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The Perfect Wife - Chapter 6

Chapter 6

I woke in the morning to Charlie coming in my room. He was in jeans and a t-shirt. He must not have to work today. That meant a whole day with him and James. Oh goody. He stood and looked down at me.

“Have you learned your lesson Isabella?”

I nodded my head to him.

He was pleased with my answer. He reached up and started untying my hands then my feet. My muscles protested at being able to move finally. I was so stiff. He still hadn’t removed the ball from my mouth. He gently rolled me onto my stomach. He climbed on the bed straddling me and began to massage my shoulders and back.

“I know you’re sore Isabella. This will help until you’re able to get up on your own.”

I hated that I appreciated how good his hands actually felt to my stiff muscles. I just nodded my thanks to him.

He moved down to massage my lower back. I was startled to feel his mouth trail kisses across my backside while he caressed it gently.

“You’re going to have a hard time sitting today. I don’t think you should wear pants today. I think just a camisole and thong will do until the bruising goes down.”

I could only nod that I understood. He kissed them again and finally allowed me to get up.

“Breakfast is ready so get dressed.” He moved to let me up to get dressed.

I sat on the side of my bed giving my legs a minute to get stable before I stood up. I swayed a little and grabbed the bed for support. I still had the ball tied in my mouth so couldn’t speak. I looked down at it to get his attention about removing it.

Charlie just looked at me. I turned and walked out of the room naked to use the bathroom.

He was waiting for me when I came back in the room with the thong and camisole he wanted me to wear. I put them on and waited for permission to go down to eat. He walked up to me and finally untied the ball in my mouth.

I followed the rules. I reached up to pull his face to mine and kissed him good morning.

He was very pleased and allowed me to leave my room to eat. James was sitting at the table waiting for us. He grinned at my lack of clothing. I waited for Charlie to sit down before going to get the coffee pot. I walked over and sat on his lap to pour his coffee. I waited until he allowed me to get up before I moved. I went to get the juice from the refrigerator for James and did the same for him. I was finally given permission to eat. I sat down gingerly and ate my breakfast in silence.

When we were finished I looked to Charlie for direction. “Today I think we need to work on two lessons.” He looked at James who was grinning and smiled back. “We’re going to work on overcoming your shyness and we’re going to progress with the next lesson. You’ve gotten pretty good with your kisses but they need more work. What do you say Isabella?” He asked me knowing I wouldn’t argue with anything he said. “Do you want to learn?”

I looked him in the eye. “Yes daddy, please teach me to be better.”

He was very pleased with me. James just threw his head back and laughed.

“Damn she’s good Charlie!”

Charlie directed me to clean the kitchen while he and James went to the living room to wait for me.

I finished and went to see what my next ‘lesson’ would entail. They were watching porn again lying in their recliners.

Charlie looked at me as I stood in the doorway. “Come here Bella and lay down with me.” He paused the movie and had me lay down on top facing him.

“You will spend the next 30 minutes practicing your technique for me and then for James.”

“Yes daddy.”

I leaned in and began kissing him. I started with feathery kisses around the corners of his mouth and then licked my way through his lips running my tongue over his teeth then capturing his tongue. I sucked his tongue into my mouth and bit gently while I continued to move my lips over his. I never stopped other than to catch a breath before going back to his lips each time. I heard a watch alarm go off behind me 30 minutes later.

Charlie groaned and squeezed me tightly. “That was excellent Bella. You have come a long way in a very short time. Now let’s see what your brother thinks of you.”

I rose up to get off Charlie and as I stood I noticed the bulge in his pants. I quickly looked down before he could see.

James stretched his arms behind his head and grinned. “Let’s see what you’ve got little sister.”

I crawled up his chest to lie down against him. I tugged his head to mine and used the same technique as with Charlie. I sucked and bit his tongue as he’d shown me he liked constantly increasing pressure before releasing his tongue and going back for more.

When the second alarm went off I tried to pull away, but he reached for my head quickly to prevent it. He growled and crushed my lips to his raising his hips to push into mine. I could feel his arousal on my leg.

Charlie laughed and threw a pillow at us to get James’ attention. “Enough James. There will be more don’t worry. We have a few months with her still.”

James let me up and I looked to Charlie for direction. Charlie told me the house had been neglected with my arrival so I was to do the laundry today and clean house. He or James would check my progress.

“Yes daddy.” I was grateful for a semblance of normalcy at housework. It was the first time I’d ever been excited at the prospect of laundry.

