushed my knees as far apart as they would go. He inserted the tomatoes into my vagina. They were freezing cold against the warmth of my body. I felt so full, so stretched.

“Now what are you going to do?” James laughed as he watched him.

Paul leaned down and watching my eyes started to pull each tomato out with his mouth. His tongue grazed over that one sensitive spot over and over as he did it and my body reacted to it.

“She’s getting so wet, James. It’s like Bella flavored dressing down here. Want a taste?” He laughed.

“No thanks.” James said. “I think I’ll wait and just watch.” He watched as Paul continued to eat the tomatoes out of me. When he was done, he gave a few last licks, and moaned his appreciation.

Paul came around to the head of the table, and rubbed my breasts again. “You’re fucking delicious Bella.” He said and smirked at me. I was completely humiliated by their display. They had me once again naked at their mercy and they were molesting me with food.

“Let’s try the cucumber next.” James said, and his eyes were wild. I looked and they had a huge, thick cucumber lying on the table.

“Dude, you said we couldn’t pop her cherry. That thing is fucking huge.” Paul said, his eyes darkened with an untamed excitement.

“We’re not going to pop her cherry, dumbass, we’re just going to stretch her a little. Watch.” He said, and he spread my legs wider.

“Hold her open man.” He told Paul as he picked up the cucumber. Paul held my legs apart and I felt something cold and hard against me.

“Hold on, baby girl.” He said, and pushed something cold slowly inside of me. It took a minute for me to realize that I was being raped with a cucumber, and then I bucked wildly trying to scream.

“Hold her down!” James yelled. “We don’t want any accidents.”

Paul put the weight of his whole body across my hips and lower abdomen so that I would stop moving. James pushed it farther inside me and I screamed against the gag at the painful intrusion. Once the width had stopped stretching me, he stopped pushing it in.

“Switch with me, you have to see this.” James said excitedly, and held me as Paul looked between my legs. I was already so sore from being violated like this that I didn’t move when James released me. I was so afraid that they would break my hymen and then Edward wouldn’t want me. I’d either be disposed of, or sent back here with Charlie and James.

I saw a flash and looked down to see James taking pictures of me being desecrated. Silent tears streamed down my face. He got a wicked gleam then and told Paul to take the camera. He pulled the cucumber quickly out of me and untied my gag.

“Lick it.” He commanded. “Get all of your juices off.” I sobbed, but didn’t move. James slapped me hard across the face while pinching my ass and a fresh wave of pain sliced through me. I opened my mouth and licked the cucumber while Paul took pictures. “Suck it.” He said and I opened my mouth as wide as I could, but it wouldn’t fit.

“Well, maybe we should put something else in there?” Paul suggested, undoing his pants.

“Let’s flip her.” James suggested, and they untied me and turned me on the table. They turned me both onto my stomach and length-wise on the table so that my hips were pressed against the long end. James tied my arms behind my back with one of the scarves, and then tied my legs to the table legs. Because I was on the long end of the table, my legs screamed at the effort of being spread so wide. I screamed as they pushed me hard into the table, but my scream was abruptly cut off by Paul shoving his hard cock in my mouth. He immediately started to move his hips, and I gagged as it hit the back of my throat.

I couldn’t tell what James was doing behind me until I felt something cold and hard being forced into my rectum. It wasn’t as large as the cucumber. I thought with savage bitterness that it must be one of the carrots. He fucked me hard with it as Paul fucked my mouth. I was screaming wildly around Paul’s cock in my mouth. I prayed Edward would come and save me or they would just kill me and be done with it.

---Attack End----



I wasn’t happy leaving the station from my talk with Charlie. It was probably better
we did have the discussion at the station, though. The Chief of Police couldn’t very well argue about the purchase agreement for his daughter around other police officers could he? I couldn’t believe he wanted a ‘deposit’ for her since I was taking her early. He actually thought Carlisle wouldn’t pay him. He’s always been paid. I called and wired the money to his account just to shut him up. At least he can’t use not being paid as a means to get her back before the adoption goes through.

I had a feeling he was going to be trouble before this was over. I knew he was missing his newest training project. I threw out the suggestion that James might need a wife soon. Maybe he should start looking for him, or maybe it was time he considered getting married again himself.

