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The Perfect Wife - Chapter 4

Chapter 4

The alarm went off beside me. I jumped out of bed hoping to get dressed before Charlie came in to watch. I had just pulled up my pants and had my bra on when he came in.

“Good morning. My, we’re eager to go shopping aren’t we?” He said. He sat in the chair by my desk and patted his leg for me to sit down.

I sat on his lap and kissed him pulling away only when he allowed me. “Good morning daddy.”
He let me finish getting ready while he watched. He followed me out of the room to get breakfast. It was the same repeat as the day before except this time I didn’t have to get James coffee only juice. He said he felt left out.

We cleaned up the kitchen and all walked out to Charlie’s truck parked next to the police car. Even though it was a double cab James made me sit in front between him and Charlie.

They discussed the kinds of clothing I needed as we headed to the mall. I knew my input was not wanted so I stayed quiet cringing at the things they were deciding. I knew my mom would have never allowed me to wear any of the things they planned for me.

The first store we went to was Victoria’s Secrets. Charlie waited outside while James directed me around the store. After all, what would people think of a teenage girl’s father helping pick out the most revealing clothes and underwear. They saw James and thought he was a horny boyfriend, not my brother.

I had already been warned not to argue with any purchase and to keep my mouth shut to avoid any unwanted questions. I was a very good listener. I never said a word. I just took the disgusting stuff he handed me and went to try them on. I knew I’d have to show them to him and Charlie at home. They were looking forward to tonight’s show.

When James was satisfied I had enough to start we left and met Charlie outside. He had a gleam in his eyes and licked his lips at the image of tonight’s festivities. James was laughing also since he hadn’t been able to see anything in the store either.

We continued in and out of several stores. I got jeans that were so tight I could hardly sit and rode so low on my hips I swear they started just above my ass. They handed me shirts to try that were “sluttish” as Renee had called them. Everything was designed to show off as much skin or cleavage as possible. I couldn’t believe we even went to a shoe store. Charlie insisted I needed to learn to wear heels with my new clothes. My sneakers weren’t going to convey the right image.

We took a break to eat lunch at the food court. I wasn’t required to wait on them there. ‘People wouldn’t understand the love in our family’ Charlie expressed. What a joke. What love? Love of humiliation and indecency. He was right; someone might realize there was something very wrong with the Forks Chief of Police and his son.

When we finished eating, James suggested I needed a haircut and makeup to complete my look. Charlie agreed. I had never liked wearing make up before. I couldn’t believe how my life was changing. I wondered if Renee had an idea what Charlie was like and that’s why she left him, to protect me.

James said he was going to another store to get some stuff and would meet up with us later. He and Charlie winked at each other before he left.

We got to the salon and the woman behind the counter looked up at us. “Charlie!” She squealed and ran around the counter to hug him. “I can’t believe you’re back so soon.” She looked to be in her mid-30’s and just as sleazy as Charlie. She had long curly red hair and wore a low cut top that you could see through and tight jeans.

“Hey Vicky.” He laughed as he lifted her up for a quick kiss. It wasn’t like the long ones he made me give him. “Yeah, who knew I’d get my baby girl back in my life so unexpectedly.”
She turned to look me over. “This is your daughter, this tiny little thing? Why Charlie she’s no bigger than a mouse.”

I was embarrassed even though I certainly didn’t value her opinion.

“Now Vicky, don’t be like that.” Charlie said, pinching her cheek a little hard. She winced. “That’s why we’re here to see you. I want you to work your magic.”

She gave Charlie a measured look. “Are you planning the usual? Your own daughter?”

“That’s quite enough Vicky. You’re just going to scare little Isabella.” He pulled me into a tight hug and rubbed his hand on my ass.

Vicky caught the gesture and smiled wickedly at him. “Oh bad, Charlie. Shame on you,” she said playfully.

Charlie led me to a chair to sit down. She motioned for another girl to come and shampoo my hair while she and Charlie discussed my cut. Again, I knew I’d have no say so I just waited.

Vicky finally came back to me and started on my hair. She turned to Charlie, “Do you want me to color it? The last one had black hair and I know you like to change things up.”

“No, leave it natural. It’s a great color with her eyes. The other one had short hair and hers is going to stay long. That will change it up enough.”