I left the room as they started their movie back up. They were discussing how hard they were from my kissing.


That evening I fixed dinner. Charlie said that since my brace was no longer a problem it was time I earned my keep. This was after all part of being a perfect wife.

I was 17 years old. Why was he worried about the kind of wife I’d be? And why the hell did he think part of a being a wife meant you had to undergo training? It wasn’t a job, it was a partnership, and you were someone else’s other half, their soul mate. I didn’t know much about love, but from witnessing Renee and Phil, I just know that if you truly love someone, and want them to be your wife, taking the good with the bad is what it’s about. Before I go all philosophical, it’s just impractical for me, I’m not in love, and I’m underage. I had a year of high school left and then at least five more for college before I would even consider getting married. Let alone meet someone!

After dinner they went to watch a game while I cleaned the kitchen and put away the last of the laundry I’d folded.

It was the first time I’d ever been in either of their rooms. James’ room was typical teen. Sports and Playboy pin ups adorned the walls. It was messy with magazines and dirty clothes strewn about. I put his clothes I’d washed on his dresser and went out shutting the door behind me.

Then I took Charlie’s clothes to his room. It was very plain. There was a picture of me as a child on his dresser along with another of James pinning me down in the yard straddled over me.

James was laughing at the camera and I appeared to be crying. It looked like I was probably around 5 years old.

I left his room and went back down to see if there was anything else before I could go to bed. I was still hurting from my punishment and was very tired. Charlie took pity on me and allowed me to go to bed.

I took my shower and was rewarded with no Charlie standing in the doorway. I smiled as I dried off and put on my nightclothes. I went downstairs to say ‘goodnight’ properly.

I kissed them each and was allowed to go to bed without any further humiliations. Charlie said he knew I wasn’t up to anything more tonight after my spanking. I fell asleep that night dreaming of home.

The next morning Charlie woke me early. He said it was my job to prepare all meals since I was the woman in the house. I quickly got up and ran to the bathroom to take care of things and came back in my room to see what he picked out for me to wear.

Charlie handed me a backless halter and a pair of new shorts that cupped my ass. He told me I had 10 minutes to fix my hair and makeup before I was expected in the kitchen with breakfast going.

I kissed him good morning before he left to get dressed for work.

I shook my head at the thought of wearing makeup just to cook breakfast, but knew better than to voice my opinion.

I was in the kitchen finishing their eggs when Charlie and James came in to eat. James plopped down in his seat pleased that cooking was no longer his job. He drummed his fingers impatiently on the table waiting for me to serve him.

Charlie walked up behind me wrapping his arms around me. “It smells good Bella. I’m impressed you have everything about ready. However, tomorrow morning you will need to be up earlier. I expect breakfast to be on the table when I come down so I don’t have to wait. Understand?”

I started to shake a little thinking I’d be punished again. He chuckled softly against my ear. “No, baby. Daddy isn’t going to punish you this time. You didn’t know so I’m letting it go.”

I took a deep shaky breath. “Thank you, daddy. I won’t forget to have everything ready on time tomorrow.”

He patted my ass as he walked away to sit at the table. “I know you won’t.”

I prepared our plates and brought first Charlie’s over sitting in his lap. I had his plate in one hand and the coffee pot in the other. He was very impressed and grinned at me. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed my cheek.

“Oh my little Bella, you do spoil your daddy. You’re such a good girl.” He looked to James. “Isn’t she big brother?”

James looked at me grinning. “Yeah she’s a regular ‘Betty Crocker’, Charlie.”

I knew he was making fun of me. He is so hypocritical. These were his rules also. I got up and fetched his plate and the container of juice from the counter.

I went to sit in James’ lap to serve him as well. He didn’t move his chair back for me. He was staring up at me standing there with a mischievous smirk on his face.

I didn’t know what to do while I stood there. I looked to Charlie who was observing us. My heart was racing because I realized this was another test and I had no idea what was expected of me. I had to have the right response!

I took a stab at it trying to think the same twisted way he did. “James,” I asked softly, “May I please sit in your lap this morning and serve your breakfast to you?”

I quickly glanced back to Charlie to see if I’d done the right thing. He smiled and went back to eating his breakfast.

James muttered as he pushed his chair back. I sat down in his lap. I set his plate down and poured his juice. I was about to get up when his arms snaked around me hugging me tightly. He whispered in my ear, “You will mess up and then I get to punish you. I liked the way you looked spread out for Charlie while he spanked you. Your screams made me so hard for you, little sister. I wouldn’t be so easy on you.”