I walked out to my car and noticed I had a flat tire. Just great. I glanced at my watch and realized it had been a little over an hour since I left Bella at Charlie’s house. I had promised her I’d be there by now. I couldn’t call her because I knew she wouldn’t answer Charlie’s phone and she didn’t have a cell of her own. Maybe I should consider getting her one, although she’d never be anywhere without me except school. I’d have to think that one over.

I pulled out my phone to call the auto club as I squatted down to see if I could tell what I had run over. I saw red when I realized I didn’t have just a flat.

Someone had stuck a knife in the tire, slashing it. I got a sick feeling in my gut, as I thought of Bella alone at Charlie’s. I ran back into the station to Charlie’s office.

He looked up as I entered. “What do you want now Edward?” he sneered.

“When was the last time you talked to James?” I asked carefully, keeping my distress in check. If he knew I was accusing him of something, I knew he’d never tell me what I wanted to know.

“Well actually he called right after your phone call earlier. Why?” He eyed me suspiciously.

“Did you tell him Bella was at your house alone?” It was getting harder to control the anger that was building, but I had to maintain my cool with him.

“It might have come up in conversation,” he hedged. “I told you, he’s in La Push hanging out with his friends. He won’t be back until tomorrow.”

“You stupid fucking son of a bitch!” I shouted and ran out the door calling Emmett on my way.

Emmett answered his phone on the third ring. “Hey little bro, what’s up?”

“Emmett I need you to pick me up at the police station now. Hurry!” I was panicking as I thought of my beautiful Bella at the mercy of that creature. I knew he would take advantage of having her alone to himself. He would blame her for my pounding on him the day he marked her.

“Hold on, Edward. Rosalie and I were already headed to Port Angeles so we’re only 10 minutes from you. What’s wrong?”

“I left Bella alone at Charlie’s, but I think James is going there.” I was pinching the bridge of my nose trying unsuccessfully to calm my rapidly beating heart.
I heard him growl on the phone, “I’ll be there in 5.” I could hear his engine speeding up.

I snapped my phone shut and paced in front of the station, panicking. I heard my brother’s jeep rounding the corner before he roared into the parking lot stopping in front of me. I jumped in and he took off before I shut the door.

“It’ll be okay Edward. We’ll get to her don’t worry.”

That was easy for him to say. He had his wife safely in the backseat of the jeep. Not at the mercy of that monster. The thought hit me, fast; all our loves had been
at the mercy of James and Charlie at one point. And we knew it, and agreed to it, even worse, paid for it to happen. A very familiar wave of guilt over what I did to Bella last night crawled up my spine, and it spoke this time, in a hushed whisper- saying she was at my mercy as well.



I was screaming in pain as Paul and James continued to batter my body. I didn’t think I’d survive. Who knew what the next torture was going to be once Paul got off and they switched, or came up with even more creative, vile ways to violate me. I kept praying Edward would rescue me.

Then I heard his voice. “I can hear her Emmett, she’s screaming! In here!” Suddenly Edward was there. I was sobbing, but I thought I also saw Rosalie cowering off to the side. I didn’t see Emmett, but Edward grabbed Paul and threw him, bodily ripping him out of my mouth. I bawled openly now.

“Rosie, baby?” I heard Emmett yell. “Can you help Bella?” She looked terrified at James, but Emmett slammed his head against the counter and then dragged him outside after Edward and Paul. I could hear their screams of pain and I shook harder. Edward was furious. There was no way that I would escape a punishment for this.

Rosalie came forward quickly once the men were out of the room. “Shhhh… Bella, it’s okay now.” She said quietly and I felt the foreign object being gently removed from my rectum. I was blubbering uncontrollably now and writhing in pain. I felt her quickly untie my hands, and then my legs from the table. I was so sore I couldn’t move for a minute. She helped me up, and put my arm around her shoulder to help me upstairs.

She led me into the bathroom and I sat on the closed toilet seat staring unseeing at the wall. She turned on the shower and I thought back to the last time I was in there with James after one of his violations. I started convulsing again, moaning and shaking my head.

Rosalie must have realized my distress. She quickly turned the shower off.

“It’s okay Bella. You don’t have to shower here. Let me just clean you up a little bit, and we’ll get you home in your own bathroom,” she murmured softly.
She kissed my forehead softly and washed me off quickly before taking me back into my room. I vaguely registered that she knew which room was mine without asking. She left me while she ran downstairs to pull some clothes out of my suitcases I’d left by the door.