He left us to sit and read a magazine while she went to work on my hair. I had no idea what I was going to look like when she finished. She kept me turned away from the mirror at Charlie’s instruction.

After she cut, dried and styled my hair she pulled open another drawer filled with cosmetics. She started applying eyeliner and mascara to me, getting exasperated every time I jerked my head or blinked.

“Oh hold still, will you? It’s not going to bite. You’re going to have to learn how to do this for yourself very soon anyway. So you may as well get used to it.”

I saw Charlie raise that eyebrow at me so I focused on being as still as I could. She put lip-gloss on my lips and announced to Charlie she was finished. I was still turned away from the mirror so had no idea what he would see. He walked up and gave me a critical stare.

I saw James come in with a couple of bags in his hands. He whistled as he walked up. “Damn baby sister, you clean up good.”

Charlie finally smiled at me. “Very nice indeed. You’ll do very well. Nice job Vicky. I think she’s going to be the best yet.”

I let out the breath I’d been holding. I wasn’t sure what would happen if he hadn’t been pleased with the results.

Vicky looked very proud of herself. “Well can I show her the new look yet?” she asked Charlie for permission.

“Yes, I think she’ll be impressed as well.”

She turned the chair around so I faced the mirror. I didn’t recognize the girl starring back at me. I wasn’t all that different, but it was enough. The makeup made my eyes look darker and I had what I could only describe as ‘sex’ hair. It was layered and messy like someone had been running his hands through it. The pink lip-gloss finished the look giving me a pouty sexy look. I no longer looked 17. I looked at least 21.

I got up so we could leave. I thanked her quietly as expected while Charlie paid with his credit card. She handed him a bag with packages of the makeup products she’d used on me.

He handed me one of the bags James had brought in with him and told me to go to the restroom in back to change my clothes. He indicated for James to show me the way. As we walked away I noticed Charlie gave her a very large stack of cash tapping his finger to his lips as he handed her the money only saying “Remember, not a word to anyone Vicky.”

She tucked the money in her shirt nodding and smiling. “Of course not. It’s always a pleasure doing business with you Charlie.”

All the comments today were giving me a headache trying to make sense of them. I gave up; there was no way I’d ever figure anything out unless Charlie wanted me to know.

James pointed out the restroom, which was near a backdoor. He propped against the wall to wait for me. I went inside and closed the door. It actually had a lock and I smiled, using it. Who knew when I’d have an opportunity to lock James or Charlie out again.

James knocked on the door. “That’s a no-no Isabella. But I won’t tell Charlie this time. It’ll be our little secret and you can thank me later” he laughed.

I was never going to win against them. I sighed and started undressing. I pulled out whatever I was supposed to change into. I dreaded it. It was another pair of dark tight jeans and a pink lace and silk camisole that was too small. It pulled tightly across my breasts. He had put heeled boots in the bag for me to wear on my feet. I finished getting dressed and put my clothes and shoes in the bag.

I stepped out to face James. He looked me over and laughed. “Take off the bra stupid. God, do you have to be instructed on everything?”

He reached to take my bag from me so I could go back in and do as he said. “Just throw the bra in the trash when you’re done. It’s not one you get to keep anyway.”

I did as instructed. The mall was cold and you could clearly see my nipples sticking out through the thin material. He smiled nodding his approval when I came back out and guided me back to the front where Charlie was waiting for us at the door. He and Vicky both looked me over as we walked up to them.

Charlie seemed pleased with my look and Vicky just laughed. “Yes Charlie I do believe she will be the best yet.”

He gave her another kiss on the cheek and thanked her again as we left. We were headed back to the truck to go home. I walked between Charlie and James. I noticed that men were starring at me as I walked by. I glanced to Charlie and James afraid of their reaction. They were both grinning very pleased with the attention I was getting. Charlie put his arm around my shoulders and James hooked his thumb in the back pocket of my jeans. They were clearly marking me as theirs.

“I do believe this has been a productive day, James. Don’t you?” Charlie asked as we got to the truck.

James opened the door for me to get in front again. “Yes I do,” he replied rubbing my ass as I got in.

“I think Isabella deserves a reward for today. We’re going out to eat dinner. Show off our little hotty here.” He ran his hand up and down my thigh before pulling out of the parking lot. “We’ll even let you pick the restaurant.”