He popped me on my ass as I stood up to move to my seat. My legs were convulsing. I glanced to Charlie quickly as I sat down. He was giving James an appraising look. I hated him, so much. I hated them both.

Just then Charlie’s cell phone rang. He looked at the caller id and got up to take the call in the living room.

I wasn’t feeling very hungry any longer, but knew I had to eat. I picked up my fork and slowly started eating. I could hear Charlie’s conversation. It was about me and I didn’t like the implication. I was trembling as I listened.

“Yes, Carlisle.” … “No it’s not a bad time. Bella just served us breakfast.” … “Yes we handled the authority issue from the other day.” He was laughing. “I don’t think she’ll want to question anything again. If she makes that mistake again James wants to handle the next punishment.” …

“No not too far. I know Edward feels a little differently about things, but he likes perfection just like his old man, doesn’t he?” He was laughing again. …“No, I understand. Rosalie was a special case. You saw her before. I’m glad Emmett is very happy with his blonde kitten. How’s Alice working out for Jasper?” … “I knew she’d be a good choice. Her bouncy balanced Jasper’s quiet.

I’m glad he’s satisfied with her. Sorry again about James’ indiscretion.” … “Well, what do you think?” … “I knew you’d be impressed with my little girl,” he said with pride. … “We haven’t been able to get far with her yet Carlisle. Remember she’s been home only a week. I have to undo ten years of Renee’s nonsense. She planted a bunch of bullshit ideas in her head. But I know I’ll get to her. I always do. I think she’ll be a natural. Hell, just kissing her makes me hard as a rock.” …“Yeah, who would have thought she’d turn out so hot? If I’d known back then, no way in hell would I have let Renee get away with taking her.” …“True, I wouldn’t be as rich as

I’m going to be if kept her for myself or James, but a man can dream.” … “What did he think of the photograph?” … “I don’t foresee a problem with that. Give me a few weeks to have her better prepared. She’s a quick learner, but we haven’t covered any of that yet and it takes time to prepare her body and gain finesse. I think the holidays are a good time for everyone to come over. She should probably spend a day or two with Esme to gauge her cooking skills before then.

I want all the Cullen men to be pleased with their newest edition to the family.” … “I think Edward will be very satisfied with her.” … “Did you have a date in mind?” … “Fine. Fine. I think that will be perfect.” … “I agree. Too much education gives them ideas. That’s where I went wrong with Renee.” … “I think since she’s my daughter 30% more than Rosalie and Alice.

Wouldn’t you agree she’s worth it? Remember she comes with assets unlike the others.” …

“Have your lawyer draw up the papers to transfer everything. You or Edward can bring them by next week when he’s in town. I’m sure he would like to see her in person. Get to know her a little bit, if you know what I mean?” he chuckled.

Charlie hung up his phone and came back to finish his breakfast. He looked like he won the lottery.

“Well James you’ll be pleased. Carlisle is just about ready to close the deal. We have a few weeks before the next phase to get ready. Any slip on our part and the deal is off. He won’t tolerate a situation like his nephew Laurent. We were lucky with that one. He could have killed us both if we hadn’t found a replacement so quickly. Carlisle was adamant that after seeing the photograph Edward won’t accept a substitution.”

“Come on Charlie, you know that bitch was a hard case. She wasn’t going to break and we couldn’t turn her loose.” James growled.

“I know, however, I think you need to blow off a little steam with the guys. It’s going to be an intense workout the next couple of weeks. We both are going to need clear heads for this. He was clear that he wouldn’t tolerate another mistake being allowed into his family. He’s still furious that Jasper insisted on taking Alice. Why don’t you go visit your friends in La Push tomorrow?

I’ll continue working with Bella. You don’t enjoy those lessons as much, so you won’t be missing anything.”

I sat there getting more nauseated by the second. They were discussing me like a purchase of some sort for Carlisle’s son. It sounded like Charlie helped with his other son’s wives as well. And if I wasn’t mistaken James just admitted to killing someone!

“Sounds good. I will be in need of a good fuck after today’s lesson with my little sister. You can have tomorrow; it’s a waste of a lesson anyway. Who gives a shit what she feels?”

James reached around the back of my chair to slap my ass. I jumped in fright and in pain. I was still bruised from the day before. It was the first indication they remembered I was in the room listening to the whole conversation.