She helped me dress. I didn’t pay attention until I realized she’d slipped Phil’s t-shirt over my head with the panties and skirt. I wrapped my arms around the shirt hugging myself rocking back and forth moaning, wishing my mother was here to hold me. Of course, if she were still alive then I wouldn’t be here. I’d be in Phoenix, in my purple room laughing with friends while she and Phil laughed in the kitchen preparing dinner together. I started crying all over again.

Rosalie sat on the bed with me and wrapped her arms around me, soothing me. “It’s over now, Bella.” She stroked my hair as Edward often does, and I started to calm.

“It isn’t over. It will never be over.” I whispered. “I’m just trading one set of monsters’ hands for another. He isn’t any better. He just says nicer things. I miss my mom, I miss Phil, so much,” I started sobbing even harder, “Nobody here ever mentioned them, never gave condolences. Even Edward. He just calls it a “traumatic experience.” My parents died! No, a traumatic experience is having to perform sexual acts on my own father and brother! I miss my old life. I want it back.” I could feel the resentment building in me.

“Rosalie how did this happen?” I searched her face for answers that I knew she wouldn’t have.

“Shh, I know Bella. Believe me I know, I was brutalized by Charlie and James also. I know what they’re capable of. I’ve been dealt their brand of punishments just like you. Just like Alice and Esme have too. Fight it. You have to fight the terror. ”

“But,” Bella began, “How can I fight it if part of it’s my husband-to-be?! He’ll just whip me for being afraid. He probably will later for this. He’s going to blame me, I’m sure. I won’t feel it though. I think I’m numbing.”

I heard a noise at the door and voices leading away before I heard footsteps going down the stairs. I could only assume it was Edward and Emmett since it didn’t cause alarm to Rosalie. I was still trapped in my unseeing nightmare.

She cupped my face in both her hands to force me to look at her. “You can fight this Bella. I know it’s hard. I promise it can be better. Lean on me. Lean on Esme and Alice. We’re all here for you and I promise we can help you find your way in this life. Don’t give up. Please fight it. We need you to fight as much as you need to do it for yourself.”

She wrapped her arms back around me and held and rocked me. I don’t know how long we stayed like that before I heard Emmett and Edward come back in the room.

She gently released me and I realized someone was carrying me now. I knew it was Edward and I closed my eyes. It wasn’t as comforting as Rosalie, but I could make do.


We pulled up to Charlie’s and I knew my fears were being confirmed. I saw James’ truck in the driveway. Emmett and I ran to the house. I could hear Bella’s wailing as we got on the porch. Thank God the door wasn’t locked. We ran in and I followed the sound of her shrieking.

“I can hear her Emmett, she’s screaming! In here!” I felt a rage build in me like I had never experienced in my life. My beautiful Bella was tied across the table with some boy’s cock being drilled in her mouth while he held her head against her screams and James was shoving something in her from behind. I roared in anger as I grabbed the boy in Bella’s mouth and threw him across the room. I grabbed him up and dragged him out back away from Bella.

I saw Emmett go after James as he yelled for Rosalie to help Bella. He slammed James’ forehead against the counter before dragging him outside behind me. I could hear Bella’s sobs and I knew there was only one thing to do. I had to protect Bella from this. They could never harm her again.

After Emmett and I pounded James and his friend until they were unconscious on the ground I looked at my brother. He nodded his head in agreement. He knew what I was thinking.

“Do it Edward. I only wish I’d done it 4 years ago. It’s past time. Carlisle will agree.”

I flipped open my phone and dialed a number I never thought I’d use. I waited for the person on the other end to answer.

“Hello?” I heard.

“Jacob? I have a job for you and Sam. Just name your price.”

After discussing details for the disposal of James and his friend we realized Charlie would need to be dealt with also. We left them tied up with the same scarves they had used on Bella to be picked up by Jacob and Sam in a few minutes.

I had to get back inside and see Bella. I ran up the stairs and heard her crying in her bedroom with Rosalie. She looked like a broken child. I was scared of what I saw. What I saw and heard her say tore my heart to shreds.