I looked down at my hands in my lap. “Whatever you want is fine daddy.”

Charlie bellowed with laughter. “Well isn’t that sweet James. She wants daddy to pick for her.”

He reached across my shoulders to pull me into a hug and kissed the top of my head. “I’m just so proud of my little girl, she learns so fast.”

I looked up at him in confusion. I didn’t understand.

“Bella, today you learned that it’s not about what you want. It’s only about what you can do to please,” he said stroking my thigh. “I was afraid we might have been too subtle and you would miss today’s lesson. But you just proved how smart you are with your answer.”

I should have known. It was a trick. I was only given the opportunity to learn another valuable lesson. The only thing that matters is what pleases Charlie or James.

We ended up at a nice Italian restaurant called ‘Bella Italia.’ We went in and were seated by a young waiter. He grinned looking me over. Charlie asked for a table in the center of the room. He wanted to show me off.

We sat down and the waiter handed me a menu. Charlie and James looked around the restaurant and were pleased with the number of men who were starting to look.

“Sit up straight Isabella. You have nothing to hide,” Charlie smiled. He brushed my hair behind my back so my breasts weren’t hidden from view.

The waiter came back and took our order. I ordered mushroom ravioli and a coke.
Charlie stopped the waiter. “She’ll have a glass of house wine instead of the coke.”

I looked at him with wide eyes. I’d never had wine.

“It’s time to grow up, Isabella. No more behaving as a child.”

I lowered my eyes. “Yes daddy.”

I ate my dinner quietly while Charlie and James discussed sports and other guy things. I asked to be excused when I was done. He nodded for James to follow me again. I was never allowed out of either of their sight. I’m sure they thought I’d make a run for it. If I had somewhere to go I would, but I had nowhere. I was trapped.

Charlie was already waiting for us in the truck when I came out. We left and headed home. I was dreading the evening and what events were to come. I remembered Charlie’s comment from the morning that I would be modeling my new clothes tonight for both of them.

I went upstairs with all my bags when we got to the house. Charlie and James followed me upstairs but split off to their own rooms. I was hoping they’d forgotten.

As I started putting away the shoes my door opened. They both walked in. They’d only gone to change into loose gym shorts and muscle shirts. They both sat on my bed propped against the headboard. Neither of them said anything to me. It was understood.

“What would you like to see first daddy?” I asked quietly.

“James and I have already seen you in the clothes you tried on in the stores Isabella. You know this. I shouldn’t have to tell you,” he admonished me.

“No daddy. I’m sorry.” I looked at him to see if I was going to have to ask for forgiveness the way I had James that morning.

“You can ask for forgiveness later Isabella. Show me your new undergarments and lingerie.”

I stood and took off my clothes and boots trying not to think about them watching me. I walked over to the three pink bags in only my panties. I stepped out of these as I began pulling out the things James had picked out to put on.

Two hours later I’d been through all three bags. All the lacy boy shorts, thongs, push up bras corsets and sleepwear. If you could call it sleepwear, they were basically scraps of lace that were see-through. There were a couple of tight cami’s with short shorts, one of James’ kinder moments.

Charlie and James had definitely enjoyed the show as the bulges in their shorts were showing. I was still standing in one of the corsets and thongs. Charlie patted the bed between him and James for me to come over.

I was so afraid I was going to be raped now by my father and brother I was shaking. I stood at the foot of the bed and realized I’d either have to climb over one of them to get between them or crawl up from the end toward them. Neither prospect was appealing.

I decided crawling up was the lesser of two evils and did just that. They seemed very pleased with the display of me crawling on my hands and knees in only a corset and thong. I stopped and sat back on my heels when I reached the space between them.

“Bella, I’m very pleased with the selection James picked out. Everything will look very attractive under your new clothes.” He was stroking my hair. “Would you like to show your appreciation to your brother now for his help?”

I felt a tear slip out of the corner of my eye, but nodded to him. I turned to see James lay back and grin at me. I moved my leg over to straddle his waist. I could feel his erection behind me twitching. I whispered ‘thank you’ to him as I leaned forward and opened my mouth to kiss him praying this night would end. James put his hands on my bare ass and squeezed taking over the kiss with zeal.