Charlie finished his breakfast and finally acknowledged me. “Bella my cup is empty. You need to pay attention to what’s happening around you.”

I jumped up and ran for the coffee pot. I tripped in my haste. I heard a crash as I started to fall until I felt arms grab me and pull me up.

“Isabella, are you trying to ruin this deal for me? You cannot be injured. Is that clear?” Charlie was yelling at me, shaking my arms.

I stared up at him with wide eyes. I was so afraid.

“I’m sorry daddy,” I squeaked. “I tripped. It was an accident.”

He let go of me as he regained control of his anger. “Just get my coffee, Bella. Don’t talk back.”

He picked his chair up from the ground and sat back down. I picked up the coffee pot viciously wiping away the tears that leaked. I took a breath and turned to walk back to Charlie.

He leaned back to allow me to sit and I reached for his cup with a shaky hand. I poured the coffee in his cup. The lip of the coffee pot clattered against the cup and I dropped the cup. I spilled hot coffee all over the table and Charlie’s plate. Coffee splashed onto my shirt and was running off the table between my legs and onto Charlie’s uniform.

He jumped up in pain and rage and threw me to the ground away from him. “You stupid bitch! Look what you’ve done. Damn! My leg burns and look at my pants.” He looked down at the coffee stain spreading across his pants and over my new shirt.

I was shaking and tears were pouring down my face. I didn’t know what to do to fix the situation. I looked to James thinking he might have the answers. He was leaning back in his chair with his arms crossed over his chest smiling in anticipation just watching the scene unfold.

“I’m so sorry! Please don’t be mad! It was an accident! I promise!” I was crying so hard now I was barely coherent.

He growled and leaned down to pull me up by my arm. He shoved me to the sink. “Clean this mess up Isabella and then meet me in your room.”

James got up and walked past me. “My turn now baby sister.” He smirked and slapped my ass as he went upstairs.

I forced myself to calm down and cleaned up the spilled coffee. I quickly washed the dishes before heading upstairs to my room. I had no idea what to expect.

I was the first one in my room so I quickly changed out of my wet top and put on another one. I sat at my desk to await my punishment.

Charlie came in wearing shorts and a t-shirt. “I’m missing a day from work for this Isabella. I had to explain I had a situation at home that required immediate attention. You are really stacking the points against you this morning.”

He began to count them off on his fingers. “One, you tripped and could have been hurt. Two, you spill coffee at the table making a mess and preventing me from enjoying my breakfast. Three, you soil my uniform so I have to take it back to the cleaners again. Four, you ruin your shirt that I just paid for and I did not tell you that you could change your clothes! Five, you spoke back to me not once, but twice. Six, now I’m taking time off work to deal with you.”

“I’m sorry. It was an accident,” I whispered. I was shaking and started sobbing again.

“Do you understand the severity your punishment will need to be, to cover all of this?” He was glaring at me. “I didn’t want to punish you again for a while. We have important guest coming in a few days. However, you leave me no choice. I am just going to need to be more creative in my methods this time.”

I couldn’t begin to comprehend what he was going to do to me. I was terrified. I think I was just as afraid now as when the drunk driver hit us.

“For the next three days you will not be allowed clothing. To prevent burns you will wear an apron when you cook but that is all.” He walked over and locked the door to my closet. He then locked the drawers on my dresser and pocketed the key. He looked at me. “Take that off Isabella and hand it to me.”

I quickly stripped out of my shorts and top. I only had on lace boy shorts underneath. I hesitated at the waistband and looked to Charlie for confirmation.

“Yes, those too. I said ‘no clothing’. Maybe then you will learn to appreciate what you have and take better care of your clothing.”

I slipped them off and put everything into his outstretched hand. Standing there naked, I felt so humiliated, and I held so much hatred for Charlie. How dare he strip me, and not just my clothes, my identity? He was trying to get to me. I couldn’t let him, I’d just have to put up a front.

“Number two you are not allowed to speak. You will be wearing your gag for the majority of the time. It will be removed for lessons only. Number three you will not be allowed to eat for one day. Normally I would extend this but again we have guests coming, you must look your best. Also, you will need your energy for the next lesson. You will need to have it perfected very soon and it will require a lot of work on your part.”

He walked up to me and pulled the ball gag out of his pocket. He pried my mouth open for him to put it between my teeth, I was crying and he turned me around to tie it.