“It isn’t over. It will never be over,” she cried softly. “I’m just trading one set of monsters hands for another. He isn’t any better he just says nicer things. I miss my mom, I miss Phil, so much,” She started sobbing, “Nobody here ever mentioned them, never gave condolences. Even Edward. He just calls it a “traumatic experience.” My parents died! No, a traumatic experience is having to perform sexual acts on my own father and brother! I miss my old life. I want it back. Rosalie how did this happen?”

“Shh, I know Bella. Believe me I know,” Rosalie was stroking her hair trying to calm her. It seemed as though it was working, Bella’s sobs grew quieter. “I was brutalized by Charlie and James also. I know what they’re capable of. I’ve been dealt their brand of punishments just like you. Just like Alice and Esme have too. Fight it. You have to fight the terror. But I know, Bella. ”

She was hugging herself, rocking like a child and at that moment she looked like one. She was wearing a baggy baseball jersey, something I would have never let her wear. It wasn’t sexy. It didn’t show off her body to me. It made her look like the little girl she was. I was reminded in that moment that she was only 17.

“But,” Bella began, “How can I fight it if part of it’s my husband-to-be?! He’ll just whip me for being afraid. He probably will later for this. He’s going to blame me.

I felt Emmett put his hand on my shoulder and pull me away.

“Come on Edward. She’s not ready yet,” he said, gently pulling me away from the door and Bella. “Give Rose some time with her, she gets it like you and I don’t. But it’ll be okay.”

“No Emmett. It won’t. What have I done to her? This is my fault. She begged me not to leave her here alone. I promised her no one would ever hurt her again.” I cried out in anguish. “She will never trust me now. Not to mention the fact she sees me as another demon, like them-. She actually thinks I’m going to punish her for this.”

“Edward, stop it! This isn’t your fault.”

He was in my face now. This was a side to my brother I’d never seen before. He was always the clown. He never got upset and he was always joking. I barely recognized this Emmett. He was angry.

“This is that bastard, James and his punkass friend’s fault. They did this to her! Not you! For that matter, blame Charlie and our father. They started this godforsaken nightmare from the beginning.”

I looked at him confused, bewildered. I didn’t understand how Charlie or Carlisle was a part of this to him.

He huffed in frustration.

“Edward, think about it. Really think about it. Do you think it’s normal that we ‘buy’ our wives? That you’re purchasing a 17 year-old girl to marry you? You do realize that it is actually illegal, don’t you? If it were acceptable, we wouldn’t hide it. If it were okay, other people would do it. What our family has done is basically trade in white slavery!”

I sat down on the sofa with the weight of everything he was saying. I realized Jasper wasn’t the only one that fought against Carlisle. I put my head in my hands and stared at the floor between my feet.

“I can’t give her up Emmett. I need her.” I whispered.

I felt Emmett sit next to me and felt his hand on my shoulder. He sighed.

“I know. I understand. I couldn’t give up Rosalie either. Jasper wouldn’t give up Alice. But I don’t treat her like an animal either. She’s my wife, not my servant. In one respect Carlisle is right. They are perfect wives for us. I hate the method but I love the result. And I’m not talking about putting together some robot, like it’s a toy, I’m talking about the woman I received.”

”So what do I do? I won’t let her go.” I sat up to look at him now.

“Well with what is going down later today, you won’t have to. Tomorrow she will become a ward of the state, it’s a good thing you chose not to wait and Carlisle’s attorney is already filing her adoption papers.”

He stood and waited for me to get up also.

“But as for what you really should do, just be gentle with her Edward. I know you’re impatient, but if you need her that much, maybe that’s something you’ll have to be trained to do. She’ll need even more time to get over this, and time doesn’t mean an hour, a night. She may never fully get over it. Don’t tell her you understand that she’s in pain. It will be a lie. You can’t understand her pain unless you’ve experienced it. Also, don’t worry so much about the little things. Like I told you this morning, focus on the big things you want and don’t sweat the small stuff.”

“Not now, but later I can promise you,” he smirked half laughing. He was back to his joking self, already making fun of me. “You two will get into a fight, and when she gets all worked up, goad it. Because let me tell you, the make up sex is a lot of fun. If she’s perfect, you’re going to miss out.” He smiled and I saw the goofy, overgrown teddy bear brother come through again. “Now let’s get our women and get the hell out of here. I hear Jacob and Sam pulling up.”


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