After a few minutes I couldn’t believe Charlie stopped him. “That’s enough James. You know the rules.” James groaned as he let me go. I was confused and I’m sure it showed on my face.

Charlie just told me that it was time to thank him as well for all the money he’s spent on me today. I quickly got off James and crawled over to straddle Charlie the same way. I said ‘thank you’ to Charlie before leaning in to kiss him as well. Again he gripped my bare ass and held me down so I could feel his erection against me. He also let me go after several minutes.

“That is definitely an improvement Isabella. You just need more confidence and practice and soon you’ll be a pro. I’m afraid someone’s going to quickly snatch you up. You are a prize.” He praised me.

James got up and said he was headed to a cold shower.

Charlie chuckled. “That boy needs to learn a little self control. Not to worry, you’ll be ready to help soon.”

With that cryptic comment he left my room turning back at the door. “Don’t forget to shower before going to bed.”

I laid there and let the tears flow freely now. I just didn’t understand. Everything was sexual with them, but I also had the feeling now that I wouldn’t be raped by either of them. It’s like it was a sick twisted game that only they knew the rules. I waited until I heard James leave the bathroom before getting up to shower. I knew what was coming and wasn’t looking forward to it.

I grabbed one of the cami sets and headed for the bathroom grabbing my towels as I went. I closed the door to the bathroom and turned on the shower. I brushed my teeth and stripped off the corset and thong. I got in and washed my hair and body lathering well to scrub off their touch. I shut off the water when I was done and stepped out. I put my hair up in the towel and like before Charlie was standing there.

I didn’t move as I waited for him to hand me the towel to dry off. He smiled at that. “Such a good girl. I can’t tell you how proud daddy is of his little girl. So many girls have to be reminded repeatedly. It’s very tiresome after a while.” He finally handed me my towel. “I knew you would be smart. You’re my daughter after all.”

I didn’t know what that meant. Again, it was another puzzle piece that went nowhere.
“I’ve taken tomorrow off so we can take you to Dr Cullen to get your brace removed. Aren’t you glad to be rid of it?” He asked.

“Yes, daddy. Thank you,” I replied. He stepped back so I could put on my clothes and followed me to my room again.

He lay down next to me propping his head on his hand. He was watching his other hand stroke my hair. He seemed far away.

“Renee was cruel taking you away from me. I loved my baby girl so much. She was jealous of our relationship. You were always such an eager beaver. Wanting to please daddy anyway you could.” He looked into my eyes. “So many years I didn’t have you here with me, Isabella. Now I have to be careful with the time I have.”

He took a breath shaking himself out of his memories and thoughts. “But enough of that.” He leaned in to kiss my nose. “If you’d been here you wouldn’t have been right for the things to come. I would have wasted your talent selfishly.”

He got up telling me ‘goodnight and sweet dreams’ as he left the room turning out the light. I felt like everything was a build up of things to come. I had no clue where they were going but I had a year until I could escape. He wished me sweet dreams the same as James. What a joke. I knew I’d only have nightmares.


  1. After reading a mother's Love I know wonder if Bella was just really lucky that Rene didn't die sooner. :(

    It's obvious her death was no accident.

  2. I'm astonished that Bella has not run away, maybe she likes this.

  3. Well Bella surely doesn't like it, probably she's just too afraid and as she said that she doesn't know where to go. Anyway James and Charlie are sick and we know it but what about that Vicky she obviously knows about their business and she doesn't do anything indeed she's like a partner in their crime.

  4. This is sooo creepy! Ugh, I hate this Charlie... normally I love him!

  5. bella is just really scared and stuff but i think if i were her, i d atleast try to sneak off in the night or something. anything has to be better than this! but if she did get caught, the punishment would definitely be cringe worthy and very very sick i suppose

  6. You know, as much as I believe I would run away from a situation like that, I don't think I would have the opportunity. Those sick bastards keep a very strict eye on Bella.

    Honestly, I think she's biding her time until escape is plausible. Right now, she's forced into a situation where:
    a) her location is new
    b) she has no one she is able to trust
    c) obviously Charlie and James control a lot in forks.

    So really, its kind of unfair to say she's liking it or is too scared to run off.

    On a side note, this is the first time I have read about an evil Charlie, seriously messing with major characterization in my mind. I can always consider Renee to be a twisted.