“I hope you learn you lesson well Bella. Bend over and let me see your ass.”

I did as I was told as he ran his hand over my cheeks inspecting them.

“Your bruises aren’t too bad considering the number of licks I gave you yesterday. I think you can handle a few today without further damage. Go to the kitchen Bella and get in position.”

I couldn’t begin to explain how I was feeling at the moment. It was too hard. I met James in the hall and he grabbed my shoulders. His gaze traveled over my naked body and he grinned at the ball in my mouth. He kissed the ball and pulled me against his body.

“I love seeing you like this Bella. You should always have something in your mouth. Later I’ll instruct you on something else you can put in there.”

He bent to pick up the bag he had with him and motioned for me to go ahead of him downstairs. He set the bag down and started pulling everything out that they would need.

Charlie came in and stood in the doorway. “Get ready Isabella.”

I knew I couldn’t get away, so I reluctantly moved the chair out from the end of the table and leaned over putting my hands behind me in preparation. They tied my hands and legs and Charlie picked up the paddle. I watched as he handed it to James.

“Remember James she has to heal in 10 days so no more than 15 licks. The bruises from last night are from 30 so we have to be careful.”

“Sure Charlie.” I was staring at James crying. He was looking me over licking his lips. “Can I start now?” He was so disgusting, a lowlife.

Charlie motioned for him to start as he sat down to watch. James moved into position behind me.

He laid the paddle on my back as he stood pressing his hips into my ass. He was rubbing his hands over my back and ass, squeezing it occasionally. He started groaning as he pressing into me. I could feel his erection through his jeans. He gripped my hips and started grinding it into me pulling me back against him in a steady motion.

Charlie just sat there watching and waiting. James continued grinding into me from behind while I cried, groaning and squeezing my hips and ass.

“Don’t squeeze so hard James, you’re leaving other bruises. A spanking can be explained if not fully healed. Edward will have trouble believing you only dry humped her after seeing her.”

James growled and put his hands on the table above my shoulders laying against my back now.

He continued grinding harder and harder. The table was digging into my hips making me cry harder from the pain. “God, Charlie, I want in her so bad. Just a taste, at least in her ass.”

“No James. If you can’t handle it I’ll take over the spanking. Remember we have her lesson coming up. That will give you relief.”

The mention of whatever my lesson was going to be seemed to be what James needed. He roughly slid his hands under me wrapping me in a vice so he could pull me back against him without causing any bruises. “Fuck!” he yelled.

He and Charlie started laughing. “Well now it looks like Bella here has caused you to ruin your pants as well. But at least it wasn’t hot coffee.”

They were still laughing so I had no warning when James started. I screamed at the first lick. He made sure I screamed for him through each and every one. I was sobbing uncontrollably when he finally finished.

“Ah Charlie look how cherry red she is. It’s a beautiful ass. If I had the cash, I’d keep her.”

Charlie stood and walked over to look at me. They were both stroking my bruised cheeks. “I know James I feel the same way. But it’s a lot of money. We’ll find one for us later. Right now we can still enjoy our little Bella here to a limit.”

“Bella,” Charlie said, “we’re going to leave you here to consider your actions. There’s no reason to take you upstairs because we’ve wasted time that needed to be in instruction so we will begin soon.”

They walked out each leaning down to kiss my red backside before they left.

I lay there against the table and sobbed. I was in so much pain physically and emotionally. I didn’t know how I would survive this year until graduation. I didn’t understand what role Carlisle and his son Edward was supposed to play in all of this. And was too afraid of the answer, or another punishment to ask.

I could hear Charlie in the living room watching TV. James was coming down the stairs from changing his pants. He came in the kitchen and grabbed two cokes from the refrigerator. He opened one leaning against the door looking me over. He continued to sip his drink and stare at me. He finally pushed himself away and strolled over. He repeatedly pressed his cold can to my backside chuckling as I jerked from the cold each time. I moaned, I hurt so badly. He leaned down to kiss my backside again.

“I swear if you were mine the only time I’d let you out of this position is if you were tied up in my bed. I hate that Edward is going to get you. Maybe he’ll be nice and share. Or better yet, throw you back. Then Charlie might decide to keep you for us.”

I shuddered. He pressed his lips to me again and walked out grabbing the other coke off the counter.

My legs were starting to quiver from the strained position, but there was nothing I could do to relieve the pain. I could only wait for my father and brother to decide they were ready for whatever my next torture would be.


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